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  1. I terribly apologize for using the resources. I completely understand that I was abusing that and I am sorry. I was saying "Sorry, I can't help you" because I translated something from side channel into something along the lines of "I need a Medic!". I realized after I said the message that I can't help that it was the automated process and didn't really think to reply saying never mind. I also deeply apologize with crashing into the FOB. I just bought Apex yesterday and was trying to land the aircraft next to the base but it does not turn very well so I ended up touching the tower and instantly exploding. I thank you for your feedback and support and hope to see you in 4 weeks. Je vous remercie!
  2. Hello. My name is Alex and my in game name is Alic. I was just banned on your amazing Tanoa Liberation server. The reason was simply just "troll". I felt extremely confused and offended when I saw this message and do not feel that I did absolutely anything wrong except say "I only speak English, sorry" in french. Which turned into "Je parle seulement anglais. Pardon". I did take French for 3 years however I only learnt basic phrases and do not recall all of what I have learnt. I did not see a ban appeal thread on this forum so I will just go ahead and make one for this post. I do not recall the Admin's name however I spawned a helicopter and nobody seemed to mind. I dropped a load of AI troops off and came back to base. I then landed and started getting yelled at by someone in Side channel. It was all in French so I did not understand any of it except a few words that made no sense. I then said the phrase "Je parle seulement anglais. Pardon" in side channel in a response. I then thought that he might be saying that I should move because I am in the way. I then got into my chopper and began turning on the engine. I then get Admin Banned for "troll". It makes me so angry because I did absolutely nothing wrong and feel offended to be banned for no reason! I was using google translator for the translation but I put the phrase through the translator twice just to make sure that it was right. Name: Alex In-game name: Alic Country: United Kingdom Game: Arma 3 Server: [FR-NGBC]NotGoodButCrazy Tanoa|www.notgoodbutcrazy.eu Liberation 0.924[NGBC] Ban Reason: "troll" Why should you get unbanned?: I feel that this is an unjust ban and I should not have been banned in the first place. I have explained the exact story above with no alterations from what I saw with my perspective. I really enjoyed the server with my short stay and feel offended by how I was banned for doing nothing wrong. I have only just bought the Apex DLC and this has completely ruined it as this is the only good Tanoa Liberation server that I can find as of current. References/Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795169443
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