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Found 158 results

  1. Bulkhead Interactive a annoncé qu'il n'y aurait plus de mise à jour de Battalion1944 avant la sortie officielle du jeu prévu début 2019. Cela va à l'encontre (une nouvelle fois) de ce qu'ils avaient annoncé dans leur roadmap. Il n'y aura pas de Major Update 3 et 4. Faut donc espérer (pour eux) que le jeu soit parfait à sa sortie et qu'il sortira avec tout ce qu'ils avaient promis (mod tool, mod théâtre pour enregistrement ...). Source
  2. Update 2.5 - The Rescale Update - NOW LIVE ( source ) Today we release the update that we’ve been calling ‘Update 2.5’. This update includes many changes to the game which will help improve the overall Battalion 1944 experience in the long term. As we head towards the next large content release, Major Update 3! Players can expect Update 2.5 to be the rework, refinement and stability period of Battalion 1944’s early access development - as we gear up to add lots of new & improved features in future major updates and large content releases later this year and beyond. Please read today's full Update 2.5 changelog to fully understand all of the major and minor changes and additions to the game which will help secure Battalion’s foothold as a solid Early Access title, after Major Update 2’s great reception. With Update 2.5 increasing the game’s overall stability - as a community we can start working towards larger goals as we continue to develop the game based on your excellent feedback, aiming for a grass roots revitalisation as we head towards a strong full release next year. Introducing BattleRank Season 2 Whilst the entire XP & reward system in Battalion 1944 is being overhauled for Major Update 3 later this year, we still wanted to reward players who jump on to play the game during this period. That’s why we’ve introduced 6 NEW BattleRank weapon skins for players to unlock purely by playing the game and participating in BattleRank Season 2! Bronze - Grease Gun | Redline Silver - MP28 | Hex Gold - BAR | Snake Platinum - Gewehr43 | Cross Emerald - MP40 | Possesed Diamond+ STG44 | Retrowave (Animated Skin) The ‘Grease Gun / Redline’ weapon skin, awarded for booting up and participating in BattleRank Season 2! To recap: In BattleRank, players level up to earn rewards. Everyone who boots the game during the season will automatically be participating in this BattleRank Season and be in the runnings to race to level 50+. Every level up will award a player with a War Chest, as well as every 10 levels being rewarded with a weapon skin unique to this specific season. Important Notice: BattleRank Season 1 (Beta 2018) has now ended. Those skins will no longer be available to earn. The ‘MP40 / Possessed’ weapon skin, awarded for reaching Emerald Tier (Rank 40) during BattleRank Season 2 Character Scale & Movement Improvements We announced this a few months ago, but we wanted to remind everyone of the excellent changes that are arriving in Update 2.5. Players have always noticed something feels slightly ‘off’ with Battalion. There is an ever present issue that is the root cause for many of Battalion’s core problems. Battalion’s characters, were too small. An early mistake in development caused a knock on effect throughout the game - and Battalion’s scale issues have been punishing to your experience thus far. “Something just doesn’t feel right” “Jump height is broken” “I can barely see him!” Effectively over two years ago when we started Battalion, we didn’t respect the scale of the original blockout version of the game enough when it came to creating the 3D visuals you see today. We have spent the last 6-8 weeks recorrecting this issue and we have seen the massive benefit and knock on effect it has had on the game. Below, we have detailed the steps we have taken and the changes to both scale and movement we have made, to solve the following issues. Increase Character Scale Increased the character scale/size by 16%. This means characters are now nice and chunky, allowing for an increased feeling of solid hit registration with larger character models to plow your bullets into.. Rescale Environments We’ve modified every single doorway, window, and headshot angle to compensate for the larger character model. Classic FPS games have large window/door frames to allow 1-2 players to easily pass through - these new standardised heights have been retroactively applied to every single enterable building - making for a hitch free experience when maneuvering from indoors/outdoors. Movement Speed Slight Increase Overall movement speed has been increased very slightly so that first person doesn’t feel sluggish with the new larger character scale. We’ve also fixed previously incorrect movement values of certain weapons - meaning eco SMGs are now faster than Heavy weapons etc Overall Jump Height Reduced Jump height has been reduced significantly as an effort to combat the ridiculous looking ‘bunny hop’ third person animations that has dampened the game’s feel since launch. The new (less springy) animation makes the game feel more grounded - and less ridiculous compared to previous versions of Battalion where you would see soldiers jumping their own height around corners. The change still retains a good feel of height gain in first person - and no longer looks cartoon-like in third - whilst retaining the same 1-1 first to third person movement. Strafe Jump Mechanics Improved & Distance Increase A very common complaint we’ve received is that our strafe jump wasn’t effective enough and didn’t emulate the games that Battalion 1944 was influenced by closely enough. This unintentionally meant players who picked up the game Day 1 could manoeuvre just as well as a player who would put in hundreds of hours. To make up for the loss of overall jump height - after weeks of refinement - we’ve come much closer to what we believe are the correct values that fit Battalion 1944’s ethos as a classic shooter for the modern era. The change feels liberating and is much closer to how Battalion 1944 was intended to feel from launch day - with skilled movement and map flow now feeling smooth like butter rather than a sluggish chore. Crouch Jump Height Gain Reduced Now that vault has been improved both back in MU2 and with further vaulting improvements coming to Update 2.5 - we’ve taken the decision to reduce the legacy crouch jump mechanic in Battalion 1944. The reason crouch jump was previously so high in MU1 and earlier was the lack of a solid vault. The vaulting mechanic has since changed - making the previous crouch height unneeded. This change has the added benefit of reducing the ridiculous height gain in the third person animation of crouch jumps vs regular jumps. To replace crouch jumping - we’re adding subtle options for gaining height within the levels themselves, such as many more vault volumes, ladders and nicely laid props to enable players to move smoothly throughout the levels whilst still retaining the ability to be able to maneuver vertically when needed. Combined with the new strafe distance and overall smoother, less clunky, movement - we can’t wait to see the new spots players find with the new and improved mechanics. Landing ‘Viewbob’ Smoothed Depending on Height of Drop When landing your camera will now ‘bob’ slightly lower than previously to feel smooth when moving around the games maps, as well as giving players crucial info of how far/hard they’ve fallen. The higher you fall - the larger the viewbob. However - if players smartly and smoothly jump up to a higher surface they will not receive a viewbob or any landing sound, increasing that feeling of movement & momentum when you jump up to higher surfaces and chain skilled movements around Battalion’s maps. This improved visual viewbob affects landing in ADS, hip fire, crouch and landing into prone. Carbine/Gewehr Balance Changes After watching many competitive games, we decided that the M1 Carbine and Gewehr 43 were too powerful of a choice for a weapon worth 1 token in the core Wartide gamemode. We want players to have the option to buy a weapon on an eco round with the ability to ‘one tap’ so we chose not to change any damage/movement values of these weapons. Instead, we have made the following changes, with the intention of reducing the ‘spam’ style of gameplay, forcing players to conserve ammo more and choose their shots carefully. Carbine & Gewehr clipsize reduced to 12 Carbine & Gewehr total ammunition reduced to 36 bullets Officially Banning Macros We are officially banning the use of macros during online & offline play. We have also added a report option to our report system if you suspect another player of using macros to gain a significantly unfair advantage during online play. Please use the report function, as we do review incoming reports. Punishments will be given at Bulkhead Interactive’s discretion. Update 2.5 Full Changelog Gameplay Increased Character Scale by 16%. Increased movement speed slightly across the board. Increased Strafe Distance. Reduced Crouch Jump Height. Reduced Jump Height. Jumping off ladders now pops you slightly up and backwards away from the ladder instead of just dropping you directly down. Jumping off ladders now takes into account your direction and will push you off in the direction you are facing. Rotation on the ladder is now locked 90 degrees either side. Crosshair no longer disappears while sprinting. Weapons Gewehr 43 and M1 Carbine ammo capacity reduced to 12 / 24 Gewehr 43 and M1 Carbine overall clips reduced to 3 Slightly Increased Scope Zoom SMG Weapon Sway Increased Heavy Weapon Sway Increased Sniper Cost reduced from 6 > 5 in Wartide Gamemode: Wartide Tokens will no longer drop to the ground when a player is killed. Instead the token will be directly awarded to the player who gets the kill. Timer is now red when a bomb is planted. Bomb explosion now works based on radius, so players can no longer survive by hiding behind bricks When a player on allies decided to stay alive and save his weapons and loses the round, that player no longer receives a round loss bonus. Spectator Spectators can now zoom the radar out 100% so that they can see the entire minimap. Servers/Matchmaking Servers now write game events to a JSon formatted log file. After a game has ended, this file is moved to a game specific folder for later accessing. Implemented auto balancing that will balance players without splitting parties at the end of a game based on the whole party's performance Added a new console command so admins can grant coins to users via SteamID. Added a new console commands so admins can grant weapons and grenades to to users via SteamID. Can now use connect command to connect to a different server or reconnect to the same server without having to manually leave the game beforehand User Interface Social menu is now more integrated into the pause menu. Cleaned up the lan creation screen so that the advanced options are now categorised and have tooltips. Settings TAA now available as an anti-aliasing option. Can now select which screen the game displays on in a multi-monitor setup. Bug Fixes Enemy positions will no longer be constantly visible on the radar if the enemy swaps weapon mid-shooting. Prone block is now stronger to prevent body parts clipping through walls while prone ADS no longer bypasses the effect of prone block. Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash when defusing. You can no longer possess a bot and then select a different team, breaking the round Fixed various level up images being wrong when awarding XP at the end of a game Travelling from a LAN server to a new map will no longer do ‘wacky stuff’ (dropping you through the world, etc.). Fix for knife staying visible when quickly knifing and then picking up a new weapon. Spectator can no longer see the loadout of last person spectated when in freecam. Fix for the bomb icon showing on the top bar after a team swap. Default VOIP volumes for send and receive have been modified to prevent destroying your ears. Players wallets are now reset when a player leaves a team. Fixed a bug that causes the 'Battalion has crashed' Crash reporter to show when opening the scoreboard for the first time. Killing an enemy by hitting them in the head with a grenade will no longer show the wallbang icon in the killfeed. Weapon firing particle effects shouldn't behave strangely inside buildings anymore. Entering the training map should no longer load the game mode of a previous LAN game. Fixed steam avatars not loading when accepting a party invite after a lobby is set as non-joinable. Fixed the Grease Gun and MP28 pivoting around the trigger in the inventory viewer. Parties can now navigate through menus without being forced to the main menu whenever a party member goes there. Fixed ‘muting all’ when kicking players. Spectator loadout information side bars now work correctly in arcade game modes. Nation icons should now correctly swap when teams change sides at halftime in Wartide. The bomb should respawn correctly if a player dies outside the map bounds. CTF flags should no longer disappear with a flag carrier who leaves the game. Fixed an issue where a defuser was able to continue defusing after dying, resulting in them winning the round. Fixed matchmaking location not being updated when changed via the settings menu. Radar will now show teammate colours in Wartide in relation to the scoreboard. Possessing a bot will no longer offset the view of the weapon model. Possessing a bot will no longer allow a player to carry the bots weapons and tokens into the next round - they stay on the bot itself. Bots can no longer see through smoke! Defusing animation will no longer persist if the defuser dies due to the bomb exploding Fixed a bug where an overtime win would show the ‘round loss’ UI Fixed an issue where spamming escape in the main menus would result in getting stuck on a blank screen. Fixed an issue joining a party would pull you back to the main menu from other menu screens. Fixed an issue where the "Searching" matchmaking UI would get stuck on the screen after leaving a party that was searching for a game. Fixed an issue where party members were still in a party when they lost connection to host. Fixed an issue where drawing in the knife round would think one team had won. Fixed an issue where the ready up prompt wouldn't display correctly with how many players the server was waiting for before starting a match. Fixed an issue where weapons could be picked up through walls, ceilings and when climbing ladders. Fixed an issue with spectator where the gun of a spectated player would disappear. Fixed an issue where clicking the ok button on a dialog box during a server travel would crash the game client. Fixed an issue where the bomb would stay visible when a player is defusing, resulting in the appearance of two bombs. Fixed a spectator issue where clicking through spectated players would result in the progress wheel disappearing. XP will now only be granted as a match bonus once, preventing the exploited XP farming glitch of leaving and rejoining servers to stack match bonuses. XP will now only be awarded after the first 'direct' XP reward. An example of a direct XP reward is getting a kill. This will prevent macro farmers from being awarded most of the XP they were farming. Custom servers now explicitly say 'Experience gains are disabled' to prevent any player confusion. XP can only be gained on official matchmaking servers. Fixed an issue where first-person blood squirts would appear when another player shot near you but didn’t hit you. Fixed an issue where the vault prompt would say [spacebar] regardless of bound key. Fixed an issue causing a players avatar to flash when that player buys a weapon. Fixed an issue causing grenade markers to show for players where there was no grenade. Lean keys can no longer be used to move up and down ladders. Players in a party who lose connection to a game server are kicked from their party. Fixed the Springfield | Dragon Breath weapon skin showing as ‘Wartorn’. Bots no longer count as players on team select UI. Text chat no longer loses focus in certain situations. Swapping to defenders then swapping back to attackers in the buy phase now correctly displays the bomb world marker. Fixed an issue where players would hear the round end music if they died just before the round ended. Fixed an issue where being kicked by Easy Anti-Cheat would give you the message “Lost Connection to Host”. Fixed an issue where it was difficult/impossible to ADS immediately after stopping defuse/planting whilst using the “hold” ADS bind. Fixed an issue causing other players’ ranks to display incorrectly at the start of the game. Fixed an issue causing the game to open incorrectly into full screen when set to be windowed in the settings. Fixed an issue causing the game to open with the incorrect screen settings if the settings are edited in the players custom config whilst the game is closed. Fixed an issue causing games to load the game for the first time in 1080p even if your monitor supports higher resolutions. Fixed smokes blocking weapon pickup notifications. Map Changes & Fixes Added more vault volumes to all levels. Rescaled appropriate doors & windows to match new character scale. Fixed being able to see through various walls on Invasion. Removed invisible collision on Invasion that blocked grenades. Stopped the bomb floating on Invasion. Removed the ‘dud flag’ on Invasion. Players can no longer get onto/under the beach on Invasion. Fixed bullets hitting invisible collision on Derailed A site. Fixed players being able to lean through specific walls on Derailed. Boxes on Derailed B site no longer penetrable (this was unintended). Players will no longer get stuck in collision next to the artillery guns on Battery. Various overpowered angles on Battery removed. Removed invisible collision on Battery that blocked grenades. Fixed double spawn issue on Manorhouse V1. Removed annoyingly placed grass on Axis trench on Manorhouse V2 Players can no longer pixel walk on A barn roof on Manorhouse V2. Fixed various buildings being incorrectly culled on: Derailed, Coastal, and Invasion. Fixed various clipping issues allowing players to lean through walls on all maps. Various gaps and ‘pixel peeks’ removed. Map Changes to Savoia Thanks, we’ll see you on the servers this weekend! The Bulkhead Interactive D
  3. A major change to the Wartide economy design is coming Today we’re ready to reveal what we’ve been working on and testing behind the scenes. We are gearing up for full release in February which is now just a few months away! We wanted to start getting all those little early access bugs out the way. This has taken up a significant chunk of time from the programmers, however it's been time well spent as the game feels a lot more polished than it did 3 months ago. The complete list of bug fixes will be released on the 2.5 Update release day. Update 2.5 has a planned release date of 13th September 2018 We’ve been reading reviews, comments, and often lengthy detailed feedback posts which has lead us to make the following changes. Tokens will no longer drop to the ground when a player is killed. Instead the token will be directly awarded to the player who gets the kill. Invasion will be ‘officially’ returning as a competitive Wartide map to be used in tournaments and competitive events. Most if not all of the issues reported have been fixed, thank you to the community members who reported issues. HUD is now scalable (see video below) Weapon Sway Increased on SMG’s. The weapon sway has also been improved to be more in line with classic FPS games Weapon speed changes MP28 is now the same speed as the MP40 Grease Gun is now the same speed as Thompson Pistol speed has been increased Map Changes to Savoia Lire la suite : https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/1716323321708793945
  4. Une map en ville bien réalisée, beaucoup de maisons pour se planquer. à essayer !!!! (screens réalisés sur notre serveur)
  5. Major Update 2 - OUT NOW! (Full Changelog) - ( Source ) Yes. It's finally time. Major Update 2, the game update that we’ve been talking about for the past few months, has left beta and is now LIVE! Our main goal for Major Update 2 (MU2) was to entirely revamp our core competitive gamemode - Wartide 2.0. Along with Wartide 2.0 we’ve added huge list of new features - including a complete ingame HUD overhaul, new player models, BattleRank (free cosmetic progression system), new maps, better weapon balance, movement, LAN servers, grenade training and improved netcode - and that’s just the beginning. So without further ado, here’s the Major Update 2 changelog! Major Update 2 Core Features Wartide 2.0 - Entirely revamped & improved competitive gamemode. Introducing ‘BattleRank’ Beta 2018 - Our free seasonal cosmetic progression system. Revamped Movement System - Improved lean, jumpshot nerf, smoother movement. New Competitive Map - Savoia, Italy New Weapons - MP28 & Grease Gun. Reworked Weapon Balance - Varied Weapon Choice & Sniper Nerfs. LAN Server Support - Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode). New HD Renderer - Improved visuals take Battalion 1944 visuals into the next generation. New Matchmaking System - Increased Stability Huge Performance Optimisations - Solid 120+ FPS on most systems. New HD Sound Engine - Advanced Sound Attenuation. EXPERIMENTAL - Added Bots to fill empty server slots - Can be possessed by dead players. EXPERIMENTAL - Added Work In Progress Match Replay system (Third Person ONLY) New Competitive Gamemode ‘Wartide 2.0’ Updated Visuals & New HUD Interface with Wartide 2.0 For the past few months we’ve been incrementally playtesting alongside our dedicated community a brand new & improved version of our core gamemode, Wartide 2.0. The gamemode now revolves around a true team based economy system with solid comeback mechanics to allow for varied and interesting round to round gameplay. We’ve done away with the old card system and completely and utterly overhauled the user interface for a much more fun & polished gameplay experience. Our hardcore players have been loving the weekly beta tweaks and changes and we’ve been receiving lots of good reports we’re finally ready to share this new gamemode and push it to the live servers. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from the wider gaming audience. Wartide 2.0 Token Rewards/Expenses: Max Tokens: 12 Round Win Bonus: 2 Round One Loss Bonus: 1 Round Two Loss Bonus: 2 Round Three Loss Bonus: 3 Bomb Defuse/Explosion Bonus: 1 New Allies Weapon Costings: Grease Gun: Free M1 Carbine: 1 Trench Gun: 2 Thompson: 3 (+1) M1 Garand: 4 BAR: 4 (-1) Springfield: 6 (-1) New Axis Weapon Costings: MP28: Free Gewehr: 1 Trench Gun: 2 MP40: 3 STG44: 4 (-1) Kar98k: 5 (-1) Kar98 Scoped: 6 (-1) New Utility Costings: Frag Grenade: 2 (+1) Smoke Grenade: 1 Weapon Saving Players can now save weapons between rounds in both their primary and secondary weapon slots. This gives a large reward to players who stay alive and/or teams who win the round. This feature has massively changed the way Battalion is played - and winning an eco round rush then taking the enemy weapons has never felt more rewarding. New Map - Savoia, Italy Savoia has been designed around the idea of playing around with vertically, long sightlines and larger open areas as a departure from the default mould of Battalion’s current map design. High precision aim and map awareness have never been more important as you choose to either snipe from window to window or weave with an SMG through the italian buildings of our brand new competitive map, Savoia! Existing Maps Reworked & New HD Renderer Several maps have had both minor and major complete reworks since MU1 - and now the changes are finally going live. New HD Renderer & Performance Gains All Maps Map Changes / Reworks: Invasion Rework Changes: Manhouse v2: Added a haystack as cover to the corner of A bombsite Flattened the terrain in that same corner of A bombsite Removed the ‘boost boxes’ by mid/A barn exit Blocked certain overpowered boost spots based on players feedback Fixed some map specific bug Coastal: Improved spawn area layouts for both axis and allies. Added a new sniper building by the allies spawn for the Allies to peek into mid from a higher elevation or defend against aggressive flankers from B. Added a new enterable house on A long by the A bombsite to allow axis players to peek A long and allied players to flank around the A bombsite building. Made the ‘Byfam Antiques’ building enterable to add a quicker rotation point between B stairs & middle’s broken walls. Added a ladder to the back of the A bombsite building to allow players to enter from the top of the wooden stairs (sorry stair campers!) Updates & Bug Fixes: Derailed Aim Map Liberation Outpost Upottery Updated Minimaps As a small UI update we’ve also updated all of the minimaps to fit the new Wartide UI. Here’s the very latest top down minimap images so that players can create new callout images & strategies if you wish. Battalion 1944 Major Update 2 - New Minimaps : https://imgur.com/a/w4QRHHw New & Improved Player Models We’ve updated Battalion 1944’s first and third person player models and animations to look and feel 100x better than the previous characters in the old live build of the game. After playing with and against these new player models there’s no way we could never go back. New Weapons - MP28 & Grease Gun The famous allied ‘Grease Gun’ and Axis ‘MP28’ have been added to the game. Their role as the new default weapons of Battalion 1944 is an effective, and free, close range option to quick rush the enemy team or catch aggressors off guard. A great option when your team’s economy isn't looking too strong in a match of Wartide. Allied ‘Grease Gun’ submachine gun Axis ‘MP28’ submachine gun Full Change-Log Gameplay - (Movement & Gunplay Tweaks) Movement Changes: Reduced the amount your third person player model moves out of cover whilst leaning by 75% which will encourage angle holding and jiggle peeking. Increased momentum very slightly to create smoother general movement. No longer receive movement penalty when falling from small heights whilst not ADS to increase general movement fluidity. Adjusted acceleration to allow players to make minor positional adjustments Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps to give players who are holding an angle extra information on the enemies movement behavior. Added a ‘movement punish’ when landing whilst holding ADS. New better functioning vault Vault animation added to first person and third person Jump land punish now regenerate x2 faster when not in ADS/Scoped/Aiming (In line with COD) Lean Speed increased by 15% Fall damage reduced New walk/left/right animation (hips don’t sway, new crouch animation to follow soon) Jump ADS Punish recovery time decreased by 0.2 (now more in line with COD4) Prone Behavior Changes If a player goes to prone when moving whilst ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS. If a player goes to prone when stationary whilst ADS, they will stay in ADS. If a player tries to move whilst already in prone and ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS - unless you’re a using a scoped sniper rifle. Prone ADS bug fixed Weapons Changes and additions: Added MP 28 Added Grease Gun More Consistent Weapon Physics After Death Sniper Rifles The Springfield, the Kar98 Scoped and the Kar98 now take slightly longer to become fully scoped when transitioning to ADS. This has in turn increased the length of the inaccuracy period when transitioning between hip fire to aiming down the scope. Hip Fire / Noscope is now considerably more accurate. ADS Transition Speed increase/buff from 0.35 > 0.31 (MU1 ADS time was 0.25) ADS Move speed increase/buff from 1.0 > 0.8 Weapon Holster speed increase/buff from 0.333 > 0.233 Hip Spread Recovery Rate After Moving 20 > 32 (Explained: After you stop moving, you will see your crosshair return to the centre. This an important assisting mechanic for no scoping. Although the snipers are more inaccurate from hip than the Kar98, they recover their static hip fire accuracy almost 35% faster than the Kar98. The crosshair is 100% accurate to the area where the noscope can land. Sniper scope FOV increased Rife changes Kar98 Scoped noscope accuracy buff Heavy Weapons The BAR is now a 3 shot weapon across all ranges instead of 3-5 shots at range. The BAR ADS animation was tweaked to feel more snappy and responsive. The STG44 is now a 3-4 shot weapon instead of 3-5 shots. Both STG44 & BAR stationary hip fire accuracy slightly increased. STG rate of fire (time between shots) decreased from 0.09 > 0.11 SMGs MP40 Horizontal Recoil Slightly Reduced. Shotguns Max range damage slightly reduced. Min range damage increased slightly. Crosshair spread decreased to more accurately portray pellet spread. Reduced shotgun fire rate. Can now hold 6 shots instead of 5. Eco Weapons Grease Gun & MP28 rate of rire (Time between shots) increased from 0.13 > 0.125 Weapon Penetration Values Bomb box no longer penetrable Adjusted penetrable meshes New Sounds: Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps. New Gewehr Sound. New STG44 Sound. New Thompson Sound. New Luger Sound. New M1911 Sound. New Headshot Sound. New Hitmarker Sound. New Footsteps Sounds. New Token Pickup Sound. New Attenuation/Falloff. Adding an Ambient Sound Slider Added grenade pick up sounds. Added new hitmarker sound effect. Added new headshot sound effect. Added ambient volume slider. Added main menu music volume slider Added subtle audio occlusion. Added new in-game music for Wartide gamemode. Added new announcer voice for Wartide gamemode. Bomb Ticking now gets faster depending on time left on the bomb. Increased bomb planting sound radius. Fixed a bug where other player's Garand 'ping' would trigger at incorrect times. Player: Added new jump sound effect. Improved footstep sound effects for some surfaces. Improved taking damage sound. Weapons: Improved gun sound attenuations. Added new mechanical sound to guns when they are running out of ammo (first person only). Improved gunshot sounds for STG44, Thompson, Trench Gun, BAR, Mp40, Luger, Colt 1911 and Gewehr. Added knife stabbing sounds. Performance Gains Blueprint Navisation (drastically decreasing load times and increasing performance). Level Specific Optimisations (reducing draw calls). General Optimisations (reducing unnecessary clutter within the project). Animation Optimisation (only visible information is sent to clients). Settings/Menu Configs No config resetting More in-game config settings ini files will be locked Some restrictions on certain config settings Misc 144hz / fullscreen issue fixed (For extra assurance, make sure your Windows refresh rate is set to 144hz, not just Nvidia graphics settings, Battalion uses windows refresh rate setting when not in true full screen) Amazon servers Updated Smoke Grenade Our new smoke grenade effects are now more consistent and act as a solid visual wall to allow players to cross gaps to safely and maneuver past long sightlines with confidence... or even get a cheeky ninja defuse! Introducing Ladders! All of the above changes have been made to polish the core of Battalion 1944 before we move onto Major Update 3’s development where we will start focusing on polishing arcade game modes (FFA, TDM, CTF & DOM) and the overall user experience from rewards and stat tracking to medals and UI. Introducing ‘Battlerank’ - New Cosmetic Progression System! When looking at the list of issues with the Early Access launch version of Battalion, at the top of the list was giving reasons for players to keep playing whilst rewarding those who do keep booting up and playing for their efforts. We had these kind of changes down to be worked on ready for Major Update 3 - but we’ve decided to run a small ‘beta season’ of our new leveling system within Major Update 2 called ‘BattleRank’. BattleRank Beta Season 2018 is the first step towards making Battalion the engaging and rewarding game it was always intended to become. With every BattleRank season will come new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period. BattleRank is a system designed to reward you for playing Battalion 1944 - due to this, all players’ XP will need to be reset to make way for this new era of BattleRank. Every player who boots the game during the very first beta season will receive a participant coin and a participant weapon skin as a thanks for checking out the changes to the game during MU2. However, players who stick around past the MU2 launch will get the chance to ‘level up’ their BattleRank to higher tiers. This is done by gaining experience point (XP) by playing the game and completing matches. In the 2018 Beta Season of BattleRank, every 10 levels will reward you with a new & exclusive weapon skin that can be sold or traded on the community market. Also, every single level up will upgrade your publicly displayed BattleRank icon and also reward you with a free War Chest! Battlerank ‘beta 2018’ Exclusive Weapon Skin Unlocks These weapons can only be obtained by playing Battalion 1944 and leveling up via XP during the ‘Beta 2018’ season. These skins are tradable and marketable. Once the Beta 2018 season ends - these weapons will no longer be available to unlock. Bronze Tier (Rank 2-9) - ‘MP28 | Hazard’ & BattleRank Beta 2018 Participant Coin Silver Tier (Rank 10-19) - ‘BAR | Hellfire’ Gold Tier (Rank 20-29) - ‘Colt 1911 | Midnight Fade’ Platinum Tier (Rank 30-39) - ‘Grease Gun | CyberPunk’ Emerald Tier (Rank 40-39) - ‘Kar98k | Platinum Plated’ Diamond Tier (Rank 50+) - Animated ‘Springfield | Dragon Breath’ & BattleRank Beta 2018 Completionist Coin The diamond tier scorched earth Springfield design is the first ever animated weapon skin in Battalion 1944 that reacts to your gameplay. Reign fire upon your enemies and see your springfield rage into life as light emits from the veins of this weapon’s woodwork every time you pull the trigger. New Warchest - The Aces High War Chest Along with BattleRank - we’re adding a brand new War Chest! Say hello to the brand new 'Aces High' War Chest. Drop chances within these new War Chests are considerably improved. Therefore the chance of you receiving higher tier skins is much higher. Players will be able to unlock an ‘Aces High’ War Chest every time they level up via BattleRank. Here’s a preview of some of the new weapon skins you’ll be able to get your hands on: The ‘Chompson’ Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest The ‘Red Barron’ STG-44 Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest The ‘Axis Nightmare’ BAR Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest And many more! New & Updated Settings Menu LAN Server Support - Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode). After requests from the community we have decided to include Offline LAN server support as well as a grenade training mode. This includes a keybind for a grenade follow feature that allows you to track your grenade/smoke flight path and where it lands in order for you to work on those entry and denial stop nades. We hope you enjoy! Many aspects of the game can be tweaked from this lan creation menu - meaning it can be a bit overwhelming for new players! We’ll be tidying up all the UI for this feature before full release but for now enjoy the unlimited customisation of your LAN servers. How to enable strat mode 1] Create your LAN server with strat mode enabled and your desired map selection 2] When in your server type server.givegrenade NUMBER OR server.givesmoke 3] Throw your grenade then press your grenade follow key (default Z) to follow the grenade in the air! Use your mouse to rotate around the grenade mid flight. 4] Get creative! Eventually you’ll find some insane grenade angles to take with you into online servers like this: Experimental Feature - Adding Bots! Bots have also been a highly requested feature and we are happy to say that they now can be included into community servers to. These can populate empty spots in a server and can be possessed by dead players. Newly joining players will kick these bots and take their spots! Bots are WORK IN PROGRESS so you’ll see that they’re not very smart & will potentially have issues that could mean we remove them temporarily from the live servers. They like to follow each other in packs. One of our goals between now and full release is to be constantly improving the bot AI, so expect them to get smarter between now and full release. Experimental Feature - Match Replays (Demo Viewer) This is an extremely early version of this feature. Players can now manually record matches by pressing F4 (Default Keybind) during gameplay which will start locally recording everything that happens in a match until the replay is manually stopped by pressing F4 again. These replays can then be accessed from the settings menu from within the main menu. At the moment the replays are only in 3rd person with a very simple timeline function as a proof of concept. The replay feature will contain bugs and is likely to entirely break. Obviously this is not ideal. However, we felt it was important to push this feature into MU2 for early testing and to potentially help content creators relive awesome moments that happen during a game. The match replay feature will be improved upon with the release of the next large content update, Major Update 3 and will be continued to be improved as we heard toward full release next year. We aim to allow players to relieve entire matches from any perspective as if they were spectating them live. Please help us test this very early, yet important addition to Battalion 1944 and send us feedback via our official Discord! Summary Hopefully you guys will see the revived potential of Battalion 1944’s future after you try out Major Update 2 today - we’re committed to the future of this game and we’re not going anywhere. Want more? Major Update 3 is not that far away and will bring even more to the table to make Battalion 1944 the game its intended to be. Gallantry Budapest - The First Major Update 2 Lan Tournament The very first LAN tournament running Major Update 2 is taking place at Gallantry Budapest. 18 teams from across the globe will compete to try and take the crown from Insomnia 62 winners Team Endpoint & embrace the glory of stamping their team name into Battalion 1944’s history books as the game’s best players during this Early Access period. You can watch all the action live on Twitch, 13th - 15th July 2018. Twitch: Gallantry Twitch Gallantry Events Twitter Read More: https://gallantry.gg/ (Note: Trailer includes outdated Pre-MU2 gameplay footage from past B44 tournaments) Coming Soon After Major Update 2. Ever wanted to get into games design or show off your level design skills? Soon you’ll be able to dive into the Battalion 1944 Developer Toolkit. More info coming soon! Thanks, The Bulkhead Interactive Team
  6. Petite vidéo pour une visite de Coastal (MU2) Niveau graphique y a des progres encore des choses à améliorer
  7. The developers of Battalion 1944 have revealed that the game will be receiving a major update in the near future and announced a $50,000 Major Tournament in September. Battalion 1944 is a competitive shooter that aims to bring back the "classic" FPS feeling that games like the original Call of Duty titles brought. Initially released in February of 2018, the “Early Access” version of the game certainly came with its fair share of hurdles to overcome, but the developers have been working tirelessly ever since to create the experience that they have been aiming for since day one. One of the biggest steps towards realizing that goal will be a major new update called “Wartide 2.0” which will release in July and completely overhaul the game’s main competitive mode, add a new map, and introduce numerous other significant improvements. The new map will be called Sovoia and will be set “on the streets of Italy”. Casual and competitive players alike will surely relish the opportunity to learn a new map and gamemode when the update releases. Equally as exciting for the steadily growing competitive Battalion scene is the announcement of the first official Battalion 1944 Blitzkrieg Major Tournament which will take place from September 27th - 30th in the Netherlands and feature an impressive $50,000 prize pool. Joe Brammer, the Studio Lead at Bulkhead Interactive, commented on the learning curve since releasing Battalion 1944 and the importance of the game’s community in a brief statement about the announcements: "If launching Battalion 1944 has taught us anything, it’s that a game where anticipation is high offers a steep and very public learning curve - both for the studio as a whole, and myself personally,” “Listening to the community has been our most powerful tool and a lot of what’s in this update is based on suggestions - from improving the graphics to making certain weapons more powerful. We’ve listened, and considered, everything to try and push play forward in the way players want.” The new Wartide 2.0 mode will be showcased on Thursday, June 14th, at 20:00 BST but won’t be fully released to the public until July 12th. The stream for the showmatch between Team Brammer and Team Howard can be found below. Regardez une vidéo en direct de ThePlaysGG sur www.twitch.tv The full list of updates for the major July overhaul is as follows: New competitive game mode, Wartide 2.0, including a complete overhaul of the game’s main competitive mode Matchmaking improvements that get players in-game and firing hot-lead even faster than ever A brand new ‘BattleRank Season’ to unlock new skins by gaining XP, similar to Battlepass systems in other games, but free! - New character models - New map, Savoia, set on the streets of Italy - Complete design and visual overhaul of existing maps (added ladders!) - New weapons - Grease Gun and the MP28 - Movement rework and huge gun balance gameplay changes - sniper & jumping nerfs - New sound system (gunshot sounds react to distance away from player and if walls are blocking sounds) - Over 60 new unlockable skins through BattleRank and the new ‘Aces High’ War Chest - Visual overhaul & performance upgrades Sources : https://www.dexerto.com/...
  8. Nouveau menu pour la config et paramètres dans le Battalion1944 Exemples de réglages graphiques
  9. Savoia examined & Updated weapon physics - ( source ) Introducing Savoia and more! Some of you may have seen our previous update announcing our newest map - Savoia - coming to Battalion in June within our Major Update 2 Beta Testing Phase. Today we’re happy to show a little more of this map to you guys as well as some other stuff so we hope you enjoy! This map is a lot more open than previous maps as we have tried to move slightly away from our previous map design policy’s which retrospectively are too much like CSGO with tight chokes and close entries into the bomb sites. Savoia contains long streets and a lot more verticality as well as a ton of potential for close combat with many enterable buildings and tighter areas around the bombs sites. We hope you enjoy the new colour palette in this map too as it adds a Mediterranean feel to Battalion and could be a little more enjoyable than Northern European theatre we have previously used. Consistent Weapon Physics After Death' Whilst this feature is alot smaller than some of the other gigantic changes coming to Major Update 2 - this small change will please all players who have ever experienced the ‘where did his weapon go?’ feeling after killing an enemy player and wanting to take their weapon. Weapons will now drop at the exact point you kill a player. Falling weapons no longer fall with the momentum of the dead enemies ragdoll, but will instead drop directly to the floor. This small change brings much more reliability to the game and no more ‘bouncing’ weapons. This is an important fix for Wartide 2 where carrying weapons over to the next round and have the choice to save weapons is an important part of competitive play now. All this and more will be available in our live version of Major Update 2 on July 12th. Thanks for tuning in and see you all soon The Bulkhead Team
  10. Sources : Steam Introducing BattleRank Beta 2018 - Major Update 2 (June) When looking at the list of issues with the Early Access launch version of Battalion, at the top of the list was giving reasons for players to keep grinding and rewarding those who do keep playing for their efforts. We had these kind of changes down to be worked on ready for Major Update 3 - but we’ve decided to run a small ‘betaseason’ of our new leveling system within Major Update 2 called ‘BattleRank’. BattleRank Beta Season 2018 is the first step towards making Battalion the engaging and rewarding game it was always intended to become. With every BattleRank season (roughly every 3 months) will come new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period. BattleRank is a system designed to reward you for playing Battalion 1944 - due to this all players XP will need to be reset to make way for this new era of BattleRank. Every player who boots the game during the very first beta season (seasons will last roughly 3 months) will receive a participant coin and a participant weapon skin as thanks for checking out the changes to the game for that season. Players who stick around however, get the chance to ‘level up’ their BattleRank to higher tiers. This is done by gaining experience point (XP) by playing the game and completing matches. In the 2018 Beta Season of BattleRank, every 10 levels will reward you with a new & exclusive weapon skin that can be sold or traded on the community market. Also, every single level up will upgrade your publicly displayed BattleRank icon and also reward you with a free War Chest! Reaching the Diamond Tier and max rank (Lvl 50+) will reward you with the ‘Beta 2018 Completionist Coin’ and a season exclusive animated weapon skin that you can only obtain during this BattleRank Beta season. We will reveal these awesome skins closer to the release of Major Update 2! Introducing ‘Aces High’ War Chest - Major Update 2 (June) Along with BattleRank - we’re adding a brand new War Chest! This Warchest comes with 20 brand new weapon skins based on WW2 warplanes from the era. We can’t wait to show off the full set when we get closer to Major Update 2! Players will be able to unlock an ‘Aces High’ War Chest every time they level up via BattleRank Introducing ‘The Chompson’ Exclusive to The ‘Aces High’ War Chest Important: The ‘Aces High’ War Chest will replace the previous ‘The Original’ War Chest. If you’re missing any of ‘The Original’ War Chest skins such as the coveted ‘Grand Panther’ skin, these last few weeks before Major Update 2 will be your last opportunity to unlock these original Early Access era weapon skins. Maybe it's worth holding onto them to see if they increase in market value? Wartide 2.0 - Major Update 2 (June) Our daily development playtests have been really helping us refine the game before the release of Major Update 2 and Wartide 2 is the area of the game that has seen the most iteration from these playtests. The specific focus of MU2 has always been to refine Wartide into a truly competitive gamemode that’s both fun to both play and watch for casual and competitive players alike. However, since we added the concept of a personal wallet, we noticed the redundancy of having a shared economy pool. While cool in theory, - when playing we realised the only reason it had to exist was so that we could distribute money to players fairly, by allowing players to withdraw/deposit to the team pool as needed. The reality was it became just a race to withdraw 3 coins first - whilst actual sharing of money was done through the individual player wallet donation buttons. This made the dual currency system not only redundant - but also confusing with so much information to share between players within the 18 second buy time. Changes: The single largest key change to Wartide 2.0 from our playtests is: The removal of the shared token pool and replaced by personal wallets & direct teammate player donations only. We have decided to remove the shared currency pool where all tokens earned through in game actions were merged into one central pool. This was a system where all players could donate their personal tokens into the team pool, however they could also extract tokens from this pool to their personal wallet. We have decided to move away from this system and have introduced one where the only pool is personal and the only donations you are able to give are to other team members. By only having your own personal wallet of tokens to worry about - the gamemode is now much simpler and allows you to quickly and efficiently share cash between your teammates whilst still allowing more selfish players to hold onto their own tokens. We’re very happy with this iteration of Wartide and are very confident in this being the extremely solid foundations for the gamemode going forwards. Strategy and teamplay have never felt stronger in any iteration of Battalion 1944 than the current development build. Any changes to the mode from now on will most likely just be adjustments in weapon costs and/or reward amounts for winning/losing rounds. Wartide 2.0 - Knife Rounds The classic way to decide which team gets to choose which faction to play first has been officially added to the game. Server owners and tournament organisers will no longer have to restart servers with their own configs or trust players to not shoot one another Here’s a question for the community - would you like knife rounds to be included on official Bulkhead unranked matchmaking servers? Or should this feature only be a server config variable for community server admins? Let us know in the comments! Wartide 2.0 - Overtime We’ve now added an official overtime server config variable so that competitive players get to play multiple mr3 overtimes until one team is victorious. This avoids scenarios in tournament play where team would draw 15-15 and have to completely restart the game server. Misc Extra Additions Adding an Ambient Sound Slider You can now adjust the volume of the ambient map sounds separately from the other audio in the game through the ingame menus. You cannot turn the ambience entirely off - but this should reduce audio clutter for competitive players whilst keeping the playing field level and fair. New HD Renderer You may have noticed the visual upgrade Battalion has received? If not here’s a quick reminder: This is to do with us constantly working on improving the visual direction of the game from characters to environments to user interface - but also due to our new HD renderer which gives us way more post processing options to play with. The great thing about this is that we’ve also made it so that players themselves can tweak individual settings themselves - such as bloom/lens flare/brightness and even hue/saturation etc We’ve actually added a quick option in the video settings so that players can quickly optimise their video settings between beauty and performance presets just in case you destroy your default config! Wrapping Up That’s it for today’s development update and preview - we have more awesome Battalion 1944 news and announcements to come and we can’t wait to share it. Keep a lookout for another huge announcement coming later this week! Thanks, The Bullkhead Interactive Team
  11. New Smoke, Wartide 2 and Map changes - Major Update 2.0 ( source ) Major Update 2: Further details Update 3 New Smoke Grenades We have added a new smoke grenade effect. Taking inspiration from CSGO, our smoke is designed to effectively be a wall. Whilst it’s not the prettiest smoke, that is very much for a reason. Smoke should block your vision, as soon as we start to add in pretty features and nice graphics, unwanted behaviors begin to occur. Our new smoke is bigger and covers all core chokes in Battalion 1944 maps. The smoke grenade can be seen in action here: Invasion Total Rework After we pushed Invasion to the public we were waiting for feedback. Players had some pretty strong opinions of the map and it was by far the least favourite competitive map. So as we did with Manorhouse V2 we’ve entirely reworked Invasion using our new level design ethos. More verticality, more options, less tight chokes. So without further adieu, here is the latest iteration of our competitive map: ‘Invasion’ Invasion is still a work in progress and is likely to change slightly prior to release of MU2 As you can see, Invasion has had a pretty interesting rework. Using feedback from reddit, twitter, and discord we were able to get a good idea of what was wrong with it and how we can improve it. From our experience of playing the new Invasion, there is a place for every weapon which fits great into our new game mode. Check out a ‘run around’ of new Invasion. Coastal Changes Whilst Coastal was one of the more popular maps at launch - we’ve seen a decline in popular opinion on the map’s flow and how the map itself - whilst solid competitively - was kind of ‘boring’ and had a few core issues. We’ve made the following changes to give Allied and Axis players more options when rotating and holding certain parts of the map. Improved spawn area layouts for both axis and allies. Added a new sniper building by the allies spawn for the Allies to peek into mid from a higher elevation or defend against aggressive flankers from B. Added a new enterable house on A long by the A bombsite to allow axis players to peek A long and allied players to flank around the A bombsite building. Made the ‘Byfam Antiques’ building enterable to add a quicker rotation point between B stairs & middle’s broken walls. Added a ladder to the back of the A bombsite building to allow players to enter from the top of the wooden stairs (sorry stair campers!) Manorhouse v2 Changes We have made minor changes to the popular map Manorhouse V2 based on community member ‘Dust Moret’s’ suggestions after approving of his previous changes he suggested for Derailed. We feel Manorhouse V2 is now in a good state as a popular competitive map. Added a haystack as cover to the corner of A bombsite Flattened the terrain in that same corner of A bombsite Removed the ‘boost boxes’ by mid/A barn exit Blocked certain overpowered boost spots based on players feedback Fixed some map specific bugs with Manorhouse v2 More Coming Next Week Did you think this was the last development preview for Major Update 2? Nope! We have more development updates coming next week with even more great features and changes that you’ve been requesting these past few months. We’re hyped to share all this information with you guys ahead of the update release as every day we’re starting to see the game shape into what it was intended to be. We still have just over 6 months of development in Early Access before we head to full release on PC. A Lot has changed these past few months and whilst after Major Update 2 there will still be features and issues still to fix, this update should hopefully show our dedication and commitment to Battalion and that the future of this game is a bright one. Thanks guys and see you in the next one soon! The Bulkhead Team
  12. Major Update 2.0 Changelog - Weapon Balancing, New Sounds & Movement Tweaks ( source ) Major Update 2 Changelog - Part 1 Update 2 of 3 Major Update 2 is on the horizon and with not “too” long left to wait we’d like to start sharing our fixes, improvements, and changes. MU2 will contain a tonne of new additions as well as loads of great tweaks, balances & fixes! We think this update will really improve the experience of Battalion 1944 and dramatically improve upon certain features that were prevalent when we went to Early Access in February. This is just part 2 of the Changelog as there is so much to go through therefore we are trying to keep our updates as short and snappy as possible. Part 3 should be released tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! Movement & Weapon Balancing Reworks Our upcoming Major Update 2 combats what some players are calling “bunny hopping” in Battalion 1944. The controversial ‘corner jumping meta’ which we’ve received a lot of feedback on from both casual and competitive players is being addressed with in this update. We’re also planning on some tweaking weapon balancing based on your feedback as well as lots of nice extras, such as settings and performance increases and new weapon sounds that you guys have been asking us for! Movement Changes: Our intentions with the following movement and weapon balance changes are to reduce the strength of jumping around corners to the point of it being a calculated risk to do so, whilst in turn increasing the strength of other styles of engagements such as jiggle peaking or leaning to allow different playstyles to become viable within the game. Reduced the amount your third person player model moves out of cover whilst leaning by 75% which will encourage angle holding and jiggle peeking. Increased momentum very slightly to create smoother general movement. No longer receive movement penalty when falling from small heights whilst not ADS to increase general movement fluidity. Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps to give players who are holding an angle extra information on the enemies movement behavior. Added a ‘movement punish’ when landing whilst holding ADS. These combined changes will mean a strafing jump shot is much more of a commitment/risk when choosing to make that play. You will still be able to jump around a corner to get the surprise factor on an unsuspecting enemy but it should no longer be the best play in all situations if you need to guarantee a swift kill. We will be watching how these changes affect the meta of the game very closely. Prone Behavior Changes A small percentage of players were complaining about ‘dropshotting’ where players would go to prone as they came around a corner to decrease their chances of being hit. We’ve addressed this by re-looking at how other games implement ‘anti drop shot’ mechanics, hence the following changes: If a player goes to prone when moving whilst ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS. If a player goes to prone when stationary whilst ADS, they will stay in ADS. If a player tries to move whilst already in prone and ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS - unless you’re a using a scoped sniper rifle. Weapon Balance Changes Sniper Rifles The Springfield, the Kar98 Scoped and the Kar98 now take slightly longer to become fully scoped when transitioning to ADS. This has in turn increased the length of the inaccuracy period when transitioning between hip fire to aiming down the scope. The Springfield and the Kar98 Scoped hip fire accuracy has been decreased whilst moving. These changes are intended to evolve the playstyle of these weapons to focus more on holding angles and sight lines, instead of jumping around a corner at close range. Instead players should start using quick lean peeks to get opening picks to allow your team to take early map control. Using these extremely powerful weapons aggressively in close ranges is still a viable choice for skilled players - but these tweaks ensure other weapons may be a better choice depending on the map played & gameplan of your team. Playing a sniper aggressively carries a much higher risk than it did before. These changes can initially sound drastic and we fully expect players to be worried about their favourite weapon receiving slight nerfs within the upcoming major update, but after lots of internal testing we actually believe this is the right move for the weapons themselves and game as a whole. These changes bring the scope in/out times more in line with similar classic FPS titles. During our first play tests, we really felt the immediate effect of the changes, however when we adapted our playstyles to the ‘new’ Battalion 1944 we found that the overall game was considerably better as a result. Heavy Weapons The BAR is now a 3 shot weapon across all ranges instead of 3-5 shots at range. The BAR ADS animation was tweaked to feel more snappy and responsive. The STG44 is now a 3-4 shot weapon instead of 3-5 shots. Both STG44 & BAR stationary hip fire accuracy slightly increased. The BAR is finally receiving a well deserved buff to increase its pick rate and give the allies a much more reliable weapon choice when attacking. These changes should increase the weapon’s feeling of consistency and ‘snappiness’. We have also minorly buffed the STG44, but only to reduce the feeling of randomness of getting 5 hitmarkers at its longest engagement range. The STG44 is intentionally not as powerful as the allied BAR due to the nature of the Germans being on the defensive side. And remember, both automatic weapons can still deliver an almighty 1 shot headshot! A much more effective way of fighting with our new ‘fat head’ characters. SMGs MP40 Horizontal Recoil Slightly Reduced. The feedback we’ve received on Battalion’s SMGs has generally been positive. The one common complaint was with the MP40’s recoil pattern. We’ve decided to reduce the horizontal recoil of this weapon to be more in line with its allied counterpart, the Thompson, to allow more control over the weapon’s erratic firing nature. Shotguns Max range damage slightly reduced. Min range damage increased slightly. Crosshair spread decreased to more accurately portray pellet spread. Reduced shotgun fire rate. Can now hold 6 shots instead of 5. Shotguns in any FPS game have always been controversial. In an effort to make every weapon viable, we originally buffed the shotgun to allow it to compete with some of the other extremely powerful weapons within the game. With the changes to Wartide 2.0 meaning different weapons have different values, this no longer needs to be the case. We’ve also seen the feedback from players that in certain situations the shotgun’s communication wasn’t correctly shown to the player - creating situations where players would ‘tag’ when they felt they deserved a kill - or the exact opposite to this scenario could also happen. We’re hoping the above tweaks will help alleviate the feeling of the regularity of these situations! Weapon Penetration Values Our thinking with bullet penetration has always been trying to make it consistent in terms of communication over what you can and can’t shoot through. This meant thin metal sheets, small objects and thin wooden doors/shutters etc are supposed to be penetrable. The problem we’ve seen is that some assets slipped through and were accidently made penetrable, such as the kubelwagen. This was never meant to be the case. We’ve now adjusted these specific meshes that weren't meant to be penetrable and adjusted the damage values of penetration to feel more consistent. Also, a big change the community requested was to make the bomb box no longer penetrable which we are happy to say will be implemented into Major Update 2! You will now be ‘safe’ when planting/defusing - meaning your post plant positioning will now be very important. New Weapon Sounds! We’re adding new weapon sounds to make all weapons feel much more powerful across the board. This update will also include new hitmarker & headshot sounds to make the game feel even more responsive than before. Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps. New Gewehr Sound. New STG44 Sound. New Thompson Sound. New Luger Sound. New M1911 Sound. New Headshot Sound. New Hitmarker Sound. New Footsteps Sounds. New Token Pickup Sound. New Attenuation/Falloff. Performance Gains We’ve heard the complaints since Major Update 1 about performance dropping - We’ve been looking into multiple aspects of the game from both CPU and GPU perspective to help better optimise for high end and lower end hardware. These tweaks include us focusing onto: Blueprint Navisation (drastically decreasing load times and increasing performance). Level Specific Optimisations (reducing draw calls). General Optimisations (reducing unnecessary clutter within the project). Animation Optimisation (only visible information is sent to clients). Hopefully in Major Update 2 players should see FPS and performance gains across the board. These optimisations are ongoing and will continue all the way until release! Settings/Menu Configs Major Update 2 will be the very last time an update resets your config! Part of our new build system has allowed us to keep your configs intact for future updates - this means future smaller patches will no longer become a major annoyance every time we would like to update the game. We’re also introducing more in-game config settings as we look to enable those with lower end PCs the same ingame options as someone who would tweak their ini files externally. This change also means ini files will be locked - as all of the relevant options will be be available ingame (you’ll still be able to keep your settings config!). We’ll also be putting some restrictions on certain config settings which we felt were being abused to give an entirely unfair advantage to certain players. MU2 Release Date & Beta Test Players have been asking us to bring them in to help test the game before it’s pushed live to the world! There are 2 stages in MU2. MU2 Stage 1 - Beta: In June when we feel the build is stable ‘enough’ for testing, we will push a version of the game to our ‘Public Beta’ branch on Steam. We will not be using the Test Zone for a few good reasons, but this won’t change anything for you! To access the beta, we will distribute a code to players that can be used in Steam by doing the following: Open Steam > Right Click ‘BATTALION 1944’ > Properties > Betas > ‘enter code’ MU2 Stage 2 - Release: Throughout the Beta phase we will be watching the feedback. What we will not do is be “over-reactive” to initial feedback. The beta phase will last a few weeks. During this time we will make changes, fixes, and improvements. We absolutely expect there to be bugs. But this is your opportunity as a passionate gaming community to make an impact on a commercial video game and this is our opportunity to make our passion project commercial! By listening to your feedback we believe we can maximise the potential of Battalion 1944. We are not setting unrealistic expectations during this update, our goal is to show people what Battalion 1944 should have been at launch, but could only be possible with the extensive feedback given to us over the last 4 months. After we believe the game is balanced and just prior to the ‘Gallantry LAN event in Budapest’ we will push the release version of MU2 to the live Battalion 1944 branch. We hope you’re ready to see all these new additions in game becasue we can't wait for you all to test these changes and let us know what you think. We really hope they will really improve Battalion’s gameplay for the long term. Thanks guys and see you in the next one coming tomorrow! The Bulkhead Team
  13. New Character Models - Major Update 2 ( source ) Introducing: New Character Models! Update 1 of 3 Note: Colors/Camouflage are currently in development and may change/improve for better visibility prior to the release of MU2 It’s time for a change and we’re happy to announce we are replacing the current player models that are used in Battalion 1944. The current issue with the existing player models is that they were visually small and frail. Whilst they looked great in renders during early prototype development - the reality is their visuals didn’t transition over well once we were able to get the characters running around in-game within fully developed environments. The newly revised German and American character models are much ‘beefier’ with nice fat heads and generally a wider silhouette which will make them better suited for visibility and competitive play, as well of the added benefit of generally looking much better than the older player models. The first person arms and hands have also had a rework. The previous characters didn’t do the game justice, seeing as you constantly see the arms and hands of the character, we decided to completely rework the hands as well. Both characters now wear gloves to avoid plastic looking skin! These new Characters are also more effectively optimised. Therefore they should have a lot less of a negative effect on your FPS. This is especially relevant in Arcade as when we moved from 5v5 to 8v8 in all modes the increased character count meant less frames. You voiced these issues and we have addressed them as the effect it was having was obvious so we hope you also enjoy that aspect of these updated models too. The new character models are better all around. Visually and most importantly from a gameplay perspective. These new characters are a little ‘thicker’. They’re bulky and overweight they’ve also got pretty chunky heads! This means hit detection should feel much better. Whilst the characters backpack will not give you a hit/tag, it will give you a blood splatter. We have focused on reducing the situations where players are ‘hitting’ the player model’s clothes and not his hitbox (for example the player model’s helmet) and client side blood appears whilst not actually hitting the character. Both these new and improved character models were made completely in house by our artists. They are an updated look from the original ones whilst retaining a classic WW2 style. We think they look great and we believe they will help alleviate some of the issues that were caused by the previous player models and really contribute to improving Battalions gameplay. We hope you guys like them and enjoy both the look as well as the gameplay changes they bring. The addition of ladders We recently teased a video of ladders being added to Battalion 1944. You’ll be seeing more on this later this week! Remember: We have lots of updates coming this week as there are so many changes being introduced in Major Update 2 and we have so much information to get out to you guys so make sure you stay in the loop and keep an eye out for further updates as they will be coming pretty regularly! Thanks for reading guys and look out for the next one! The Bulkhead Team
  14. Il semble qu'ils aient enfin entendu les remarques concernant les graphismes. A voir le résultat lorsque la mise à jour aura lieu.
  15. New Map & Dual Currency - ( source ) Introducing ‘Savoia’ We are excited to announce that Battalion is now expanding its theatres to the mediterranean with the introduction of the new Italian competitive map ‘Savoia’. Savoia has an interesting development story that has grown from the passion of the competitive COD community. Mark ‘Phantasy’ Pinney started work for us as a QA Tester in our studio in May 2017. It didn’t take us very long to realize he had a little experience in Unreal Engine and a real talent for level design. Step by step we started giving Phan bigger and bigger tasks as he evolved from a professional gamer into a professional game developer. We first asked Phan to make a “Shipment style TDM level”. He gave us Coastal…. If you look at the center of Coastal you can actually see how it was supposed to play like a small 1v1 level. One day Phan showed us a ‘blocked out’ (basic design) level he made for his University Project, he originally showed us as a joke… But when we imported it into Battalion and ran around in it, Phan’s experience in COD had let him to accurately design the feel and scope of a Call of Duty style map. We decided to investigate further as our level design team started working with Phan to flesh out the map further. Then, in February 2018 we started adding art to a thoroughly designed level. You can see that transition from the passionately designed map into full blown video game environment in the gif below. Savoia has wide streets and architectured crossing points for some great sniper battles. In an effort to reduce the ‘corner jumper’ meta, we’ve added more windows, more open points and less tight chokes. We’ve also opted to push for more verticality this time. Previously some of our maps are guilty of being too one dimensional. We’re pulling away from many CSGO design principles that work for CS and making our own design rules based off of feedback from the community across all of our maps. Very soon we’ll be releasing a detailed update on the changes coming in Major Update #2 (MU2) based on the feedback we’ve been receiving over the last 3 months. This will also be our last new competitive map for some time as our art team turns their focus onto Major Update #3 (MU3) and Arcade 2.0 as well as content for full release such as the Russians! Wartide 2: Dual Currency Throughout the development of Battalion our goal has been to bring back the feeling of old school style games through the movement and feel of weapons in Battalion 1944. To progress these older titles we needed a new game mode fit for a 2019 gaming audience that was accessible whilst inclusive of spectators as well as casters. We wanted to try and encourage team work by forcing teams to ‘share currency’ in Wartide 1 and 2. Unfortunately, I think we all agree that there are too many players that are simply not interested in playing as a team. Furthermore it is totally acceptable for people to want to play a game on their own with their own strategies. However, we still want an aspect of sharing and teamwork in Battalion, therefore we are introducing our ‘Dual Currency’ system. You will now be able to have your own personal in game wallet along with a separate team pool. Individual token pickups are rewarded straight to your personal wallet whilst team efforts such as planting or defusing the bomb and loss bonuses are awarded to the team pool. You can donate an unlimited amount of your tokens to other individual players or to the teams pool, however the maximum you can withdraw from the team pool is ‘3 tokens’ per round. We hope you agree that this is a step in the right direction for Wartide 2, we will be testing this revamped competitive mode with Early Access players prior to MU2’s update. Wartide 2: Saving Weapons In the live version of Wartide, players currently are able to pick up and use enemy weapons within the round they acquired them but their weapons get wiped as the round resets. This means allied players don’t get the benefit/reward of keeping the weapons that they have picked up into further rounds, for example, allied players have no permanent way of taking a 1 shot Kar98 rifle from the other team and keeping it until the next round should they survive. With Wartide 2.0 - this is all about to change! Players will now be able to ‘save weapons’ between rounds. This means a surviving player can pickup and take secondary weapons into the next round, therefore lost rounds still have value as you can scavenge an enemy weapon and keep it for the next round to get a crucial opening pick. This will drastically change the dynamic of buying and saving weapons in the new version of Wartide and has been something players have been asking to have in competitive play for a long time now. We can’t wait to see how this singular change effects all levels of play. Arcade 2.0 For players less interested in the competitive side of the game there is good news on the horizon. We’ve started to focus our efforts more and more on what we’re calling “Arcade 2.0” a total rework and rebuild of the Arcade experience that will be going live with Major Update 3 (MU3). From incentivising play time and objectives, to building maps that are designed solely for the Arcade experience. Arcade 2.0 will be another great turning point for Battalion 1944 and really provide it’s players with a well rounded choice of ways to play. Thanks for tuning in and make sure you stay tuned we have lots of big announcements coming soon as there is loads going on over here at Bulkhead HQ. Look out for our series of Major Update 2 announcements coming including the full change log for you guys. Lots of good changes scheduled for June! Thanks again guys, The Bulkhead Team
  16. New weapons coming to Battalion 1944! Sources : Here Introducing The Grease Gun! Some of you may have already seen from Twitter or Reddit that we will be adding the M3 “Grease Gun” to Battalion’s Armory in our Major Update 2 scheduled for June. We are aiming for this weapon to act as an “Eco Weapon” and is one of two new “Eco” weapons we’ll be adding as we will also introduce one for the Axis faction that we be announced soon. Being designated as an “Eco Weapon” indicates that the Grease Gun will be a cheap automatic submachine gun and cost minimal tokens within our new competitive Wartide 2.0 game mode . This means it may not be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal but if used correctly in certain situations it can be useful to your game plan or if your back is against the wall! When we decided to add the eco class, the M3 Grease Gun seemed a good fit for the US. In WW2 it was designed to be a ‘low production cost weapon’. It’s a small submachine gun that looks like it could belong in a tank instead of a Infantryman’s hands. We hope it's fun to run and gun with in close quarters and a kill with it can be hard earned but well deserved. The Grease Gun is a low damage Submachine Gun and it’s class will come equipped with 1 smoke grenade to help provide cover for yourself and your teammates. The additions of these two new weapons will add another layer to our Wartide 2.0 competitive game mode and build upon our first iteration of it (Wartide 1). You can read more about the Wartide 2.0 update here: Disclaimer; We are currently in the process of testing and balancing these weapons so their role and price could change at some point so make sure you stay up to date with this by following our future patch notes and updates on our social media accounts. Thanks a lot guys and stay tuned for our next update where we will be announcing the Axis eco weapon, can anyone guess what it will be? What do you think the German light submachine gun will be? Sources : Here
  17. Battalion1944 : Map liberation retirée du jeu, en effet au point B , niveau de la grange on peut tirer à travers les murs, plus d'autres problèmes. Le temps que les développeurs arrangent ça, la map est retirée du jeu https://twitter.com/Brammertron/status/976321713762979840
  18. Beaucoup de modifs dans la map Battery Plus obligé de rester dans les tranchées, on peut accéder à pas mal d'endroits en hauteur... ça change la map dans le bon sens, plus agréable
  19. Voici quelques bugs "texture" trouvés sur ManorHouse V2 Je l'ai remonté : http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/9676-manorhouse-v2-little-bug-with-textures/
  20. Sources : http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/1675774437612961631 MAJOR UPDATE #1 It’s time for our first major update! We’re pleased to say that Early Access has been a great decision for Battalion 1944! This major update contains huge changes to Battalion entirely based off of player feedback. The type of feedback you can only get by taking advantage of Early Access. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for spending time giving us the critical feedback AND testing that Battalion very clearly needed. “There is only so much you can test with 20 people in an office! Any developer will tell you that time is the most valuable thing in game development. I’d like to thank you personally for giving us your time and making Battalion a more stable, balanced, and more fun game to play.” - Joe Brammer / Studio Lead For helping us test, improve, and fix Battalion 1944 through its first month of Early Access, we’d like to reward all of the players who purchased the game in its first month, 5 War Chests, that will be available in your inventory from March 8th. We have been constantly working on fixing and improving core Battalion features. We have been releasing almost weekly updates to continually improve upon our product to make it the best experience possible for you guys. Today we are able to give you guys our first huge content update - with more news updates coming in the near future. This update contains new maps, reworks of existing maps, weapon balancing, A LOT of crash fixes, performance improvements, major network fixes, sound improvements, match making changes, XP increases and gamemode changes and teasers! Wartide Retired - Temporary Changes We’ve heard your feedback on the Wartide gamemode - we fully understand the mode’s potential and what must be done to reinvent the gamemode, as we’ve hinted at before. We will be returning this summer with Wartide 2 which uses ‘a form of currency’. In the meantime we’ve temporarily changed how Wartide works whilst we remaster the mode. Our goals and reasoning for the temporary change is to try and balance the weapons perfectly by giving players the ability to pick almost whatever they want The largest issue with the gamemode was that making a comeback was extremely difficult, even with the power of the default class in the right hands. As a temporary measure, we’re making all weapon classes (bar the most powerful SMG & Sniper classes) unlimited. This is to keep the losing side in the game & allow more player choice. As a side benefit - unlimiting weapon classes also helps us study every classes perceived value to players - which will help us decide on classes worth within the future revamped Wartide gamemode. The grenade pool has also been removed in favour of grenades being tied to classes. Temporary Weapon Class & Nade Breakdown: Rifleman - 1 Smoke, 0 Grenade, Unlimited. Pathfinder - 0 Smoke, 0 Grenade, 3 cards per team. Heavy - 0 Smokes, 1 Grenade, Unlimited. Marksman - 0 Smokes, 0 Grenade, 3 cards per team. Operator - 1 smoke, 0 Grenade, Unlimited Utility (Default) - 1 Smoke, 1 Grenade, Unlimited Please remember that these changes are only temporary whilst we completely overhaul the actual wartide gamemode over the next coming months. NEW MAP - Invasion (Used for both Competitive & Arcade) This new map is, you guessed it, located on a Normandy beach and it will consist of the Allies attacking the Axis through their defensive bunkers and buildings to achieve victory! This map contains a balance of long routes which will be great for sniper duels intertwined with smaller spaces that promote close quarters combat. You’ll have to manage your utility usage as a team as well as manage your full arsenal to exploit the advantages and weaknesses of both bomb sites. As with all maps during Early Access - this is Invasion’s first iteration ready for testing. We’re not afraid to change maps based on your feedback at all and we have been looking at all posts and opinions regarding changes. This leads us onto the next huge content changes within this update: Map Changes: Liberation: New & improved lighting. Opened the broken barn & windows inside of Bombsite B. Manorhouse v2: New & improved lighting. New “A long” area to allow for more tactical nades. Opened barn door by A site which looks into A long. Shortened axis main road into an L shape that leads to mid. Closed route by crashed plane. Reworked main entrance to A from mid. Closed mid connector barn. Re-opened mid trench by adding a new ‘drop’ into the trench. Widened mid trench & added cover. Added new skill jump out of mid trench into mid. Reworked B long. Closed the broken wall angle from trench/wooden to B long. Opened & reworked the apple gardens area behind B house. Moved fountain into apple gardens. Reworked B bombsite layout to be less claustrophobic. BatteryBattery has received a lot of TLC this update as the most unloved map from both a player and developer standpoint. This map was never aimed to be a competitive map - hence the lack of love given to it compared to some of our other maps. But this is something we’ve begun to act on internally, starting with improving casual maps. More to come on our casual progress in future updates.Battery’s upgrades have improved player movement and added other possibilities within the map. This has been achieved by removing a lot of the annoying "Invisible Walls" that players would often feel when playing on it. With these new changes hopefully the sections of the map that are still untraversable will be better telegraphed to the player. This should feel much more liberating and give players much more freedom to be creative during firefights.General gameplay improvements have also been made to the map adding a sense of verticality in places, with more objects and interesting areas to play around. We've also opened up new routes and made new and improved sites for TDM/CTF/DOM and of course Wartide if that’s what you want to play! Updated Mini Maps:Remember the CS:GO simple radar inspired minimaps from Battalion’s Alpha?We have made those even better. These mini maps take a long time to develop - and as our map layouts have become a little more concrete, we’ve been confident to be able to remaster the mini-maps for you guys. These will make key areas highly visible and remove the clutter from the maps to allow you to figure out player positions and map layouts easier. Gameplay Changes: Thompson & MP40 Changes: Maximum bullets to kill at furthest range reduced from 11 to 10. 2 shot kill range is now significantly shorter. XP/Reward Amount ChangesWe’ve changed the way XP is rewarded so that you’ll be rewarded more for playing the game adding the ability to level up faster and gain free War Chests more regularly. Players will now reach level 10 (competitive minimum rank) much quicker! In some cases players will now earn 4 times the original amount of XP. The new XP reward amounts are as follows:Competitive -GameWinScore = 1500xpGameDrawScore = 900xpGameLossScore = 500xpUnranked -GameWinScore = 1200xpGameDrawScore = 700xpGameLossScore = 450xpArcade -- DominationGameWinScore = 600xpGameDrawScore = 350xpGameLossScore = 200xp- CTFGameWinScore = 600xpGameDrawScore = 350xpGameLossScore = 200xp- TDMGameWinScore = 600xpGameDrawScore = 350xpGameLossScore = 200xpServers/NetcodeCheck out Battle(non)Sense’s video on Battalion 1944’s Netcode: Whilst his review of our netcode is positive - we’ve taken steps towards improving on his feedback and this is the first step towards improving Battalion 1944’s netcode even further. Improved interpolation netcode to reduce the effect of peekers advantage of high ping players. Network alteration to movement replication. Added hidden functionality for client UI network icons (icons coming soon). Added SEA servers. Merged NA servers into one location (Chicago - Temporary during Early Access). Removed South American servers due to low player counts. Removed hidden ELO score from unranked/arcade games. Competitive Matchmaking will find other players faster in populated regions. We’re fully aware that matchmaking is not in an ideal state right now - we have plans to improve all players’ experience both during Early Access and for full release. We have some huge information to share in our next big news update about a partnership deal that will be great for Battalion 1944’s future. Thanks for sticking with us as we move through this temporary period. Many of you may have seen us alluding to working with ‘Faceit’. We’d like to inform you that it is much more than that!Spectator Smoke grenades now have the same particle effect trail as grenades in spectator. Spectators will now always hear round win music at the end of a round. Spectator player colours on the minimap now follow xray / status bar colours (blue/red). Spectators should now see +5 +10 kill rewards when spectating players. When using autocam - we’ve inflated a player action score if they are the last person left on their team. It's most likely that this person is the most exciting player to watch for clutches with the odds stacked against them. Small fix for spectators in dedicated comp games seeing everyone on the minimap as their unique colours instead of nation colours. Weapon animations are more synced with spectator. Specifically weapon reloads & grenades. Fix for spectator auto camera causing FOV iron sight issues. Auto camera now plays death cam on dying spectated players instead of instantly switching to the killer. Misc Additions Added AFK/Idle auto-kick. Added profanity filter. Added Manorhouse V1 loading screen. Added player setting to adjust minimap zoom level. Improved VOIP stability. Added brightness/gamma settings. Fixes Fixed some code inconsistencies which would cause certain clients to crash. Fixed div0 error causing 3D weapons to not show on the inventory screen. If a warchest fails to open - error message has changed from "Please contact support." to "The War Chest has not been taken. Please try again." when failing to grant a skin. Fixed spectator memory leak causing client to crash (sorry Blitzkrieg!) Fixed the social voting menu always disappearing after death/between rounds. Fixed up certain redirectors and removed corrupted assets (in preparation for modding). Fixed a possible crash on bomb defusal. Fixed bomb defuse/plant getting locked out if a player moves outside of the bombsite bounds while attempting either action. Fixed the ability to view a players steam profile from the social menu. Fixed minimap markers being upside down when the setting ‘Fixed Map Rotation’ is enabled. Fixed second bomb spawning when planting or defusing in bomb mode. Fix for killfeed incorrectly making players other than yourself white. Potential fix to third person automatic weapons occasionally not making sound. VOIP - No longer receive UI notifications from players who are muted. Training is now disabled if you are in a party (this caused matchmaking issues). Only enabled texture streaming off by default if VRAM > 3GB. Fixed surrender votes occasionally failing after round 12. Note: If you’re continuing to experience hard crashes please post a bug report in the Bug Reporting section[forums.battaliongame.com] of our official forums detailing exactly what happened alongside your PC specs and as much potentially useful information as possible. If you work with us and provide us with as much detail as you possibly can to help us figure out the root cause of the issues then we can better tackle and solve these problems in future updates. Quick Note On Playerbase, Marketing & Our Plans You may have noticed we’ve dramatically slowed down on marketing and pushing the game to streamers, new sites and new players (quick example: opting out of Square Enix’s latest publisher weekend promotion). This is our decision. Your feedback has been amazing in helping us identify the core issues with the game - which was the exact reason for us entering Steam Early Access.Keeping a core small & hardcore playerbase who keep dropping in/out during early access to help us test and give feedback on the game has always been the plan for early access, with much bigger explosion at full release. However, the launch hype train and a drastically larger early access launch than expected clouded most players view of our actual intentions of growing a small community from the ground up as we develop the game together.We will have a much larger written update coming soon regarding this entire concurrent player base ‘issue’ that players outside of the core Battalion community have become increasingly obsessed over. This coming update will fully detail our plans for this year, how we intend to improve the short term experience for all players trying to find other players as well as long term plans to grow as we head towards a huge content and media explosion at full release next year.This should help alleviate the concerns for our hardcore fans who are worried about the brain dead ‘dead game’ comments from uniformed players who can’t see more than 1 week into the future. We’ve landed some huge partnerships, big content plans and exciting developments ready for full release next year. Offline LAN Server Support Delayed Offline LAN support has been delayed as we need more time to work on this feature. We’ve been committing our time to other places, as you can see! Sorry! PC Support for Travelling EU Teams at Blitzkrieg Open Championship On March 7th Insomnia & The Plays will be announcing a hardware sponsor for The Blitzkrieg Open Championship specifically for EU teams travelling to the UK. This service will be free and specifically for teams travelling from outside the UK. Whilst it’s late, we saw an opportunity to help a partner and our players. The Blitzkrieg Open Championship is enabling the developers, tournament organizers, and future sponsors to see Battalion 1944 in a competitive offline environment. To avoid any major issues when a significant prize pool is on the line this summer, it is an important milestone for us. We ask for your support.Information for team applications:In order to apply for free PC’s for your team, first make sure you meet the following requirements: Confirmed full EU teams representing organisations only You are competing in the Blitzkrieg Open at Insomnia62. To apply:They must also sign up to the tournament (link found on this page: http://ukmasters.gg/insomnia62/) PC Specs Processor: Intel Core i5-8600K Coffee Lake CPU, 6 Cores, 3.6 - 4.3GHz CPU Cooler: Chillblast 120 CPU Water Cooler Motherboard: Z370 Gaming Motherboard Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB Graphics Card Memory: 16GB DDR4 Memory Solid State Drive: 250GB Solid State Drive Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB 7200RPM Hard Disk Monitor: Asus 24” VG248QE MonitorThe sponsor will not provide the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset)Email us at esports@game.co.uk to apply for your team and we will chat with you directly.Last date for applications will be Thursday 15th March and you will be informed if you are successful within 24 hours of application. Brammertron’s War Chest Wednesdays Tomorrow night at around 7pm UK time Brammertron will be live on Twitch playing Battalion with KingHoward, Big Tuna and other Bulkhead developers as well as talking directly to you guys by doing a live Q&A. This gives you guys a chance to talk directly and openly with our studio lead about the March 8th update and Battalion’s future. Brammer will also be dropping Warchests whilst on stream! To Conclude: We hope this update provides some useful additions as well as some helpful tweaks and bug fixes. We want to thank you for buying into Battalion 1944’s Early Access testing period, we appreciate all your feedback and patience. Please remember Battalion 1944 has been in Early Access for just over 1 month. We are with you guys for the long term and we are working hard to get the game prepared for when we aim to explode out of Early Access into full release and bring new players into the game.Remember: This client update will launch on the 8th March, 2018.Happy fragging - more updates coming soon!The Bulkhead Interactive Team.
  21. Pour ceux qui ont des crashes persistant sur Battalion1944 (qui plantent le jeu), voici une solution qui peut, peut-être, résoudre votre problème. Dans C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Battalion\configs\presets\default.config Modifier : "textureStreamingEnabled": false, par : "textureStreamingEnabled": true, Il s'agit d'une solution proposée par des joueurs sur le forum officiel. Je ne garantie pas le résultat. C'est à tester. Il est possible que cela fonctionne pour certains et pas pour d'autres. Merci de faire un retour, si cela a marché ou non.
  22. Voici comment gérer ses fichiers de configuration : Après une mise à jour, il peut arriver que votre dernier fichier de configuration ne soit plus disponible via le jeu car de nouvelles fonctions ont été ajoutées au jeu mais votre config est toujours présente sur votre disque. Du coup, après de nombreuses MAJ vous risquez d'avoir un grand nombre de fichier. Après avoir configurer une nouvelle fois vos touches, rendez-vous sur : C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Battalion\configs\custom (adapter le chemin en fonction de votre installation) Supprimez tous les fichiers customX.config dont vous n'avez pas besoin (X = numéro de version du fichier) sauf le dernier. Renommez le custom25.config (25 est un exemple) et renommez le en custom1.config Éditez ensuite le fichier current.txt qui se trouve dans le dossier "configs" et remplacez custom25 par custom1 --------------------------------------- Une autre solution consiste à changer le numéro de version dans votre dernier fichier de configuration pour qu'il soit disponible dans le menu settings. Pour cela ouvrez votre dernier fichier de config "custom25.config" pour garder l'exemple ci-dessus) Aller sur la deuxième ligne et changez la valeur de version number pour attribuer la valeur actuelle (à l'heure où j’écris ces lignes il s'agit de la version 14 ) Enregistrez les modifications Lancez le jeu et rendez vous sur "Settings", vous devriez retrouver votre version custom25 dans le menu des settings. Modifiez ensuite les nouvelles valeurs en fonction de vos besoins.
  23. New Client Update, Competitive Goes Live, and Server Plans ! ( source ) Competitive going live! So it’s nearly time! We know a lot of you have been waiting for our competitive game mode to launch officially and now we can announce that Thursday 15/02/18 our War Tide Game mode will go live. It will be at some time during the day. There will be around 10 mins of outage time whilst we restart and deploy server + matchmaker updates. This means all players will need to update their clients to play. The update is planned to go live on Thursday 15th February 2018. Players rank 10 and above will be eligible, please bare in mind that a user interface bug has meant that some players haven’t been shown their real rank and therefore don’t believe that they are at the rank 10 and eligible to play Competitive. However we are deploying potential fixes for these issues during this weeks update. New Competitive Ranks It is worth noting that we have updated our competitive ranks since we announced them. We have altered them based on community feedback to make them more appealing, eye catching, readable & consistent. Here’s the updated list of ranks we will be having when Competitive launches this Thursday. Changelog: Improvements We have added a new run animation. Previously the third person run animation was very flat/horizontal. You’ll now notice that the character kicks his feet up a lot higher now. This is to help improve visibility of players in fast/high intensity situations. It will also help slightly improve visibility when jumping. Future Server Plans & Intentions Over the past two weeks we’ve been learning how to manage our server locations. There has been a huge amount of requests for matchmaking support in South East Asia, as a result of your communication with us. We will be adding servers in the SEA region in March. We made a mistake of separating NA players between 3 regions, our server code does not choose the best location for the players. The server predetermines where to go. As a result, we will be removing Central/East and merging them together to servers in Chicago, again in March. This will also show a boost in player numbers. Bug Fixes: Potential fix for XP displaying correctly on the endgame UI. Potential fix for crash on startup. Numerous Spectator Improvements. Picking up a dead player’s weapon now correctly displays the dropped weapon skin of the dead player and not your own skin. General server stability fixes. Texture Streaming: To help combat load times on lower end PCs - We’ve set texture streaming to be default ON for players who own graphics cards with less than 3GB vram. If you have a 3GB+ card texture streaming will be set to OFF for a smoother gameplay experience whilst in-game. Our art team are actively optimising their work. Addressing Players Fears We wanted to address a recurring post from players. Recently, players have been given the ability to view concurrent players on SteamDB and SteamSpy. We regularly use these websites to get gauges of how other games are doing as well. However, if not used correctly they can be damaging to potential successful games. Players who feel they need to post ‘dead game’ on a game that hasn’t been in early access 2 weeks, are certainly jumping the gun. It is counterproductive and frustrating to see, especially in the face of so many updates from the dev team and when to game developers the concurrent players we do have are actually very high for an Early Access title 2 weeks out. Comparing day 1 concurrent players to day 14 is not representative of a games future. Battalion has lined up to announce: Multiple LAN tournaments with 5 figure prize pools (TBA VERY SOON) Free Weekend New Maps (Again very soon) New Gamemode (Requires this dedicated community to help balance) Clanwars (Now backed by a new partner) Full Release with more maps & content (2019) If you’re playing Battalion 1944 now in Early Access you should be playing for the following reasons: To practice and get a head start on the Battalion 1944 major competitive events To help design and balance Battalion 1944 To help the developers find and fix bugs or issues Early Access is a time where developers can release new content to players with a safety net. It is not a finished game. This is the reason we chose to make our game £10.39 at launch. A very modest price for a game with a lot of potential. After Early Access we intend to increase the price to suit that of a finished, fully functioning game with minimal issues.. And we think that's fair. At this time we'd like to link to one of our more popular comparisons CSGO, which started with 20,000 concurrent players and 10 years of a pre-existing game! With the work from their devs and the community pushing the game. CSGO grew into what it is today; http://steamcharts.com/app/730#All Battalion's player numbers were always going to go down after the first day, but by relieving the financial pressure from trying to hit targets after we smashed our expectations, we can now solely focus on turning Battalion into a long term success. Please also remember games like PUBG are an anomaly and are not examples of long term sustainable success! Let us know what you think in the comments! Thanks for your continued to support! We’ve got some huge announcements coming over the next two weeks but for now lets enjoy playing Competitive Battalion 1944 and enjoy the grind! Hatton's Highlights, check out some great frags from the last week!
  24. Week 1 Update & Pushing Back Competitive Play - (source ) Tomorrow we’ll be releasing our big ‘Week 1 Update’ with a host of balance changes, quality of life changes and small bug fixes that’ll increase the stability and enjoyability of the game. There will be around 10 mins of outage time whilst we restart and deploy server + matchmaker updates. This means all players will need to update their clients to play. The update is planned to go live between 16:00 and 17:00 GMT. We will also be delaying the launch of competitive play. You can read more about this further down within this update. Week 1 Update Changelog - Going Live Tomorrow Features Added ingame VOIP functionality. Added function to mute individual players via the social tab after pressing ESC. Added menu setting to entirely disable VOIP. Maps Collision fixes to prevent certain overpowered boost spots on competitive maps. Collision fixes to prevent areas players could get out of the playable area. Fixed certain spots where players could lean through walls for information. Fixed certain collision volumes affecting grenade bounces Server Browser New Feature: Filter servers by server name, player count, map, mode and ping. New Feature: Search for servers by name New Feature: Hide locked servers. Bug Fixes Players will no longer ‘fatal error’ to desktop mid game when a player is killed on the same frame a grenade is released from another player’s hand. Matchmaker Improvements - Players should see less "loading into a game then being taken back to the menu" errors. Skins can now be seen in community servers. The launcher now quits immediately after successful launch to save system resources. Heavy Weapons Buff BAR New BAR ADS sight allowing for better visibility and aim potential. Damage falloff decreased - now takes 3 to 4 bullets to kill instead of 3 to 5. Decreased time before BAR ammo refills when reloading to allow fast reloading of the BAR. STG44 STG44 can now 1 shot headshot. Pushing Back Competitive Play We’ve been hearing the reports of regular crashes. Whilst this is expected for an Early Access game and we have fixed many of the fatal error crashes, this is not acceptable for a competitive environment. This is why we’ve decided to delay the competitive mode launch. The goal of this delay is to fix 50-80% of the regular crashes that occur during general play. We can’t just fix the game magically overnight - this stuff takes time, which is why we’re pushing back the launch of competitive play. Luckily after the fixes If players do crash out - you will have the option to reconnect back into the same match. This is to reduce the annoyance of crashing out of a competitive game. However - if players just decide to rage quit a game in progress they will be banned from competitive play for a period of time. You won’t have to wait too long - we’re still looking at getting competitive matchmaking to you guys asap - we’re just giving ourselves more time to get to the game into a state we feel is acceptable for competitive play for a Steam Early Access title! We’ll have more updates on this soon. Blitzkrieg Battle EU Tournament Week #2 On Saturday 10th February ‘ThePlays’ will be hosting another Blitzkrieg Battle Tournament. Make sure to sign your team up now if you want to be in with a chance of breaking into the early competitive Battalion 1944 scene without the need of matchmaking servers. Check out this B site execute on Liberation by the week 1 tournament winners, The Ocelots! https://clips.twitch.tv/SlipperyDarlingArugulaStinkyCheese Full VoD: Blitzkrieg Battle NA Sundays ThePlays are looking for NA tournament organisers! https://twitter.com/OnFireMoses/status/960637924730695680 They’re looking for some solid, reliable folks to help report matches and coordinate with the broadcast team every Sunday from 2PM Pacific. If you’re interested in helping them out - make sure to DM ThePlays official twitter account. Thank you so much to our players for your continued support. We look forward to reading your feedback. The Bulkhead Interactive Development Team.
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