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  1. Changelogs Post Scriptum : Traduction : Post Scriptum France
  2. et voila une nouvelle mise à jour SQUAD V12 Hey Squaddies,Welcome to another Recap! Before we jump into the meat, a quick update on version 12: we're continuing through the internal playtesting phase and putting our new gameplay systems, UI, and engine-level changes through their paces.While we're still encountering a number of game-breaking bugs at the moment, our priority is to work through them, do further optimizations, and open up playtesting to our community playtesting group as soon as that becomes possible. Be sure to check out a list of some of the changes coming to Alpha 12 toward the bottom of the recap.With that out of the way, let's roll! Optimization CoreStateAlpha 12 will see the introduction of a work-in-progress system of changes to network relevancy for various aspects of the game, ranging from players to inventory, in an effort to decrease server load and allow for us to reach our goal of having 100 player server limits, as well as increasing performance on the server end. This system allows for the passing of information about faraway soldiers and vehicles needed by user interface without fully replicating them. Expect work to continue on CoreState for awhile!World Origin RebasingJitter-haters, look no further. We are excited to reveal we have been working on a solution to the "Map Origin" problem.This problem was something that was preventing us from achieving larger map sizes. As a player moves further from the map's "origin point," there is a subtle but exponential increase in tiny deviations or "scope jitter," especially when looking through powerful optics. This gets much more dramatic as map sizes scale up and makes for frustrating gameplay when trying to fire weapons more precisely. We're implementing a solution called "World Origin Rebasing". It essentially repositions the origin of the world for each player dynamically, to reduce the distance between the origin and the player, fixing the jitter that you experience in things like magnified optics, player animations, and nametags. Gameplay Command Menu ScreenWe mentioned this Menu Screen in the August Recap, and our gameplay and UI designers have spent September to really polish this screen to make it as useful and ergonomic as possible for Squad leaders. All players will have access to the new Command Menu screen, and Squad leaders will benefit from some extra features. Command Menu's default key is Capslock for quick access (keybind is fully configurable in Control options) Command Menu will have a listing of all squads, which can be clicked on to highlight player positions on the map. We want to continue building these tools to encourage Squad leaders working together Squad leaders can now place a "Request FOB" marker which will display via 2 yellow dotted circles, the build diameter and exclusion zone diameter of that potential FOB location. "Map Filter" buttons that can be turned on and off to best suit the current need "Show Spawn points" map filter will turn the selectable spawn points on and off "Show FOB Radius" map filter will show all FOBs build radius and exclusion zone radius "Show FOB Supply Points" map filter will show the construction and ammo supply status of all FOBs on the map. "Show All SL Markers" map filter is only available to SLs, and will show all the order markers placed by their SLs "Show player role icon" map filter will toggle all players on your team shown as their kit role icon or as a simple marker "Map Icon Scaling" will allow you granular control over how big or small the map widgets are displayed - useful for players to customize with 4k monitors or those that have unique display setups "Ticket Value Reference" is a legend for the values of all ticket loss and gain "Map Legend" is now showing a list of what each icon on the map represents, from infantry to vehicles to deployables. Fireteam FunctionalityFireteams will be fully functional in A12, our UI designers have been adding some really nice features that will be of major use for veteran players: Fireteams can be created dynamically by the Squad leader with a menu option as well as a drag and drop feature. SL can use the new Command UI Map screen to click and drag a squad member and place them into Alpha Bravo Charlie or Delta Fireteams are hidden by default and are a totally optional feature for those wishing more control over their squad This same drag and drop feature can be used for internal Squad or Fireteam promotions. Fireteam leaders do not have a special kit, they are just a designation that the Squad Leader can give to any member of their squad Fireteam leaders will be able to place (and delete) their own fireteams Move, Attack, Defend, Observe, Build commands, both via the Command UI map screen and the 3D HUD T-menu. Squad leader can see and place all Fireteam markers, Fireteams see their own FT marker and the SL marker. Each of the four FTs is color and letter-coded, with the VOIP and nametags reflecting the appropriate FT assignment. Physmat Dependent Vehicle Rolling Resistance]We have recently incorporated physmat[media.joinsquad.com] dependent rolling resistance for vehicles. Vehicles will roll much better on asphalt than on mud or snow. Wheeled vehicles are more affected by this than tracked vehicles.The lowest resistance is on asphalt, concrete, and solid wood. Gravel comes next, then dirt and grass. Sand and snow are where you're really starting to suffer. And last, but not least, mud has the highest resistance and is terrible to drive on. It's used, for example, in the riverbed in Gorodok, so this will help prevent unintentional river features from being used as a highway.For non-off-road vehicles, this change will have a significant impact on their ability to zip across maps at insane speeds and help to promote the use of roads.Vehicle Manual Override for GearboxWe wanted to have a more granular way for players to control how fast their vehicle is moving, and we achieved this by being able to manually hold the current gear a vehicle is in. For example, if an APC wanted to travel slowly at the pace of their infantry to provide a screen, they could do this by staying in the 1st gear. All vehicles will now have this ability to keep their engine in the current gear by pressing and holding the SHIFT key (the key is rebindable). So by pressing SHIFT while in 1st gear, the vehicle will always stay in that low gear and drive slowly. It can also help vehicles climb slopes better as you'll be able to manually stay in 1st gear. Art and Environment FV432 APCWe teased this vehicle in an earlier recap, but the British FV432 APC is in-game and undergoing testing to be released in tandem with all the other goodies coming in version 12. A large, armoured transport vehicle, it carries up to 9 passengers, not including the driver (crewman), and a M2a1 .50cal turret gunner (regular infantry).While an older vehicle dating back to the 1960s, its recent up-armoured modifications have upgraded its armour to almost the level of the FV510, making it a true "battle taxi." (Not to be confused with IronTaxi, of course.)FALOne weapon we're also adding to the Militia faction is the ubiquitous FAL. While it is characteristically similar to the German G3A3, aesthetically it is a different beast altogether and we have plans to further expand this family of weapons for unconventional factions. Tallil OutskirtsWhile we're racing to the release, the team is applying lots of polish on the new large-scale desert map, Tallil Outskirts. The map will feature two different weather schemes, one normal daytime, and the other in the midst of a thick sandstorm. The battle-beaten landscape has remnants of occupying forces from a previous era, as well as more recent installations. The addition of the standstorm changes the feel of the level significantly and should provide some unique challenges for players on top increasing the immersion of the environment.As battered as Tallil has been, it's ready to take on a brand new deployment of armored warfare. We can't wait to see you folks like it up! Squad Alpha 12 Brief Summary Going back through previous monthly recaps and from the way development has unfolded, we present to you a bullet-point summary of what to expect when Alpha 12 comes around. This is by no means a full changelog, so expect much fuller release notes when the time comes, but it should whet your appetite. Gameplay Added new Suppression system Added Rifleman Ammo bags Added Persistent Ammo system Added Granular Rearming system for Infantry Added Fireteams which are dynamically created by Squad Leaders Added localized vehicle damage with 2 components (for now): Engine & Ammo storage Added Turret Stabilisation to appropriate vehicles Added Driver deployed Smoke generator for most vehicles Added Crewman Repair tool Added physmat dependent vehicle rolling resistance Added Vehicle Manual Override for Gearbox Overhauled Spawn system including Rallypoint Wave Spawn & HAB Spawn Over-run Overhauled Revive system - bandage revive for all soldiers User Interface Added Command map for improved squad leader functions Added many QoL improvements on the map and UI Added Infantry/Vehicle ammo point rearm cost indicator Updated Deployment screen, role selection and weapon selection UI Replaced right-click hex Command Grid with a more user-friendly horizontal based Command Grid Vehicles Added Russian T72B3 MBT Added British FV432 APC Updated FV510 APC to have an Up-Armored variant Updated M2A2 sights/reticle Updated M2A2 to include a Commander position with independant optic Weapons Added RPG-29 for Insurgent Faction Added FAL for Militia/Insurgent Faction Added SKS variant that includes a PU-1 3.5x Optic Updated Russian RPG-7 to include PGO-7 2.8x Optic Mapping Overhauled Jensen's Training Range and added the ability to load instances of the map with different factions Overhauled Yehorivka - added more points of interest, revamped storage area flag, increased map size to 5 by 5km Overhauled Belaya - reworked terrain, now less snow and more ground cover Updated Kohat - added new main bases, new & improved foliage Updated Gorodok - updated some points of interest, improved foliage Updated Fools Road - ground textures have less tiling Updated lighting on various map layers Updated all maps with a greatly improved water shader Updated all maps with a greatly optimized grass shader
  3. Update 2.5 - The Rescale Update - NOW LIVE ( source ) Today we release the update that we’ve been calling ‘Update 2.5’. This update includes many changes to the game which will help improve the overall Battalion 1944 experience in the long term. As we head towards the next large content release, Major Update 3! Players can expect Update 2.5 to be the rework, refinement and stability period of Battalion 1944’s early access development - as we gear up to add lots of new & improved features in future major updates and large content releases later this year and beyond. Please read today's full Update 2.5 changelog to fully understand all of the major and minor changes and additions to the game which will help secure Battalion’s foothold as a solid Early Access title, after Major Update 2’s great reception. With Update 2.5 increasing the game’s overall stability - as a community we can start working towards larger goals as we continue to develop the game based on your excellent feedback, aiming for a grass roots revitalisation as we head towards a strong full release next year. Introducing BattleRank Season 2 Whilst the entire XP & reward system in Battalion 1944 is being overhauled for Major Update 3 later this year, we still wanted to reward players who jump on to play the game during this period. That’s why we’ve introduced 6 NEW BattleRank weapon skins for players to unlock purely by playing the game and participating in BattleRank Season 2! Bronze - Grease Gun | Redline Silver - MP28 | Hex Gold - BAR | Snake Platinum - Gewehr43 | Cross Emerald - MP40 | Possesed Diamond+ STG44 | Retrowave (Animated Skin) The ‘Grease Gun / Redline’ weapon skin, awarded for booting up and participating in BattleRank Season 2! To recap: In BattleRank, players level up to earn rewards. Everyone who boots the game during the season will automatically be participating in this BattleRank Season and be in the runnings to race to level 50+. Every level up will award a player with a War Chest, as well as every 10 levels being rewarded with a weapon skin unique to this specific season. Important Notice: BattleRank Season 1 (Beta 2018) has now ended. Those skins will no longer be available to earn. The ‘MP40 / Possessed’ weapon skin, awarded for reaching Emerald Tier (Rank 40) during BattleRank Season 2 Character Scale & Movement Improvements We announced this a few months ago, but we wanted to remind everyone of the excellent changes that are arriving in Update 2.5. Players have always noticed something feels slightly ‘off’ with Battalion. There is an ever present issue that is the root cause for many of Battalion’s core problems. Battalion’s characters, were too small. An early mistake in development caused a knock on effect throughout the game - and Battalion’s scale issues have been punishing to your experience thus far. “Something just doesn’t feel right” “Jump height is broken” “I can barely see him!” Effectively over two years ago when we started Battalion, we didn’t respect the scale of the original blockout version of the game enough when it came to creating the 3D visuals you see today. We have spent the last 6-8 weeks recorrecting this issue and we have seen the massive benefit and knock on effect it has had on the game. Below, we have detailed the steps we have taken and the changes to both scale and movement we have made, to solve the following issues. Increase Character Scale Increased the character scale/size by 16%. This means characters are now nice and chunky, allowing for an increased feeling of solid hit registration with larger character models to plow your bullets into.. Rescale Environments We’ve modified every single doorway, window, and headshot angle to compensate for the larger character model. Classic FPS games have large window/door frames to allow 1-2 players to easily pass through - these new standardised heights have been retroactively applied to every single enterable building - making for a hitch free experience when maneuvering from indoors/outdoors. Movement Speed Slight Increase Overall movement speed has been increased very slightly so that first person doesn’t feel sluggish with the new larger character scale. We’ve also fixed previously incorrect movement values of certain weapons - meaning eco SMGs are now faster than Heavy weapons etc Overall Jump Height Reduced Jump height has been reduced significantly as an effort to combat the ridiculous looking ‘bunny hop’ third person animations that has dampened the game’s feel since launch. The new (less springy) animation makes the game feel more grounded - and less ridiculous compared to previous versions of Battalion where you would see soldiers jumping their own height around corners. The change still retains a good feel of height gain in first person - and no longer looks cartoon-like in third - whilst retaining the same 1-1 first to third person movement. Strafe Jump Mechanics Improved & Distance Increase A very common complaint we’ve received is that our strafe jump wasn’t effective enough and didn’t emulate the games that Battalion 1944 was influenced by closely enough. This unintentionally meant players who picked up the game Day 1 could manoeuvre just as well as a player who would put in hundreds of hours. To make up for the loss of overall jump height - after weeks of refinement - we’ve come much closer to what we believe are the correct values that fit Battalion 1944’s ethos as a classic shooter for the modern era. The change feels liberating and is much closer to how Battalion 1944 was intended to feel from launch day - with skilled movement and map flow now feeling smooth like butter rather than a sluggish chore. Crouch Jump Height Gain Reduced Now that vault has been improved both back in MU2 and with further vaulting improvements coming to Update 2.5 - we’ve taken the decision to reduce the legacy crouch jump mechanic in Battalion 1944. The reason crouch jump was previously so high in MU1 and earlier was the lack of a solid vault. The vaulting mechanic has since changed - making the previous crouch height unneeded. This change has the added benefit of reducing the ridiculous height gain in the third person animation of crouch jumps vs regular jumps. To replace crouch jumping - we’re adding subtle options for gaining height within the levels themselves, such as many more vault volumes, ladders and nicely laid props to enable players to move smoothly throughout the levels whilst still retaining the ability to be able to maneuver vertically when needed. Combined with the new strafe distance and overall smoother, less clunky, movement - we can’t wait to see the new spots players find with the new and improved mechanics. Landing ‘Viewbob’ Smoothed Depending on Height of Drop When landing your camera will now ‘bob’ slightly lower than previously to feel smooth when moving around the games maps, as well as giving players crucial info of how far/hard they’ve fallen. The higher you fall - the larger the viewbob. However - if players smartly and smoothly jump up to a higher surface they will not receive a viewbob or any landing sound, increasing that feeling of movement & momentum when you jump up to higher surfaces and chain skilled movements around Battalion’s maps. This improved visual viewbob affects landing in ADS, hip fire, crouch and landing into prone. Carbine/Gewehr Balance Changes After watching many competitive games, we decided that the M1 Carbine and Gewehr 43 were too powerful of a choice for a weapon worth 1 token in the core Wartide gamemode. We want players to have the option to buy a weapon on an eco round with the ability to ‘one tap’ so we chose not to change any damage/movement values of these weapons. Instead, we have made the following changes, with the intention of reducing the ‘spam’ style of gameplay, forcing players to conserve ammo more and choose their shots carefully. Carbine & Gewehr clipsize reduced to 12 Carbine & Gewehr total ammunition reduced to 36 bullets Officially Banning Macros We are officially banning the use of macros during online & offline play. We have also added a report option to our report system if you suspect another player of using macros to gain a significantly unfair advantage during online play. Please use the report function, as we do review incoming reports. Punishments will be given at Bulkhead Interactive’s discretion. Update 2.5 Full Changelog Gameplay Increased Character Scale by 16%. Increased movement speed slightly across the board. Increased Strafe Distance. Reduced Crouch Jump Height. Reduced Jump Height. Jumping off ladders now pops you slightly up and backwards away from the ladder instead of just dropping you directly down. Jumping off ladders now takes into account your direction and will push you off in the direction you are facing. Rotation on the ladder is now locked 90 degrees either side. Crosshair no longer disappears while sprinting. Weapons Gewehr 43 and M1 Carbine ammo capacity reduced to 12 / 24 Gewehr 43 and M1 Carbine overall clips reduced to 3 Slightly Increased Scope Zoom SMG Weapon Sway Increased Heavy Weapon Sway Increased Sniper Cost reduced from 6 > 5 in Wartide Gamemode: Wartide Tokens will no longer drop to the ground when a player is killed. Instead the token will be directly awarded to the player who gets the kill. Timer is now red when a bomb is planted. Bomb explosion now works based on radius, so players can no longer survive by hiding behind bricks When a player on allies decided to stay alive and save his weapons and loses the round, that player no longer receives a round loss bonus. Spectator Spectators can now zoom the radar out 100% so that they can see the entire minimap. Servers/Matchmaking Servers now write game events to a JSon formatted log file. After a game has ended, this file is moved to a game specific folder for later accessing. Implemented auto balancing that will balance players without splitting parties at the end of a game based on the whole party's performance Added a new console command so admins can grant coins to users via SteamID. Added a new console commands so admins can grant weapons and grenades to to users via SteamID. Can now use connect command to connect to a different server or reconnect to the same server without having to manually leave the game beforehand User Interface Social menu is now more integrated into the pause menu. Cleaned up the lan creation screen so that the advanced options are now categorised and have tooltips. Settings TAA now available as an anti-aliasing option. Can now select which screen the game displays on in a multi-monitor setup. Bug Fixes Enemy positions will no longer be constantly visible on the radar if the enemy swaps weapon mid-shooting. Prone block is now stronger to prevent body parts clipping through walls while prone ADS no longer bypasses the effect of prone block. Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash when defusing. You can no longer possess a bot and then select a different team, breaking the round Fixed various level up images being wrong when awarding XP at the end of a game Travelling from a LAN server to a new map will no longer do ‘wacky stuff’ (dropping you through the world, etc.). Fix for knife staying visible when quickly knifing and then picking up a new weapon. Spectator can no longer see the loadout of last person spectated when in freecam. Fix for the bomb icon showing on the top bar after a team swap. Default VOIP volumes for send and receive have been modified to prevent destroying your ears. Players wallets are now reset when a player leaves a team. Fixed a bug that causes the 'Battalion has crashed' Crash reporter to show when opening the scoreboard for the first time. Killing an enemy by hitting them in the head with a grenade will no longer show the wallbang icon in the killfeed. Weapon firing particle effects shouldn't behave strangely inside buildings anymore. Entering the training map should no longer load the game mode of a previous LAN game. Fixed steam avatars not loading when accepting a party invite after a lobby is set as non-joinable. Fixed the Grease Gun and MP28 pivoting around the trigger in the inventory viewer. Parties can now navigate through menus without being forced to the main menu whenever a party member goes there. Fixed ‘muting all’ when kicking players. Spectator loadout information side bars now work correctly in arcade game modes. Nation icons should now correctly swap when teams change sides at halftime in Wartide. The bomb should respawn correctly if a player dies outside the map bounds. CTF flags should no longer disappear with a flag carrier who leaves the game. Fixed an issue where a defuser was able to continue defusing after dying, resulting in them winning the round. Fixed matchmaking location not being updated when changed via the settings menu. Radar will now show teammate colours in Wartide in relation to the scoreboard. Possessing a bot will no longer offset the view of the weapon model. Possessing a bot will no longer allow a player to carry the bots weapons and tokens into the next round - they stay on the bot itself. Bots can no longer see through smoke! Defusing animation will no longer persist if the defuser dies due to the bomb exploding Fixed a bug where an overtime win would show the ‘round loss’ UI Fixed an issue where spamming escape in the main menus would result in getting stuck on a blank screen. Fixed an issue joining a party would pull you back to the main menu from other menu screens. Fixed an issue where the "Searching" matchmaking UI would get stuck on the screen after leaving a party that was searching for a game. Fixed an issue where party members were still in a party when they lost connection to host. Fixed an issue where drawing in the knife round would think one team had won. Fixed an issue where the ready up prompt wouldn't display correctly with how many players the server was waiting for before starting a match. Fixed an issue where weapons could be picked up through walls, ceilings and when climbing ladders. Fixed an issue with spectator where the gun of a spectated player would disappear. Fixed an issue where clicking the ok button on a dialog box during a server travel would crash the game client. Fixed an issue where the bomb would stay visible when a player is defusing, resulting in the appearance of two bombs. Fixed a spectator issue where clicking through spectated players would result in the progress wheel disappearing. XP will now only be granted as a match bonus once, preventing the exploited XP farming glitch of leaving and rejoining servers to stack match bonuses. XP will now only be awarded after the first 'direct' XP reward. An example of a direct XP reward is getting a kill. This will prevent macro farmers from being awarded most of the XP they were farming. Custom servers now explicitly say 'Experience gains are disabled' to prevent any player confusion. XP can only be gained on official matchmaking servers. Fixed an issue where first-person blood squirts would appear when another player shot near you but didn’t hit you. Fixed an issue where the vault prompt would say [spacebar] regardless of bound key. Fixed an issue causing a players avatar to flash when that player buys a weapon. Fixed an issue causing grenade markers to show for players where there was no grenade. Lean keys can no longer be used to move up and down ladders. Players in a party who lose connection to a game server are kicked from their party. Fixed the Springfield | Dragon Breath weapon skin showing as ‘Wartorn’. Bots no longer count as players on team select UI. Text chat no longer loses focus in certain situations. Swapping to defenders then swapping back to attackers in the buy phase now correctly displays the bomb world marker. Fixed an issue where players would hear the round end music if they died just before the round ended. Fixed an issue where being kicked by Easy Anti-Cheat would give you the message “Lost Connection to Host”. Fixed an issue where it was difficult/impossible to ADS immediately after stopping defuse/planting whilst using the “hold” ADS bind. Fixed an issue causing other players’ ranks to display incorrectly at the start of the game. Fixed an issue causing the game to open incorrectly into full screen when set to be windowed in the settings. Fixed an issue causing the game to open with the incorrect screen settings if the settings are edited in the players custom config whilst the game is closed. Fixed an issue causing games to load the game for the first time in 1080p even if your monitor supports higher resolutions. Fixed smokes blocking weapon pickup notifications. Map Changes & Fixes Added more vault volumes to all levels. Rescaled appropriate doors & windows to match new character scale. Fixed being able to see through various walls on Invasion. Removed invisible collision on Invasion that blocked grenades. Stopped the bomb floating on Invasion. Removed the ‘dud flag’ on Invasion. Players can no longer get onto/under the beach on Invasion. Fixed bullets hitting invisible collision on Derailed A site. Fixed players being able to lean through specific walls on Derailed. Boxes on Derailed B site no longer penetrable (this was unintended). Players will no longer get stuck in collision next to the artillery guns on Battery. Various overpowered angles on Battery removed. Removed invisible collision on Battery that blocked grenades. Fixed double spawn issue on Manorhouse V1. Removed annoyingly placed grass on Axis trench on Manorhouse V2 Players can no longer pixel walk on A barn roof on Manorhouse V2. Fixed various buildings being incorrectly culled on: Derailed, Coastal, and Invasion. Fixed various clipping issues allowing players to lean through walls on all maps. Various gaps and ‘pixel peeks’ removed. Map Changes to Savoia Thanks, we’ll see you on the servers this weekend! The Bulkhead Interactive D
  4. ( source ) Alpha 11 has arrived! We can think of no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. With Alpha 11, we are continuing to increase the depth of vehicle gameplay, as well as expanding content for infantry. No doubt some expert squads will take advantage of combined arms tactics. Do read up on the changelog while you download! Alpha Version 11 is now available via Steam. Please always clear your game cache in the game settings on every new build! Full Changelog Gameplay British Armed Forces have been added. They are a high-tech Blue Force faction with a unique bullpup-style primary weapon, and heavily reliant on armored transport to move around the battlefield. Expect to see them make an appearance on a few of the classic maps and also the newly released Kamdesh. Dramatically reduced the ticket bleed on the middle flags and increased the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags. Tweaked stamina costs for jumping, vaulting, and climbing. Settle sway time has been reduced by half on all weapons. Recoil animation for semi-auto fire has been slightly reduced for greater target tracking. LMG and MMG camera shake has been slightly reduced. Horizontal recoil patterns on several weapons have been reduced (tightened). Additional weapon recoil and sway values have been tweaked. Time to ADS on all weapons have been adjusted. Generally, iron sights are faster than all other forms of sighting systems. Non-ADS fire animation timing while the weapon is lowered or in a low ready position (such as MGs) has been increased in 3p to provide better visual feedback. Prone to crouch and standing animation speed has been increased by approximately 30%. Freelook recentering speed has been increased to be more fluid. Systems Unregistered soldier and weapon based components when unused reducing the physics and rendering costs for these components. Reduced the amount of network ticking needed on weapons, soldiers, and vehicles. Reduced a number of unneeded processes when updating animation on the soldiers. Improved accuracy on detecting when to update the soldier movement component. Soldier bodies now despawn from the game world when the owning player respawns, greatly cleaning up the number of expensive dead bodies on the field. (Main bases now require a 30 second spawn time to ensure that the killer has a chance to verify the kill) Rewrote the burning system for performance and simplicity. Vehicle burning now starts burning at a preset threshold instead of relying on temperature calculations. This means that a vehicle will catch fire if the vehicle is really close to destruction; and will shortly burn out and explode. Rewrote how vehicle flipping is calculated. Ragdoll overlap calculations are now cheaper. Updated the map widget for cheaper visibility calculations. Optimized spiky and expensive UI widgets, and reduced the amount of processing needed for a number of UI widgets. Distance Field Shadows - Shadows and Lighting will look much much better now with distance field shadows enabled, as a graphics option in the settings menu. Added Filtered Sharpening to the post-processing graphics pass. This should help with the issues relating to blurry visuals at range. Vehicle Armor Locational Damage All vehicles now have more defined armor values IE: an APC will have more armor on its front, less on its sides, and very vulnerable in the back. This first take will loosely reflect more closely real-world characteristics, as well as create more depth to the AT role. All bullets will now have a chance to visually and audibly ricochet depending on angle fired, and weapons with tracer rounds will visibly show the ricochets trajectory path. Projectiles that do ricochet don't actually deal damage but instead are a visual indicator that the projectile did not penetrate the surface or armor. Vehicle ground effects (eg. dust being blown around as you drive) have been re-enabled and visually upgraded since its previous implementation. Roles and Weapons Insurgent Soldier models have been completely redone. A large variety of civilian and paramilitary styles have been added to make the faction look a little more versatile visually. New Role: Crewman. This role is necessary for crewing APCs and IFVs in the driver and gunner seats. This role is equipped lightly for the express purpose of self-defense. A Squad Leader Crewman Kit has been added, also. New Weapon: L85A2 Rifle. This is the mainstay British Army service rifle, a 5.56mm bullpup configuration rifle capable of semi and automatic fire. Depending on the role, the rifle is equipped with either iron sights, 4x SUSAT sight (zeroing out to 600m) or 4x ACOG (built in BDC reticle). Some roles also have a folding foregrip/bipod combination attached as well. New Weapon: L86A2 LSW Rifle. This weapon is a unique cross between a designated marksman rifle and a light machine gun. While it doesn't have the same level of stopping power as a 7.62mm DMR, its ability to put down accurate automatic fire makes up for its shortcomings. This is run on the squad-level Marksman role. New Weapon: L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle. A 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle, equipped with a 6x ACOG with an excellent field of view. This is available as the team-wide Marksman role for the British. New Weapon: AG36 Grenade Launcher. A 40mm Grenade Launcher attached to the L85A2 rifle, available on the British Grenadier role. Its side-mounted ladder sight goes up to 350m, and its spring loaded barrel allows for faster loading. New Weapon: L110A1 Minimi. The British adaptation of the FN Minimi platform, much like the M249 SAW. It comes with a collapsible skeleton stock and can be equipped with a 4x SUSAT optic. New Weapon: L7A2 GPMG. The British adaptation of the FN MAG platform, very similar to the M240B weapon system used by the Americans. New Weapon: L131a1 Glock Service Pistol. This recently adopted pistol is a high capacity 9mm handgun that is a reliable sidearm for British officers and support roles. New Weapon: AT4. The AT4 is an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon. This weapon does a modest (33%) more damage than the M72A7 LAW, and is available on all US and British Heavy Anti-Tank roles, as an interim weapon while we work on much heavier anti-tank options. New Weapon: PKP. The Russian Forces PKP is the modernized cousin of the PKM. Complete with a mount for optics, this Russian weapon will make their machine gunners even more fearsome. Russian Machine Gunners have their PKPs equipped with a 1p78 optic. New Weapon Variant: AK74M 1p63 "Obzor" Collimator Sight. The Russian Forces have a collimator sight option now on their rifleman and supplementary combat roles, allowing for quicker target acquisition in CQB. New Weapon Variant: AK74 1p29 Optic Sight. The Militia and Insurgent Forces have a slightly older sight option replacing the modern 1p78 sight. It is the older style trilux sight with an upside down obelisk reticle, zeroing capability out to 400m and also a built-in stadiametric rangefinder. The US Army Machine Gunner's M240B is now equipped with an M145 optic. All factions have now been given knife training and knives, for those times when you may need a stealth kill option. IED and AT Mine changes, Insurgents and Militia are now able to place up to 3 IEDs in the world at a time, and 6 AT mines in the world at a time. They can still only carry 1 of each of these items at a time, so they will need to rearm to place more. Light AT roles now only have 1 shot available for their anti-tank weapons. A full 9-man squad will still have access to 2 of these roles. Heavy AT roles have been added to the British, US Army and Russian factions to aid in destroying vehicles. 2 Kits available per team. 1 per squad. 4 squad members needed to access the kit. US and GB have the new AT4 weapon system as a placeholder for HAT for the time being. RU has a placeholder RPG-7 Tandem warhead. Resupply costs have been updated to the following: 25 Ammo Points: Medic, Rifleman, Crewman, Medic, Officer; 50 Ammo Points: Grenadier, AR, MG, Marksman; 100 Ammo Points: LAT, Sapper, US/GB HAT; 150 Ammo Points: Rus/Mil/Ins HAT Tweaked first person weapon origin positions for all weapons. Tweaked weapon fire sounds for the AK74, AKM, M4, G3 series, and ZU-23 AA Gun Improved the look of the M68 Aimpoint's dot, raising its co-witness to 1/3rd. (Putting the dot above the front sight post.) Widened rear sight apertures on the AK74, AKM and RPK series, making it easier to acquire a target when sighting with these weapons. Tweaked the look of the lowered pose when crouched. Tweaked reticle on the M145 ACOG sight, making the chevron much smaller, and adding a small red dot under the chevron to indicate where a shot would land at 200m. Vehicles All APCs and IFVs now require you to procure a Crewman Role in order to operate the driver and gunner seats. These roles can be sourced from ammo crates, or are spawnable as such. Most vehicles now have the capability to carry spare ammunition to which ground infantry can resupply their ammunition from. These ammunition points can be sourced from Main Base and FOBs, much like ammo points on Logistics vehicles. To that end, these vehicles can now be used to ferry ammunition to and from FOBs if need be. Insurgents will now have access to some technicals with Improvised Armor. These vehicles generally sacrifice speed, driver visibility and handling for much greater resistance to shrapnel and small arms fire, up to 7.62mm NATO. A new British logistics and transport truck. This modern left-hand drive vehicle is similar in carrying capacity to its Russian and American counterparts. It is on a 3-minute respawn timer, and is worth 6 tickets. The passenger transport variant holds 18 soldiers, while the logistics variant holds 4 passengers and 2000 combined supplies. FV510, a new British Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The FV510 is a heavily armored IFV that can carry up to 9 passengers, as well as having a driver/gunner crew. It sports a 30mm autocannon, a slow firing clip-fed cannon that fires high-velocity 30mm rounds in armor-piercing sabot and high explosive. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers. It is on a 10-minute spawn timer and is worth 28 tickets. M2A3 IFV, a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the US Army. Bridging the gap between Armored Personnel Carrier and Main Battle Tank, IFVs can transport a small group of infantry while also providing considerable fire support against both infantry and enemy armor. It holds 7 passengers, along with a driver and gunner. The M2A3 is the most heavily armed vehicle in the game, with a 25mm chaingun, firing armor-piercing sabot and high explosive rounds, as well as a turret-mounted TOW launcher with 2 TOW wire-guided missiles ready to fire. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers for creating smokescreens. It is on a 15-minute spawn timer and is worth 37 tickets. Dramatically reduced the effectiveness of radial damage from rockets to medium to heavy armor vehicles. Completely overhauled the look of the CROWS weapon system on the MATV and M1126. To this, we added an ammunition tracker, rangefinder, turret orientation indicator and 3 levels of zoom. Deployables The TOW missile is a wire-guided missile that follows the target commands via a very long wire attached to the launcher. The player can effectively steer the missile while in flight onto target, and it is extremely effective against stationary or slow-moving targets. Optics have been added onto the emplaced Russian NSV, British and American M2 Brownings and both emplaced and mobile versions of the SPG-9 Kopye. Both the M2 Browning and SPG9 have completely functional reticles that allow for precise shooting at range. We recommend having some trigger time on the range with these to understand how the reticles are used. Emplacements are now damageable by calibers greater than and including 12.7mm/.50cal. The intent is that they will cease to function after sustaining a light to moderate amount of damage, requiring repairs to it in order to bring it back to a working state. Razor wire has been made more damaging by slowing down the player much more when caught in it, as well as making it completely impassable. Razor wire that is shorter and lower to the ground can still be jumped over though with a big enough run-up. Mapping New Map: Kamdesh Highlands: A new Afghan themed map has been added to the game. This map is set in the far east part of Afghanistan, sparsely populated and mountainous, the area has a number of roads crisscrossed, connecting small hamlets. Kohat Toi Expansion: Kohat has been expanded to increase gameplay variability and increase Gameplay layer options. In addition to opening up the playable zones, a lot of surrounding dressing has been added to the map edges to make you really impart the sense of a large world around you. Finally, the lighting has been completely redone from scratch to give a greater sense of distance when looking off into the edges of the map. Gorodok visual improvements: foliage should be thicker, draw farther and look better, all while being more optimized. Rock demons have been largely eliminated. Fixed a number of terrain and static glitching bugs relating to the Train Depot area on Narva We also have added a lot of new layers to existing maps with radically different flag layouts, the addition of the British and expanding the implementation of the Invasion-style game mode Al Basrah Invasion_v1 (Overhauled) Al Basrah Invasion_v2 S (New) Belaya: Relevant layers with Train Tunnel flags are now able to be capped from outdoor areas. Belaya AAS_v2 (New) Belaya AAS_v3 (New) Fools Road AAS_v1: Ammo Hill is a requirement in the lattice. Fools Road AAS_v4 (Overhauled) Gorodok AAS_v1 (Overhauled) Gorodok AAS_v2 (Overhauled) Gorodok AAS_v3 GB vs RU (New) Gorodok AAS_v4 US vs RU (New) Gorodok Invasion_v2 (New) Kohat AAS_v1 (Overhauled) Kohat AAS_v2 (Overhauled) Kohat Invasion_v1 (Overhauled) Yehorivka_AAS_v3 (New) User Interface Name Tag UI updated. Name Tags have been updated both on the 3D HUD and on the map, giving you more intel on friendly locations while also being more contextual. You can see what roles they have now via the name tags. The Squad Leader's position is always visible on the 3D HUD. Players who are incapacitated now appear in grey on the 3D HUD. When seeing a vehicle, only the driver is now shown, clearing a lot of the clutter. Added squad numbers to the vehicle icons on the map, showing which squads currently have a claim on that vehicle. Improved Speedometer. Added a new and improved Speedometer for all drivers. It now shows the amount of torque, what gear you are in, your land speed, your maximum possible top speed and also how much your vehicle is tilted in either direction. Added a search bar to the server browser. Added a 'Screenshot Mode' which hides the main in-game UI. This is accessible through the main menu in the bottom right. Added a back-button to the main menu, which backs you out to the main screen. Added separate mouse sensitivity sliders for soldiers and vehicles. (Further iteration will be done on this system.) Fixed map icon clipping when the icon is close to the map border. Audio Added inside/outside sound mixes for vehicles. For example, being inside an armored vehicle, you will no longer hear outside ambient sounds and the loud sounds are being muffled. Also, impact sounds to vehicles sounds different when sitting inside with a much more pronounced type of sound. Added new and adjusted volumes of weapon firing distant sounds. Added bolt and trigger sounds for handheld and HMG weapons. Added vehicle FX sounds for tyres and tank threads on various surfaces including rolling and sliding. Beefed up attenuation for engine sounds on various vehicles. You will be able to hear the engines further away. Added ADS sounds for handheld weapons. Bug Fixes Fixed a clipping bug on the spawn menu where it was cutting off the bottom of the role list. Adjusted the PKM's first-person view so the handle doesn't block your view. Optimised a large amount of bullet hit and vehicle-based effects. Third person jogging animations have been cleaned up and tweaked. Fixed sound cutting out on the M4 when firing in Three Round Burst. Fixed being able to change stances while deployed in bipod. Fixed sprinting while low stamina looking awkward in third-person. Optimised the blur effect on ADS. Fixed feet sliding while moving in crouch in third-person. Remove menu when pressing Tilde ~ for console or when pressing Shift-P for admin camera. This will stop you getting stuck in the main menu and unintentionally being able to move. Fixed third person sprinting animations for some weapons causing their left wrist to break. Fixed an unintentional value for settle sway on the M4 platform. Several bug fixes related gameplay layers. Miscellaneous Localisation for the following languages has been updated and added: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian. Added a server option for whether or not APCs and IFVs require a crewman.
  5. FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch ACTIVITY: Game Update 1.60 (Visual Upgrade, Quick Play, Line Drawing, Respawn Screen, Targeting, Limping) SIZE: ~3.2 GB / ~469 MB NOTES Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update. Consider defragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates. Updating a deeply moddable game and its platform is not without risks. We use various methods to communicate upcoming changes to our awesome modding community, such as via the Dev Hub. We also co-operate directly on troubleshooting, and we offer an opportunity to test updates via our Release Candidate tests. Modders, server administrators and other members of the community do their best to prepare for updates and to address issues post-release as quickly as possible. Please be mindful of some interruptions (especially in the first hours / days after a release) while we all work to improve the game together. A Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users. It contains the previous significant main branch version (1.58). It can be used to compare specific changes between major releases. The access code for this branch is: Arma3Legacy158 This update does not apply to the experimental Linux and Mac port betas at time of writing. We'll be updating those as soon as possible. You can find the servers in the Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools") - "Arma 3 Server" (based on your OS, it will download the Windows or Linux version). Administrators can also use the command-line SteamCMD utility. The app ID is to be 233780. NVIDIA GameWorks™ Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation. Copyright © 2002-2016 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. NVIDIA® and PhysX® are trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation and are used under license. In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., Arma 3 F.A.Q. or BattlEye F.A.Q. You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker. CHANGELOG Data : Engine : Launcher : Server : Source
  6. Hi Squaddies, It's Update time! We would like to thank our community for being so patient with us as we continue to grind away at the beast known as Squad development. Alpha 6 is now upon us and we would like to take the time to share with you the changes you will experience since the last Alpha version. Note: Due to a major change in the way we do Graphics Settings, all of your custom settings will reset upon first launch of Alpha 6. Major Changes Unreal Engine 4.11 Update We've updated to Unreal Engine 4.11, pulling in a good number of engine features and performance updates. Take a look at the massive changelog for the engine to get an idea of the scope of all things that changed: HERE. New Deployable: Emplaced Heavy Machine Gun The first iteration of Vehicles are here! The Emplaced Browning M2 .50 caliber rifle is a beast of a heavy machine gun, capable of tearing apart even the most determined of infantry attackers. Placeable as a FOB deployable by Squad Leaders, the Browning M2 is your new best friend when locking down an open field on Chora, or creating a kill-zone on a Sumari road. Its effective range for target suppression is well over a kilometer and can easily stop a soldier with just one shot. But due to its limited traverse and elevation angles, operators be careful of your flanks and be sure to have backup! The Browning M2 consumes FOB Ammo Points (which will regenerate over time) when you reload, and you can only have 3 deployed per FOB (2 in Bunker Configuration and 1 Self-Standing). Sustained fire will overheat the weapon, denoted by how much smoke is pouring out of the front of the weapon. The emplacement itself can be damaged and destroyed with rockets, UGLs, incendiary grenades and hand grenades. Employ it wisely in defence or as a means of fire support, and it will prove invaluable in the firefights to come. New Map: Gorodok We are proud to include in this release a new map that we've been teasing in previous news posts. Gorodok is an eastern european inspired map, with large expansive terrain. While Squad is still primarily infantry focused, we will launch with one AAS gameplay layer focusing on a segment of the larger map, pitting Russian and Militia forces against one another in open forest style engagements. Map Update: Sumari A much expanded Sumari is finally ready to be released after many months in the oven, and it's looking absolutely gorgeous. More than twice in size with hundreds of enter-able buildings, this map will continue to provide endless tactical challenges to any Squad trying to navigate its narrow corridors and many firing lanes. Below is a quick look at the various layouts. Map Update: Fools Road Tunnels Fools Road has undergone a drastic change, underground that is. A completely new Militia fortress has been carved out of the mountain, with crisscrossing tunnels serving to act as a means for defenders to further entrench themselves. Designed not only as a showcase of our new capabilities to show enclosed underground areas, but to also provide an intense close quarter battle experience for Squads willing to venture into the depths of the fortress. Effects Update: Foliage and Water interaction We have now added foliage and water particle and sound effects, be mindful when moving through both of these terrain obstacles as those around you can now see and/or hear you. General Performance Improvements We've fixed a number of performance issues in the game on top the engine performance changes that came with UE4.11. On the server, we've done a full pass of over all of our networked objects, reducing their networking footprint and replication cost, making things overall more efficient. We've also fixed inventories so that weapons that are not equipped no longer tick and are only updated to client once every second. We've fixed an issue where spawning a soldier hitched the server, and removed a large number of networked properties that were not needed. On the client, we've been making passes on every map, merging many small meshes into one big detailed meshes to reduce shadow casting overhead. We've also implemented Distance Field Shadows (More Info here) while reducing the distance of the highly detailed Cascade Shadow Maps, which has given us a major performance boost on maps with a lot of trees like Fools Road and Operation First Light. In addition, we have reduced bones on the player skeleton so that players farther away will consume fewer resources for animations. We have also eliminated a lot of excess animation nodes and cleaned up our animation code to be more efficient across the board. AMD CPU Specific Performance Improvements We've implemented a Low Quality sounds toggle in the Game Settings on top of general cleaning up of the soundscape, which should help many users with poor audio performance on AMD CPU hardware, as well as in general. If you are having very low FPS with AMD CPU systems, turn on Low Quality Sounds and you should see a nice performance bump. We actively encourage those that do have AMD CPU hardware to try this new update out, and to provide with us feedback on your play experience. Server Update: RCON support for Servers We have now added in a standard implementation of the valve R-CON or remote console protocol. This protocol will allow server admins to issue console commands for things like broadcasting messages and kicking players remotely via an R-CON application of their choice. Our initial rollout for Alpha v6 includes the standard aspects of R-CON like specifying the port / password, connecting, and authenticating, and will be expanded in a minor upgrade with the ability to issue specific commands. Additionally, with the help of Disposable Hero from the Tactical Gamer community, an open source Squad Remote Admin tool is being developed which will feature basic R-CON functionality specialized for use with the Squad server. Founders Perks: Skin Additions Founders Skins have been added back to the game! If you backed us on Kickstarter or pre-ordered at the Founders level, you now have access to your ingame item rewards. They are disabled by default, so you need to go into your Game Settings and enable the skins you want to use. Note: The Founders Patches for the character models are still being worked on, so while the options are there in the menu, they are nonfunctional. Full Changelog Gameplay Deployables now no longer can be stacked one on top of the other Decreased Construction point and Ammo point income on FOBs Increased time necessary to take down a friendly FOB Tweaked recoil on some weapons Stamina now stops recharging while falling or jumping Insurgency tweaks. Minimum cache distance is now 300m on 2k maps and 400m on 4k maps, Insurgents now loose tickets if they get killed and there is a high but finite number of insurgent tickets (500 tickets) as a secondary win condition (make FOB placement and medics a little bit relevant again) Tweaked minimum arming range on rocket projectiles Speed up the time it takes to show the nametags above peoples head Smoke grenades no longer kill you with direct hits You can no longer focus while moving (within reason, there is a small velocity buffer) Updated recoil zoom modifier on ACOGs Systems Added Foliage bending on some maps, partial implementation at this stage Fixed an issue with soldiers standing when dead if you connect to a server with a game already in progress. Fixed weapon disappearing after using medic bag or field dressings. Fixed a number of crashes related to VOIP Added LODs to the soldier skeletons, improved performance on the animation-side when rendering multiple characters at a distance on screen Added Low Quality Sounds, which should help some AMD CPU users who are having stuttering issues related to sounds. Fixed issues with grenades exploding too late when you are dead Fixed a bug in AAS where lattice links would incorrectly look the wrong direction when looking for home links (fixes a potential locked in main situation). Mains now always contest their neighbors in AAS, which should prevent potential locked-in-main situations Fixed a PAAS issue where too many flags could be contested. Fixed an issue when leaning and sprinting while wounded would get the player stuck in that state Fixed an issue while jumping out of gun while holding fire allowed you to jump in the gun and fire without pressing a button. Tweaked MP443 pistols hit detection settings Fixed an issue where players are using more field dressings than are in their inventory Fixed players being able to spawn on other squads rally points when changing squad Adjusted projectiles so they overlap instead of block on water collisions, causing projectiles to now enter water Fixed weapon reloading desyncing between clients Fixed return to origin of the weapon reload being too slow/fast/various times Fixed an issue where the field dressings and medic bags would dissapear on weapon switch. Fixed enemies markers occasionally being visible during the first moments when you join a server Fixed some cases where the server list was not updating properly Fixed suppression effects not firing off under certain hit detection conditions Reworked code for healing yourself and someone else. This should prevent you from healing yourself and someone else at the same time with the medic bag Updated scalability to force distance field shadows on all graphics settings Fixed grenades from showing unequipping animation when there are no grenades left Fixed grenades not showing 1p and 3p in Listen Servers Fixed Shovel and patches being displayed below player NetUpdateRate optimizations. All spawn points down from 100 to 1, FOB spawns from 100 to 10, CameraMan from 100 to 10 Improved performance on shovels, they now use a timer instead of ticking and only tick the timer when they are equipped Prevent reloading if your input is disabled. This prevents a bug that is caused by deploying and reloading at the same time All weapons now only tick when they are equipped, and unequipped network update rates have been drastically decreased UI Server Browser no longer kicks you back to main with a server full message after you have completely loaded the map, instead you should see this message pop up within a few seconds of trying to join a server. Updated inventory slider, you can now disable auto switching between weapons as well as confirm and cancel weapon switches that are only still highlighted in the UI. Fixed Purple smoke grenades having blue UI icon Optimised the Main Menu UI Optimised the in-game HUD Fixed Squad Leader icon number disappearing when he goes incapacitated Simplified the code for and added more validity checking to the team switch confirmation widget Fixed an issue where multiple toasts could crash the game due to incorrect garbage collection safety Fixed Tickets not always showing at rounds end Fixed an issue where overlapping Capture Zones would cause the capture widget to not show while you were in a capture zone. Fixed Sergeant Chevrons and Squad Leader Number overlapping Fixed the map timer not always showing the text in the correct format Fixed an issue where the Map Timer would desync between server and client Fixed keyboard not getting automatic focus on password dialog box when entering passworded servers Updated Minimaps on all maps to show fields, bodies of water, gameplay boundaries and also a distance scale Fixed toast messages being cut off by a smaller than normal dialogue box Fixed Fools Road and Sumari minimaps being out of alignment Updated Militia and Russian faction radial menu to use the Russian radio instead of US or INS Added map icon for HMGs Sounds Added Sound collisions to most passable vegetation, as you move through foliage you will make a noticeable sound Modified bullet hit dirt sounds Updated main menu music Added reverb volumes in tunnels on Fools Road Fixed attenuation and increased volume on healing sounds. Added Bleeding and Wounded/Incap EQ filters that adjust based upon your health. Modified SVD fire sounds Modified default M4 fire sounds to later fit for dynamic reflections Fix to crack flyby sounds Art Improved LODs on various static props Added window bar props to various maps Added water interactivity, collisions and impact effects by the player, small arms and explosives Fixed corrugated metal fences and scrap with double sided geometry settings Updated metal fences and log trenches to have proper materials and impact effects Overhauled bullet impacts on Dirt to use new gpu debris and random dust animations Fixed Smoke Grenade effects not rendering at far distances Fixed Smoke Grenade effects not always colliding with the surrounding environment Fixed tracer rounds showing too close or behind the gun barrels. Fixed several physmats having wrong footstep dirt effect, causing weird excessive foot fx on plastic, rubber etc. Added small working tool props as map decoration Relocated all shell ejection sockets to their right position, and improved the visual look of them spinning out of the ejection port Resized dirt bullet hits and improved random dirt animations Updated blast shockwaves relevant to dirt, grass and wood Fixed hescos disappearing at a distance Added small bulletholes for Makarov and other 9mm pistols Fixed RPG7 low quality geometry sight being mis-aligned Fixed misaligned rocket on the RPG7 during the reload Adjusted Particle Bounds of RPG7 rocket concrete explosion Maps Fixed issue where you could get stuck under the hopper car on Fools Road Fixed issue where you could use prone to get into the pipe on the gas silo Fools Road/First Light Fixed Op First Light warehouse door collisions from being borked Updated lighting on all maps Added more cache locations that are outside of buildings Fixed players falling through mine roof on Fools Road Fixed players spawning on the hesco bunker roof on Fools Road Updated playable boundaries on a number of maps Updated max tickets for BLUFOR on Logar Insurgency Added Chora Insurgency Layer Added Sumari Insurgency Layer Updated cap zone names for some maps Ambient sound fixes on Gorodok, Logar and Firing Range maps. Admin Added RCON Server plugin Added map icon for admin cam Fixed crashing on Admin-Camera as soon as you reload your weapon Fix for crash caused by jumping in admin cam while reloading on listen server and non-networked games. AdminRestartMatch command should now restart the map and stay on the same level Source
  7. Hi Squaddies, Head up, a new version is inbound! Version 5.0 comes packed with a number of UI and quality of life improvements to help smooth out your experience in-game, as well as a number of balance and performance tweaks, not to mention a whole slew of additional expanded areas for maps that are currently in rotation. Read the full changelog below! Major Changes Map Updates As outlined in the last monthly recap, we have a number of map updates and new areas for players to duke it out. Updated UI Map Look and Feel The map and respawn screen has received a huge code and art pass. Porting over parts of the heavy Blueprint code over to C++, weve achieved a major performance increase over the previous versions, as well as fixed a large number of annoying issues like not being able to switch between the spawn screen and the map. Additionally, we are doing an art pass to improve the readability and look and feel of the map. Updated Optics We added a blur filter and improved the sight picture on some of the optics. Balance Pass on Stamina Standing around waiting for your stamina to regenerate before you jumped over a knee high wall is not fun, so weve fixed that. Weve reduced the stamina cost for the first jump, but added an increasing stamina penalty the more you jump in succession. Preserve your stamina, spread out your jumps! Server Licensing We now have official server licensing system in place for communities and server providers wishing to officially host a server and be officially sanctioned by us to provide the ideal Squad experience to players. We are adding this system in order to quickly direct players to servers that have - Quality, dedicated administration Have reliable and powerful server hardware Promote teamwork and communication in their community and/or clan. Provide a positive environment for new players to learn the game and play with more experienced players. Use the vanilla Squad gamemode rules so regular players know what to expect (will be important once modding is possible) More information about applications and server licensing HERE. Changelog Systems You are no longer punished with a team switch timer if you failed to switch team Further optimisation passes on weapon and player animation code Jumping has been redone. Jumping no longer requires stamina. However, for every jump a small cooldown timer is associated with it. If another jump occurs before this small cooldown is up your jump height and forward velocity will become lower. If multiple jumps are done consecutively (spamming jump) four or more times without allowing the small cooldown timer to reset, you will go on an extended cooldown timer while your jump stamina regenerates. This allows more flexibility while preventing bunny hopping. Updated rulesets to only count TKs as 1 ticket instead of 2. Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be punished for suicides twice. Fixed an issue where sending someone straight to death would not score or apply punishments in the case of TKs. Fixed kit logic not working correctly in all cases, We now remove your kit as a squad leader if you pass the squad leader role have been added. Fixed an issue where players could deploy with a kit role while incapacitated, effectually allowing +1 available kits of any type. Updated sway values for most weapons. Optics and iron sights have slightly different values to account for magnification. Speed and horizontal randomization sway has been increased to more accurately represent and convey the appropriate target acquisition timing desired. Managing combat stances should be more desirable, more effective, and medium to long range fire will potentially require more effort, especially in the standing. Updated focus time by 5 seconds to account for potentially higher difficulty in firing with updated sway values. Changed the way traces work for nametags, so the trace comes from the eyes instead of the waist and we trace for several parts of the body instead of just tracing for Center of Mass. Fixed a mass disconnect when Steam servers go down Fixed bug where player is stuck in sprinting if they die while sprinting and then get revived. Fixes to make deployable ghosts more reliable. Updated graphics settings defaults and edited the graphics menu to get rid of variables that were not having any effect anyway. Modified decompression for Audio which should help with performance. Unicode support fixes, specifically for non-language characters like Emoji UI Improved the inventory sliders so grouped weapons and your current selection (different coloured smoke grenades for instance) all appear at once so you know exactly what youre selecting in your inventory. Added a UI element for jumping height penalty. Added bleeding and incapacitated map icons on the map, visible to Medics. Updated player map icons in preparation for a greater overhaul of the UI. Players can now close their map and spawn-screen with the main menu button (default escape on keyboard or start on gamepad) Added role icons and kit tooltips to Ammo Crate resupply menu. Changed the map so it will never be able to lock your inputs when closed anymore. Added a pulse animation for your own player icon for quicker identification. Fixed the inability to drag the map in the spawn screen. Touched up the spawn menu role select to make the grey out of kits work, and introduced a new presentation style that allows for more information about loadouts at a glance Cleaned up marker code and tooltip code, should hopefully give better performance, and no longer capture the players input when they want to select a rallypoint Added a News message box for the main menu Added a server licensing information notice to the main menu when server licensing is enabled. The custom games list now no longer shows when server licensing is disabled remotely. Added the ability to delete action keys in the keybindings menu Fixed bug where screen resolution would reset when editing settings. Fixed player tooltip name not showing up on players that are bleeding or incap and you mouse over them as a medic. Updated Quickstart guide loading screen image Updated minimaps to be greyscale, in preparation for more UI developments down the line. Art Added new radial blur to all weapons with optics. The area around magnified optics has been darkened with a slight, soft blur to bring more focus into optic itself. Updated Russian medics and SLs to use new Russian binoculars. Added collisions to bricks and other large trash items. Added more Tunnel components. Fixed collision meshes on various Afghani structures. Updated cannabis plants Added new wooden and chain-link fence statics Fixed wood floor reflectivity Fixed AK74M and RPK74M lod shading issues Fixed Russian AK optic having too much magnification Adjusted all magnified optics to more accurately represent their realistic values in-game using a magnification to FOV calculation. This fixed Russian AK optics having too much magnification. Maps Updated all AAS layers (not including Skirmish) with latest ticket system adjustments. Bleed, tickets lost, and tickets gained have been adjusted. Ticket system has been standardized to create consistency across all map layers and scales based on number of flags on any given map. Updated Fools Road river rock texture to fix its specularity Updated and expanded Chora Updated Train Wreck to Train Village and added a new cap zone on Operation First Light Fixed minor foliage and static bugs on Kohat. Updated Kohat radio tower layer so US starts with fewer points but gains points with each flag capture. Modified spawn locations on Kohat AAS. Admin Fixed all admins able to join full servers Fixed admin command description for kick by ID. Fixed an improper Disconnected by EAC kick. Added admin group permission type to circumvent team change timer Changed TK punishment from a Kick to a 5 minute (by default) timed ban. Servers can configure it. Number of improvements and fixes to the Admin camera Source
  8. Version 4 4 févr. 2016 source Release Time! Hi Squaddies, We're proud to present the newest version of the Squad Alpha: Version 4.0. Contained are a number of major improvements to gameplay but also new content additions in the form of additional equipment for the Russian and Militia factions, As well as expanded playable areas for maps currently in rotation and further performance and balance tweaks. Enjoy the changelog below! Major Changes Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) Easy Anti-Cheat has been added as a new active anti-cheat protection system. 1P78 Kashtan Rifle Optic The Russian faction now have scopes for their weapons! As one of the most requested feature, we are pleased to grant the Russian faction a rifle optic for their primary AK74M and support RPK74M rifles as well as sneaking some goodies for the Militia. RGD-5 Grenade The RGD-5 is a post-WW2 Soviet-era grenade, inexpensive to manufacture and commonly found in many modern conflict areas. Will be featured on the Militia and Russian factions. Map Updates Fools Road Fools Road received a new industrial area in the South West of the map, an updated Estate with a very cool tunnel section connecting the buildings together, as well as many new details and features spread out around the map. Chora Chora has also received many updates, expanding the playable area and more detail work. Flag Capture Mechanics Updates AAS has been updated with some new gamemode rules to encourage greater emphasis on the flag objectives. Flags now have an increasing ticket bleed based on the number of flags owned by the opposing team, reducing the chance that the team with more flags loses the match. Additionally, capturing a flag now grants the capturing team some tickets, as well as increasing the ticket loss for the team that loses a flag. Finally, we have added a protection sphere around each teams main base, which prevents bullets and players from the opposing team entering in it's area thus adding a layer of protection from main base camping. Post Processing Effects Many post processing effects and the ability to change their settings have been added. Ambient Occlusion helps to define soft shadowing of objects. Auto Exposure and Eye Adaptation causes the exposure of the screen image to simulate the effect of human eyes moving between brightly lit and dim environments. Bloom is the bleed-over of light caused by looking at bright objects in lowly lit environments. Motion Blur adds a blur effect to objects depending on how quickly they are moving on the screen (works well with the new Russian scopes). Lens Flare simulates scattering of light when viewing bright objects through lenses. Server Browser and Joining Server improvements The server browser has been improved, adding sorting by each column as well as better usability in general. Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed, improving the server join experience and a quicker response when you fail to join a server. Changelog Game Mode Changes Added Dome of Defense around main bases (Destroys all enemy projectiles upon impact, and pushes back enemy soldiers if they try to enter) Updated the AAS logic to be more robust and have more features Allows for giving the capturing team tickets and also has an option to prevent ticket gain when capping from start-neutral Owning more capture zones than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty. The more zones owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs. Kit, role and equipment changes Marksman kit moved from the specialist group to fire support, same squad/team limitations as before Fire support kits are now reduced to 3 when at max squad size, down from 4. You should see more ordinary riflemen on the field now Grenadier kit now unlocks at 5 squad members, rather than 4 Max amount of grenadiers available per squad down to 1 from 2 (AK74+GP25 removed from Militia until we have a more flexible inventory selection system) Ordinary riflemen/fighter kits with ironsight or red dot sights now have 2 frag grenades rather than 1 Automatic riflemen now have another 150-200 rounds depending on the caliber of the weapon, so you dont have to feel bad about suppressing the enemy Designated marksmen now have less rifle ammo to keep in line with damage potential of other classes (SVD down from 8 to 4 magazines), make those shots count Designated marksmen has 3 pistol mags rather than 2 Added more smoke variation and each team now has different colored smoke variations. Militia have Green and Yellow smoke colour variations, Russians have Purple and Orange, while the insurgents have Black and Yellow. 40mm smoke grenades remain the same for now. Russian squad leader has an alternative kit available at 6 squad members, an AK74M with an optic Russian rifleman + optics kit available at 4 squad members. Limited to 1 Russian Automatic rifleman + optics kit available at 8 squad members Militia rifleman + optics kit available at 4 squad members. Limited to 1 Every kit that has a magnified optic now has one less magazine than their red dot / ironsight counterparts Added RGD-5 frag grenade to replace placeholder M67 on the Russian faction, also gave an alternative skinned version of it to Militia instead of the F1 Weapon changes Added deviation to rockets and launched grenades projectiles ACOG model got a quality of life upgrade to make it look prettier Slight increase in the recoil of the SVD Fixed a bug where all weapons were firing at the same muzzle velocity. Now weapons have different bullet drop depending on caliber/muzzle velocities Fixed grenades being able to be quick thrown with left/right mouse combo. As a side effect you can no longer switch throw type (long/short) when you have started one or the other. Fixed grenades being prepped for a quick throw by switching weapons when the animations were done. You are now committed to the throw when you have pulled the pin. Updated inventory action delay timer on the scrolling menu from .5 to 1.5 seconds. Medic bag and field dressing improvements Added more information feedback to the player Fixed an issue where enemy soldiers could be healed Rally Point changes Rally point code has been more optimized for server use Increased placement cooldown time from 30 seconds to 210 seconds Rally points can no longer be placed with enemies within a 50m radius, and will reset the placement time from 0 to 90 seconds. Your former rally points do not disappear. Rally point placement now requires sl + 3 squad member if the sl does not have an officer kit, if he does have it, then only sl + 1 squad member is needed Changing squad leader now resets the rally point placement time to 120 seconds if the placement time was under 120 seconds. All rallypoint messages are now shown in the chat area instead of the middle of the screen. If your squad leader changes, a message is now sent to your chat area to inform. Deployable placement errors are now posted to your chat area. Fixed an issue where you could leave a squad and keep your kit if you were incapacitated Map and Spawn screen updates Opening of map and spawn screen no longer stops the talking input Clicking around and interacting with the spawn screen no longer stops other inputs (you can now move and interact with the menu at the same time, note that there are many edge cases to this particular issue and we will be addressing them as they are reported) Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor could be lost when returning to the spawn screen after having opened the main menu Map and spawn screen now automatically closes when the main menu is opened Moved a large chunk of the map implementation to c++ improving stability and speed Fixed a bug where the SL menu on the spawn map was not updating its last clicked position correctly SL menu on the spawn map now opens with the cursor in the middle of the hex menu, making it easier to mark locations and work with the ui SL marker lifespan is now 5 minutes, up from 1.5 minutes Reduced the zoom levels on the map from 7 to 4, and made the map zoom all the way out on the outmost level Slight rework of the map medic icon, making it more distinct. Misc Added a 240 second team switch timer, limiting how often you can switch teams, this timer only applies after the round startup time, allowing teams and friends to get set up while waiting for the game to start. Keybinds for the spawn screen and map now work on both open/close. (You can rebind them to Enter without issues) Changed the lowest possible FOV to 90 degrees. Added more graphics settings for Motion Blur, Bloom, Lens Flare, Auto Exposure, etc.This is still work in progress Fixed issue where some higher resolutions were missing from the graphics settings Added sort-able server browser Fixed some disconnection issues upon joining a server Added a system that allows for individual damage sounds depending on the collision bone that was hit, this is replacing the dead sounds, meaning that you no longer know if an enemy died unless you do a visual confirmation Added initial enhancements to the Admin Camera to support Squad League with Player Outlining and Capture Zone visualizations. Redesigned smoke grenade variations to share one projectile and one effect. Any color variations now only need to be a child of the original, instead of needing duplicate effects and projectiles. This optimizes the deployment of smoke grenades and makes implementation easier. Stopped smoke from playing on the server unintended. This prevents smoke spam affecting server fps. Removed manually placed border blocking volumes and updated with new spline blocking volumes. Fixed the ability to lean while prone, this snuck in due to lean code optimization Lots of LOD models added to weapons, improving performance Reworked tracers slightly, making them easier to use when correcting bullet drop Reworked server configs, ban lists & admin lists (Details Here) Added server messages Changed console command ShowPlayerIds to ListPlayers Added temp / timed bans Before signing off we wanted to give everyone a bit of a road map of our intentions over the next several months. Our next monthly update for February will be largely focused on content, quality of life, UI updates and possible integration of Unreal Engine 4.11 (Check out the preview notes, exciting stuff!) With completion of the backlog of high priority updates to content, QoL and UI , we've moved the majority of our coders (Including our two new guys!) into a focused campaign over the next 8 or so weeks to come through the other side with a feature rich base system for vehicles and character animations. We hope you guys will help us in keeping these guys engaged and keeping all of our eyes on road ahead. We are very excited for the next couple months. Offworld Out.
  9. La version V3.0 de Squad est dispo sur Steam. Ceux qui ont eu accès à la pré-alpha vérifiez vos mails. Votre clé a du vous être transmise. Il vous suffit de l'activer dans Steam via l'onglet "jeux ---> activer un produit steam" et suivre la procédure". Changelog de la V3.0 : source Major update dropping on all you Squaddies! Version 3 will soon be releasing on Steam as a lead in to our Early Access launch on the 15th. Steam keys which provide the new version will be sent out shortly via email to all Founders (those in the Squad Leader tier and up). *** KEYS ARE BEING SENT NOW! *** Major Features The Russians and Militia enter the fray! Prepare your war calls, as you join the Russians Ground Forces on the hunt. This Kickstarter stretch goal has been in development to debut as our first inhouse character models, and we're ready to showcase the Russian face-off against the Militia faction. We snuck in the irregular Militia as our second inhouse character model set, which will be modular to match the theater/locale of future maps. Special mention to our finalized AK74M and RPK74M models in-game. New Map: Fools Road Featuring Russia vs Militia, Fools Road is the first Eastern European map! Experience the rolling hills and dense forests, showing off the power of the Unreal Engine. Fought over for years in our prior mod, this is one of the legacy maps we are updating into UE4 to give a nod to our history, the map is still in development and the roadside ambushes arrive soon, for now we push game play into the forested hills on the road to Dylym village. New Map: Sumari Bala You wanted urban environments? You got it. A much denser and more claustrophobic map, Sumari Bala is a literal maze of slums, market complexes and alleyways designed to confuse and disorient ill-prepared squads. This map is also still in development, and we will be continuing to add, expand and detail the city in future iterations. But for now this will be a taster! New Map: Jensens Range The training map, Jensens Range, has been added to the Training button! Featuring pop-up targets, multiple types of shooting ranges and combat environments, Jensens Range is the perfect place to get familiar with weapon mechanics or just polish up your skills. Steam Support Squad is now on Steam for Founders backers! With this patch you will no longer have to log in to the game, and all the steam features are enabled! Improved New Player tooltips With the upcoming Steam Early Access release, weve done a pass on our UI to improve the new player usability, adding Tooltips, better wording to explain how to spawn and get in game, as well as a number of other useful hints for new players. We will continue to add to these as we approach our December 15th Early Access release. Role Limits We have implemented a system of Kit Role limitations that takes into account how many kits are limited to the entire team (and not just Squads), as well as the range and diversity of kit roles that are available to different sized Squads. Generally the more populous a squad is, the more Roles open to members of that squad there are. Updated Tracer and Explosion Effects In case you missed the November Recap, we have updated Tracer and Explosion effects with greater visual fidelity. Best to see for yourselves! Unreal Engine 4.10 Update Weve updated to UE4.10, which includes many performance improvements, including a possible fix to the performance issues with AMD CPUs. In addition to the above additions, below is a changelog for Version 3. Balance Changes Added a 2x recoil modifier to all weapons when firing not in ADS Added Aimpoint to the M4M203 Added AKM+GP25 variation for Militia Added RPK74 and AKS74 variations for Militia Added MP443 for Russia Added AK74M and RPK74M for Russia Added traditional M4 with 3 round burst for Militia Added M249 with iron sights for Militia Added correct colored smoke to all grenade launchers Set default fire mode of the AK74M rifles to semi auto Increased the front sight post on nearly all AK and RPK variants Differentiated the way the RPGs frag round and the M72s rocket applies damage Added new map boundaries for Logar to prevent people camping on the hills at the edges of the map All squad leader weapons now correctly fire tracer rounds every 3rd shot. This applies to all 4 factions Removed all sandbag and concrete based fortifications from the Insurgents faction Remade several deployable fortifications Fixed HESCO walls being easily breached when un-shoveling them Limited kits now become available once a minimum amount of players are present in your squad and on your team Limited kits now scale with the amount of people in your squad and on your team Some factions have alternative versions of kits available at certain squad sizes The limits and available kit variations depends on the faction. A squad is limited to how many special kits they can have from each category: Command & Support, Fire Support, Specialist If you leave or get kicked from a squad, you will immediately be given a recruit kit instead of the kit you had claimed. Ammo, bandages and smoke grenades will be transferred to this kit so you don't gain any additional equipment from leaving. Shortened M4 series dry reload Misc Changelog Squad Leaders can now kick unruly players from their squads! Once kicked, there is a cooldown before they can rejoin. Servers can now be password protected, indicated by a lock in their entry on the server browser Added new separate reload animations for the AKM and AK74 series Fixed a number of issues where bandaging and medic bags would fail to detect a dead player. Reviving is much easier now. Added a new UI element that pops up and displays when certain important events happen, like being kicked from a squad, lost connection to a server, or when trying to join a server and failing. Optimization pass on Particle effects and sprite textures, decreasing their video memory usage and improving rendering speed. Optimization pass on Weapon Textures, again decreasing their video memory usage and improving rendering speed. Fixed a number of missing faces and LODs on many environmental models. Modified the default AntiAliasing settings for a crisper picture Exposed many AntiAliasing and Shadow settings to the options menu. Updated Logar with Static Randomizers Fixed building reverb effects not working as intended. Fixed a number of Post Processing issues on Logar Fixed incorrect Scaling parameters on Logars post processing. Fixed an issue where clients would see an incorrect respawn timer when the timer was delayed due to enemies present. Prone Players can no longer fall off ledges Implemented a system to stop wall leaning Added various new static environment models Added modular village houses Added falling metal targets with distinct audible hit sounds. Some targets take one hit to knock down, others will require several hits. Added a green variation of the HESCO barriers for temporary use for the Russian faction Fixed weapon collisions with the ground when dropped Increased the size of the ammo crate icon on the map so it is easier to locate Added more map zoom levels Russia has a unique skin for the RPG-7 Added new explosion effects, the RPGs frag round and the M72 now have different explosion effects Added 3 additional skin variations to the Insurgents faction for greater variance Soldiers models on Russia and Militia are now associated with the role you spawn in as Fixed a number of audio sources blocking other sound classes Tooltips added for kit selection Fixed aim sensitivity to be persistent across maps Known Issues MSAA does not function as intended Scope Jitter is present when standing away from the centre of map Offworld Out.
  10. New Game Mode - Insurgency The Project Reality classic is back! Two Insurgent Weapons Caches spawn at the start of each round. The US Army forces must take out insurgents to gain Intelligence and get hints to where the caches are located. As each Cache is overrun and destroyed, another one spawns in a random location on the map. US Army Squad Leaders have an Incendiary grenade to destroy the Caches, the US team needs to destroy a total of 5 Caches to win. The Insurgents must drain the US Army team's tickets or wait out the clock to win. New Game Mode - Territory Control A New Gamemode focusing on pure defence & offence depending on the side. Insurgents have a number of territories at the start that they have to defend. The points are not meant to be captured in any particular order. If the US capture a territory, it cannot be recaptured. US has a time limit to capture all the territories. Some territories have a spawn point that can be captured. New Scope and Attachment System All the scopes have been redone, improving their sight picture and alignment. New attachment system allows us to attach several accessories and optics at the same time. Some variants of the M4 now have a foregrip. ACOG reticle is now fully usable with ranging and bullet drop. The SVD has its PSO-1 scope back. Reticle is not 1:1 with real life yet. Known Issue: There is a small jitter when viewing through the scope while standing on the edges of the map. Improved Inventory Added an Inventory element to the HUD, showing which item you have selected and what is selected in each item group. Multiple items per slot. Pressing the slot button multiple times cycles through the items in that slot (For example, Smoke Grenade Colors can be cycled through) Re-grouped items into more logical groupings. The player can now find items in the same spot in the inventory across classes Improved weapon handling Weapon sway now behaves differently depending on stance (Bipod weapons have reduced sway when prone) Weapon recoil can now be affected by stance (Bipod weapons now have considerably less recoil when prone) Focus sway reduction is now dependent on weapon and stance Weapons now have proper working ballistic flight mechanics Weapons now have MOA deviation depending on weapon and bullet quality Weapon sway is now different when not aiming down sights Full recoil overhaul on all weapons. Weapon config and load out now affects the weapons recoil behavior. Slight damage and falloff tweaks on existing and new weapons. Fixed a bug where weapons would have no bullet drop under 500 meters. Shovels now stop shoveling when deployable is at 100% Medic bag and field dressings no longer stops healing when the player that is getting healed moves When entering ADS mode your sights now stay aligned. New HUD Items Added a small information blurb at the start of each gamemode, explaining the rules and how to win Added an Inventory widget, showing which item you have selected Improved the Ammo widget with a better design to improve its readability Added a game timer Updated the chat boxes with some display features Added a medic icon to medics on the map Improved the Flag and FOB capture widgets Player icons are now smaller, making the map more readable Insurgent flag has been redesigned Compass has been scaled up and modified for easier readability New Kit Role Items Added 5 new AK variants to playable kits: AKM, AKMS, AKS-74U, AMD-65 and PM md. 63. (All with placeholder textures). Remade existing RPK model. (Has placeholder texture) Incendiary grenades for US Squad Leaders on insurgency maps. (Note that you drop this grenade for greater precision - you can only throw it a few meters) M249 now has an CompM4 Aimpoint. Added RDG-2 smoke grenade, replacing the M18 smoke grenade on the Insurgents. Kit Role changes All Insurgent kits now have pistols. The US side remains unchanged to reflect a more realistic load-out. Insurgent Fighter kits now have the AKM/AKMS instead of the AK-74 as standard. The AK-74 is still available as a limited kit in squads. Limited to 3. AKM or AKMS will be randomly chosen to give aesthetic diversity. They are functionally the same at this point in time. Insurgent Cell leader and Medic kits now have unique AKs so you can more easily identify the roles in the squad. Cell leader has PM md. 63 and the medic has AMD-65. RPG Gunner now has the AKS-74U. US Squad Leader kit now has the Aimpoint CompM4 on his M4 again, as well as a front grip to help identify him. US Medic now has a foregrip on his M4 to help identify him Grenadiers for both factions now have UGL launched smoke grenades in both white, blue and red colors. All insurgent kits now has the RDG-2 smoke grenade instead of the M18. The Rifleman ACOG kit is temporarily limited to 2 per squad. Insurgent Marksman kit now has the SVD with the PSO-1, additionally he also has a set of binoculars. All kits can now resupply fragmentation grenades from an ammo crate. Still limited to one frag grenade per kit role. Improved Main Menu Server Browser now shows Map, Gamemode, and whether or not the server is out of date. Improved feedback when you are kicked from a server, or if the master server goes down. Renamed 'Deploy Now' to 'Start Local' to better describe what it does. Added a FOV Slider. Added Toggle ADS/Lean Added Credits, Founders will soon be added Added two new main menu music tracks from Scott Tobin Improved Maps Kohat Performance and Visual Improvements Logar Valley Performance and Visual Improvements Added Police Station static object Added Mosque static object Misc Changes Added support for special events Added in Founders Skins for the AK, M4, and RPG-7. These will be tied to your Steam Inventory in the future, but for now they are assigned randomly each time you get a new kit (spawning or ammo box) Prevented the game from launching if certain settings were turned off, fixing ini options abuse like no shadows, no smoke particles, etc. Added "Kick from Squad" ability and "Give Squad Leader" ability for the Squad Leader, left click on the "My Squad" list on the player and follow the menu buttons. Added right click on the "My Squad" list on the player and follow the right click menu buttons. New weapon fire sound improvements for AK series, SVD and new distant fire sounds. New projectile flyby sounds. Added injury sounds like death screams. Added more construction sounds for deployables. Added explosion debris sounds for grenades and rockets. Improvements to footstep sounds. Added support for multiple permission levels for server admin access FOB Capture radius reduced to 75 meters, from 150 meters FOB spawning is no longer disabled when 2 enemies enter the radius. Instead the respawn time scales up 15 seconds per enemy in the radius. Changed the black Dead screen to a grayscale blurred out image of the map from the map camera location. Improved spawn points so that spawns have multiple positions to check for a valid spawn. This should prevent issues where you cant spawn on an otherwise valid spawn point. Improved the Admin Observer Cams controls and features, and removed a number of hud widgets when in camera mode. Reduced the bleed out rate when incapacitated and bandaged. Added per-state sounds and effects for Deployable construction Fixed the Go-Pro camera position in filming mode Added reverb effects to almost every static building Fixed an issue where the loading screen would go away too early, leading to issues where you would spawn in on the map without the terrain loaded Fixed an issue where multiple servers on the same IP would not be listed on the server list Improved performance of stamina calculations Weapons now drop and have physics when the player dies Fixed the Insurgent Shovel being held incorrectly Added Credits in the main menu, Founders will soon be added Added the ability for admins to assign squad leaders and kick squad members from a squad Shoveling a radio now adds or removes capture progress on the FOB. Shovels can now destroy deployables with right-click Fixed the radio tower so that you can no longer climb up the sloped bars Fixed server heartbeat timeouts Added ability to deshovel FOBs to help with the capture tickets
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