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  1. Not really sure but I wasn't trying to be provocative if it came off that way I apologise. I'm hundred per cent sure it was a kick I have experienced loss of connection and It's different from a kick by an admin. No reason was given and I'm not sure how your logging works so I can't really comment on that. If I'm wrong I accept the punishment I do not complain my last ban on the server was from using too many resources as I was not aware how the server resources worked last year and I didn't play for 2/3 months (More accurate dates might be in your log) because I didn't know how long my ban was so I started playing a different game in that time. I only started playing a few weeks ago and now know a lot more but I'm still learning. The spam kick was from me not understanding how that chat worked because every time I talked no one responded then I realised I'm in the wrong channels one of the admins explained to me how the chat channels work then I got to know everyone and talk to players in the server and this was only a week or two ago. Other than that I follow rules and try my best to have fun and not ruin it for other players. I just would like to know if I'm not being targetted by any admins if they have a problem with me then come and solve it if you wanna resort to abusing your powers then that is unfair. I'm just trying to enjoy the game and have fun like any other player but if I'm getting kicked for no reasons then I have the right to be upset and call them out on it. As this was my first multiplayer server in Arma3 and I really enjoy playing here so I will put up a fight in my defence if I'm being wronged.
  2. That is me keeping my cool if I was mad I would have insulted everyone and quit the server. How is me saying I am upset and wanting a reason on why I got kicked not a right way to approach it. What were you expecting me to do? Beg for forgiveness for doing nothing wrong? And I have read the rules, what I am asking is why I got kicked for no reason? I was following the rules and I was joining the fight on foot as a medic but before I reached I had gotten kicked with no reason. Yes, I used Steam to sign up on here.
  3. This is the only server I like to play in and I find it upsetting that I get kicked for no reason at times. Like today at 07/02/2019 around 19:05 I was kicked when the map is new and all I was doing were running to the front lines as a medic and I get kicked. Fair enough you guys kill me when I accidentally don't hear or see the map information when using helicopters because I didn't look at the entire map and you wanted me to go somewhere but when I start getting kicked for doing nothing wrong there is a problem and I want to know why I'm being kicked for doing nothing wrong. I was wanting to donate because It was a nice server and thought it was a fun community but the more I play the more it seems I'm wrong. If you want to perm ban me for playing the game by the rules go head I'll just have to find another server similar to this one.
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