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  1. Ah okay, when I tried to join it didn't say it was a temp ban, it just appears as i've perm. They pretty much are mate. They way it's said gives it the same meaning. Ty for assistance anyway.
  2. Sorry, my in game name is "trundley". I was talking to a admin earlier on the Tanoa server and he says it might have been because I got pretty salty and started swearing that the guy TKing us with the jets.
  3. Hello gents. Last night I was playing on Altis Liberation alongside 5 other people (Morrison and Langer I think) and after contacting an admin to sort out some teamkilling issues we played as normal. When i've tried to rejoin the server today i've been instantly kicked and banned for bad language? I've had zero official warning on whatever issue has got me banned and it looks like I was banned whilst I wasn't even online. One of the NGBC Admins I was playing with yesterday tried to call me out on asking if someone was nuts (meaning are they crazy) and tried to tell me I'd get banned for it, even though that's not bad language. I apologised anyway and nothing came of it. I just want to know what's going on and if I can get unbanned, loved playing on these servers. Ty.
  4. Admins. The Liberation has been completed after nearly 5 days. The server seems to require a restart before we can start a new mission.
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