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  1. Meilleurs voeux 2019 !!

    Ma petite famille et moi, nous vous souhaitons tous nos vœux pour la nouvelle année 2019
  2. Bonjour à tous, voici un nouveau jeu qui viens de sortir en ALFA
  3. nouvelle mise à jour Alpha 12.1 Patch Notes 9 DÉCEMBRE - GATZBY Hey soldiers, We've been working on getting the most heinous issues beaten in Alpha 12 and we're happy to present the patch notes for the 12.1 patch! This update addresses a number of issues, but first and foremost would be the slow/no load issues that popped up with Alpha 12. That's not all, though: there's plenty of tweaks and fixes for everyone. Let's check 'em out: Patch Notes Systems Large number of optimisations to foliage and UI texture sizes and streaming in of textures. Optimised audio assets and sound cue variations in order to have a much lower memory profile. Reduced individual .PAK file sizes by breaking the large content .PAK files apart into smaller chunks, which speeds up loading into the game as well as installing updates from Steam. As the file structure has been changed, this patch will be quite large. Performance optimisations to the Squad Leader order widget. Performance optimisations to the main menu map. Removed player collision interaction on infantry ammo bags. Tweaked the first person offset to closer match where the head and eyes are in third person when leaning left and right. Unified the sub role drop-down interaction style across all role selection modes. Increased Steam connection timeout from 60 sec. to 120 sec. Updated layering of icons on the map. (Top to bottom: Spawn Points, Infantry, Vehicles, View cone, FOB Radio, Capture zone flag, Deployables, HABs, other Map Markers) Vehicle Gameplay Turret damage has been implemented to all closed turrets. Should a turret take damage, the damage will be passed on to its parent vehicle. In addition, if a turret is below 50% health the turret will begin to suffer a penalty in its maximum turn speed. The more damage taken, the more severe the penalty. Stabilised turrets also suffer by having its stabilisation disabled below 50% health. A cracked screen will appear when turret health is below 50%. Repair tools will be able to repair its health up to 25%, requiring vehicle crews to take their vehicles back to a repair station to restore full turret functionality. Open turrets like MAT-V .50cal turrets or Technical DSHK are not affected by this change. WSAD keyboard controls now can control traverse and pitch of all vehicle turrets with the exception of the KPVT, NSV-T, PKT turrets, and open turrets. Fixed an issue in the physics code gear mapping preventing the 6th forward gear on vehicles to work correctly and made sure RPM thresholds for shifting out of neutral gear are being respected, making driving up slopes in first gear much more manageable. AT-4 HEAT projectile set to use Heavy Anti-Tank type damage. Increased AT-4 HEAT armor penetration capability from 350mm to 500mm. This is a temporary placeholder change to the AT-4 to give the US and GB factions an infantry HAT weapon system. When the actual GB and US HAT weapons are implemented, the AT-4 projectile specs will return to their original "light/medium" AT role. Damage tweaks to guided missiles and rockets: Trucks: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning MATV/BRDM-2: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning BTR, MTLB: 1 TOW to burning, 1 HAT + 1 LAT to burning IFVs: 1 TOW to burning Slightly decreased .50cal's armor penetration capability at medium (100-800m) ranges. Made unarmored vehicles slightly more resistant to 25mm/30mm Autocannon High Explosive ammunition. Increased Heavy Anti-Tank rocket armor penetration capability from 630mm to 900mm RHA penetration. Light Anti-Tank standardised to 320mm RHA penetration. Simplified armor distribution on the BRDM-2. Tweaked camouflage netting on the M1A2 Abrams woodland cannon to not be as visually obtrusive from the gunners point of view. Reduced armor thickness on the M1126 Stryker. Increased carrying capacity of Logistics Technical to 1400 points. Simplified the collision mesh and distribution of armor on the T72-B3 hull slightly. Increased coverage of heavy front turret armor on the T72-B3, but added a weak spot where the base of the gun attaches to the turret. Tweaked BTR82As 30mm turret armor, introducing a weak spot where the gun connects to the turret, but buffing its overall frontal armor. Removed physics kickback on all 25mm/30mm autocannons and the KPVT when firing. Decreased overheat penalty on BTR/MTLB 30mm and ZU-23. Infantry Gameplay Narrowed L85A2/L22A2 and M4 series ironsight front post for better target visibility. Lowered ammo point cost of LAT weapons (M72A7, RPG7 HEAT, RPG7-V2 HEAT and RPG-26) from 50 to 40. US and British HAT roles have been set to 2 per team, one frag grenade added to their inventories. Reduced deviation on the RPG-29. Unique Identity: Continued from the A12.0 release, weapon behaviour and handling has been tweaked in several ways to improve response and give each weapon family a more unique identity, as well as improving the effects of attachments like foregrips and UGLs. Unique Identity: All weapons have received a pass based on their caliber and barrel lengths. E.g., the AK-74 and L85A2 families now have less recoil than the M4 family. Focus Sway (ADS, focused) has been reduced. Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused) has been reduced. Foregrips now decrease vertical recoil but increase horizontal recoil. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers now decrease vertical recoil but increase Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused). Light Machine Guns and General Purpose Machine Guns have received a recoil and sway pass similar to Rifles in A12.0. Fixed some issues related to bipod deployment. Removed suppression ability from knives and pistols. Reduced all types of Sway on Binoculars - they should be more accurate and easier to use now. Map Tweaks & Fixes RAAS/AAS ticket gain/loss for flag changed: When a flag is capture, capturing team gains +30 tickets and losing team loses -30 tickets (was +20 and -40). This change is in combination with the reduction of overall ticket counts, so overall rounds will be slightly shorter, but rounds that have a lot of movement along flags wont end as suddenly. Reduced Counts on all AAS/RAAS map layers: Tallil, Yehorivka - 350 Tickets. Basrah, Belaya, Chora, Gorodok, Kamdesh, Kohat, Narva - 300 Tickets. Fools Road, Kokan - 200 Tickets. Logar, Mestia, Sumari - 150 Tickets. Reduced ticket count for Skirmish map layers to 100 Tickets (from 150). Reduced ticket count for Invasion map layers to 150 Tickets for Attackers/600 Tickets for Defenders. Fixed various Maps having incorrect map descriptions on team select screen. Fixed Main Base flipped vehicles for: Kohat AAS v1, Basrah Invasion v2, Fools Road RAAS v1, Mestia AAS v1, Mestia AAS v2, Mestia RAAS v1. Fools Road RAAS_v1 moved Fortress flag to OP. Fixed RU Main Base resource pool on Gorodok Invasion_v2. Fixed crashing on Jensen's Range Skirmish v1. Fixed incorrect flag setup Kokan Invasion v1. Fixed some map layers having incorrect faction descriptions and faction insignia. Added Vehicle depots further down the valley on Kohat RAAS v1 for faster logistics for both teams. Fixed incorrect CP names (Mohd Zai & Bahadur incorrectly labeled) on Kohat AAS v2. Fixed odd ammo caches on Logar INS v1. Fixed floating road segments in the north-west part of Mestia. Fixed lighting on Mestia AAS v2. Fixed Staging Zone boundary issues on Mestia Invasion v1 and Invasion v2. Fixed ambient visual effects on Tallil Skirmish v1 and v2. Fixed ambient wind audio not playing on Tallil Skirmish v1. Fixed map naming on Tallil Skirmish v2. Fixed US Main Base resource pool on Tallil Skirmish v2. Fixed Insurgents DShK Technical not being accessible on Al Basrah RAAS v1. Fixed missing materials for several assets on Chora. Fixed floating house forcing players to vault to get to the staircase on Kamdesh. Fixed Aircraft Bunkers culling too early on Tallil. Fixed incorrect collision setting in Protection Zone preventing players from leaning in Main Bases after the Staging Phase ends on all Tallil layers. Fixed trees and other foliage on roads, smoothed out areas with jagged terrain and tall lumps on Gorodok. Fixed collision and scaling issues by removing offending assets on Yehorivka Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when a Squad Leader attempts to invite a player who has disconnected. Fixed damage issues on several vehicles (including both tanks) caused by bugs in turret setup, mesh collisions and decoration configuration Fixed being unable to move the camera in the FV510 commander seat. Fixed missing turret turning sounds on a majority of vehicle based turrets. Fixed T72-B3 fragmentation rounds dealing no damage to infantry on non-direct hits. Fixed low-health/bleeding post-processing screen effects not playing during ADS. Fixed UB-32 Rocket Technical's ammunition being treated as if it was an emplacement. Fixed dead players not showing as dead in the Squad list UI. Added a check for 'foliage.LODDistanceScale', to force exit the game if players modify this value to hide the foliage similar to the other .INI checks. Fixed extra apostrophe in the deployment confirmation message when spawning on rallies. Fixed mines not playing an explosion effect or sound when a vehicle drives over them. Fixed some team based mismatch issues relating to Roles and force revert of your role to default when it becomes unavailable. Fix emplaced weapons not usable by other team when a player is shot out of it. Fix emplaced weapons having incorrect bounds leading to weapon models disappearing occasionally. Fixed main menu music not looping. Fixed zeroing on the 300m and 400m settings for the RPG-29. Fixed zeroing on the M4 series Red dot sight and M150 Optic. Fixed Neutral Technical DShK spawned near Village on Al Basrah RAAS v1 cannot be entered by either team. Fixed a number of statics either having missing collisions or missing textures. Fixed stationary SPG-9 doing slightly more damage than technical-mounted variant. Fixed some vehicle explosions showing broken explosion animation effect. Fixed vehicle wreck collisions being desynced from their visual wreck model. Fixed the FV510 Desert variant having a non-charred wreck model. Fixed snow on Belaya not producing snow related interaction sounds. Fixed Vehicle Driver UI RPM indicator showing incorrect values. Fixed an issue where a selected but now locked role inside a drop-down list forces an unusable UI state. Fixed Map & Team info mismatches in team select. Fixed first person view being offset after leaving emplacement when entering an emplacement while freelooking. Fixed Insurgent Radio ammo limit, now increased to 20,000. Mmm, those gearbox fixes speak to the logiboi in all of us. Get patching! We'll see you in-game!
  4. derniere mise à jour de ce jeu et comme il est dit dans cette mise à jour, il va avoir des hélicoptères ... Hey soldiers!We know this doesn't look like your usual Recap, but while we are finishing up the last parts of a hotfix update for Alpha 12, we thought we'd lay out what we have planned for the next stage of Squad development, similar to what we did earlier this year[]. Alpha 12.1 Patch, first up is the performance, bug fixing and balance patch that we are working on right now, which should be with you all shortly. We have looked at all the community feedback and improved what isn't quite working as intended, fixing as many bugs as we could in three weeks (obviously) as well as starting on the optimisation work that we'll talk about in a minute. Unreal Engine 4.21 Upgrade that, the team is planning to upgrade Squad to Unreal version 4.21. We have been on version 4.16 since August 2017 and a year of NOT upgrading has been very useful, allowing our programmers a lot more time to concentrate on features. However, the recent success of Fortnite (a large multiplayer 100 player game) has brought so many cool and useful features into UE4 that it is worth the time to upgrade now. Just as a very brief overview, some of the 4.21 for engine features that are relevant to Squad: there have been big improvements to the landscape system, making it cheaper and faster, networking has been overhauled, a lot of bugs have been fixed, a proxy system for statics, better profiling tools, and a whole bunch more. Check out the Unreal site[] for more information. Our current status is that we have a buggy version of the upgrade working in Editor now. The next steps for us are to fix these bugs, test, and release. There might be some extra content, bug fixes, and features included, but it will be mainly about getting the engine upgrade in place, so we can start using the tools.This will be the next major Squad patch released after Alpha 12.1.The rest of the following is what we are working on right now and going into next year with the aim of getting the game fully featured to leave Early Access. Optimisation Alpha 12, we are switching more developers to working full-time on optimisation all the way to release from Early Access. Not all systems developed for Squad over the years turned out to deliver the expected performance; engineering mistakes have been made and need to be corrected. The same applies to UE4, as bug fixes and performance improvements done on the engine level need to be carried forward into Squad's codebase. We have expanded the team to approach these issues more thoroughly than ever. The first step is finding and understanding performance issues. This includes writing analysis tools to detect the cause of performance issues.The second step is addressing these problems, which always requires a custom tailored solution. Sometimes, even at this point, tools need to be written to transition existing game data into new systems. We have already made a start and hope to have some of the first results in the hotfix, but will be aiming to include optimisation improvements in every patch from now until the end of Early Access.We hope to share some articles on the issues we are finding and fixing, but we intend to focus on the fixing first, then the talking later!Optimisation is a big task with a lot of crossover into features and bug fixing. Just to be clear, specific aims we are targeting are: 100 player servers with good performance An indepth improvement of the ragdoll system Better frame rates for players both with low-end and high-end systems We have read a lot of community posts asking us to stop with new features and just optimise the game. We hear you! However, there are a few features we think you might like still... Helicopters, it is time. Not much to say beyond the obvious here: they're coming to Squad!Currently, programmers are working on the flight model and we have a temporary flyable vehicle in-game. All of the art and interaction-based features can be worked on in parallel. The current flight model is far from final, but looks awesome! Expect more updates in Monthly Recaps as development continues. Commander want to introduce a basic commander system before we leave Early Access, as it really completes the concept of a true coordinated teamwork-focused military game. With a player on each side driving team-wide strategy and aiding squad leaders with the tools at their disposal, the Commander will be an essential factor in victories. won't be aiming to include every awesome idea we have for the commander role, but it will lay the groundwork for expanding on after we leave Early Access. Features we are aiming to roll out on introduction are: Making use of the new Command UI to facilitate giving orders and keeping track of your team. Airstrikes, artillery barrages, offensive fire support capabilities. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), non-pilotable high altitude observation for the Commander. Damageable Turrets and Vehicle Wheels/Tracks While the first iteration of components was introduced in Alpha 12 in a limited capacity, damageable turrets, tracks, and wheels will complete the vehicle fidelity we wanted, offering more ways to disable parts of vehicles without outright destroying them. Turrets are in and working with wheels and tracks in progress. Steam Join on Friends/Party System We are trying to find ways to make it easier for groups of friends to easily join the game in a single squad, on the same team. This is quite a complicated task as it involves working with not only with Steam, UE4 and Squad code, but getting them all to play nicely together.This is something we have wanted to do for a while but always had higher priorities. However, for a social game based around friends and teamwork, being able to play easily with your friends is long overdue. No promises on this one as it is not the easiest feature to implement, but we have very talented people working on it. Sign-off There are some big milestones for Squad in the near future, but we've put together a team more than capable of taking it on. In fact, we're already getting excited for what comes after release... There is actually quite a lot of extra content being worked on that we haven't talked about and we'll update the progress of these (Including Fallujah! It's not ready for the spotlight just yet.) In the meantime, have a sneaky vehicle teaser below!
  5. Bonjour à tous, et voila une mise à jour et une béta ouverte du vendredi 07 décembre au lundi 10 décembre. Insurgency Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2 Update Highlights - December 7th, 2018Hello everyone. Today we’re releasing an update to address feedback we’ve heard from the Insurgency: Sandstorm community in anticipation of the start of the game’s open beta weekend (which runs from Friday, Dec 7 – 5PM CET / 8AM PST to Monday, Dec 10 – 6PM CET / 9AM PST). The highlights below represent a small portion of the 1,000+ changes to Sandstorm from the last update, but shouldn’t be considered a full change log. We expect to release a full list of changes sometime soon. We look forward to your feedback and we hope you enjoy the beta this weekend!We also invite you to read the latest blog[] by our CEO, Jeremy Blum where he discusses the future of Insurgency: Sandstorm and what you can look forward to as we continue to update the game! New Content Precinct map. Added Crossing and back to the list of available maps. Mercenary voice option for Insurgents. Training Level in the Tutorials section. Improved character models: Refitted, reoriented, and further detailed gear with items like flex cuffs, duct tape, paracord, glowsticks, punch knives, etc. Added new backpacks. Light and Heavy Carriers now have an associated backpack unique to each faction. Added thigh holster and thigh pouches for Security depending on Carrier. Thickened Insurgent character proportions. Reweighted characters, resulting in more natural movement. Localization for all supported languages. NVIDIA Highlights support. To activate, go to Settings and it will be under the GAME tab in its own section. To open your saved NVIDIA Highlights, click the Highlights button under History from the main-menu or the dedicated button in the in-game menu (when pressing Escape). Please make sure you are using GeForce driver 417.22 or later. Credits in the Main Menu section. Temporarily removed M005 to be redesigned and added back as soon as possible post-release. Optimization Pawn reuse system: Characters are no longer destroyed and recreated but instead hidden and teleported to the correct location on death and respawn. This vastly reduces any gamethread hitches on spawns and objective captures. Cosmetic pooling system: Appearance items are cached in one of two pools, one for alive characters and one for ragdolls, meaning logic for cosmetics only ever needs to be initiated twice. This creates substantially less hitching caused by cosmetic logic. Stability Fixes Fixed crash related to receiving voice data while loading a map. Fixed a crash that would occur when changing resolutions while rendering the SMAA 1x anti-aliasing shader. Bug Fixes Fixed melee attacks going through walls. Fixed scope pictures not taking super-sampling into account. Fixed the fade out upon death not being propagated to other players that are spectating the dying player. Fixed issue where shell ejections would not appear on suppressed weapons. Speed reloads now correctly deduct weight from the player. Disabled melee when interacting with a grenade. Fixes for potential weight and stamina desync. Fixed bipod clearance not being rechecked during a stance transition. Fixed bipod view when watching a player in spectator. Fixed issue where some menus would stay on the screen between map changes. Objective and teammate opacity settings will now be saved between sessions. Added a one second delay between chat messages to prevent chat flooding. Fixed reloading looping when spectating a player using a singly-loaded weapon (shotgun/bolt-action rifle). Fixed spectator not allowing you to move in the freecam if you were previously assigned to a team. Fixed weapon switching not correctly showing the weapon in spectator. Fixed the FOV of low quality scopes in spectator. Fixed suppression from rockets occuring after projectile had exploded. Fixed magazine not appearing on weapon when interacting with underbarrel grenade launcher. Fixed third person mesh for underbarrel grenade launchers not showing weapon upgrades. Removed in-game menu being bound to keypad plus (+) by default. Fixed crash when joining a server in the process of changing maps. Fixed disconnect that occurs when transitioning to the same map that was previously played. Fixed issue with not being able spawn after being a spectator and joining a team. Gameplay Improvements Added audio cue for close passes from rocket projectiles. Reduced suppression radius of rockets. Added “Chemical Gas” spotted VO. Added “Ask Status” VO after capturing an objective with teammates. Increased Minigun Support hover time from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. Increased Gunship hover time from 15 seconds to 25 seconds. AI Improvements Added shotguns to AI loadouts. Added “Path Skipping” and “Dangerous Corner” detection to AI drivers, allowing them to drive much faster without crashing. User Experience Improvements All menus now have detailed explanations of settings and options. Added options for disabling View Bob and Camera Animations. Added separate sensitivity scale options for each zoom level. Added direct connect by IP option to server browser. Voice muting can now be chosen for individual players or an entire team. Muting a player will now mute their text chat. Spectating a vehicle in third person will no longer lock the rotation of the camera. Visual Improvements Improved shading for sunglasses with added support for translucency. Implemented a new hair shader and added multiple hair color variations. Players that have died in vehicles can now be dismembered. Reduced ghosting artifacts caused by translucent geometry being composited into the frame before the temporal anti-aliasing algorithms have run. Updated the flash bang effect to display an after-image of the moment the player got flashed. Reduced the chances of camera clipping when viewing the world from a ragdoll’s perspective. Polished multiple weapon models and textures for M16A4, M16A2, M9, AK-74, M24, L85A2, Mk 14 EBR, M249. Added new C79 scope model. Updated textures for AK foregrips. Added belt link ejection for M249 SAW. Map Balance & FixesHideout Optimized assets to reduce memory usage. Reworked HLODs to reduce draw calls. Reduced particle effects to improve performance and readability. Did an interior lighting pass to improve readability and performance. Fixed numerous gameplay and visual issues. Made various visual improvements. Farmhouse Optimized assets to reduce memory usage. Reduced particle effects to improve performance and readability. Reworked C objective on Push Insurgents scenario. Fixed numerous gameplay and visual issues. Made various visual improvements. Refinery Optimized assets to reduce memory usage. Reworked HLODs to reduce draw calls. Reduced particle effects to improve performance and readability. Made various gameplay adjustments to improve Push Insurgents scenario. Made various visual improvements. Known Issues Getting killed while vaulting can cause animation issues on respawn Trees in the Summit map have broken lighting, so we have temporarily removed the map from matchmaking. The map is still available for play on community servers and in local play. We will reintroduce the map to matchmaking as soon as this is addressed. Doors can appear desynced for certain clients after a map change on community servers The competitive Firefight matchmaking has been removed temporarily to improve user flow. It will return before launch
  6. bonjour à tous une petite vidéo qui donne le tournis sur BF V
  7. X4: Foundations

    toc toc et oui c'est encore moi pour ce qui est du jeu: et oui il est long mais il y a plein de mission (#Skiz Ophrene met des lunettes tu trouvera des missions ) pour ce qui est des IA en effets moche et nul . pour les bases on as pas grand chose à faire sauf acheter des objets ou farmer. et au décollage il y a toujours un ennemie à abattre et gagner environ 500 Cr. je commence à comprendre le mécanisme du jeu. au bout d'1H de jeu j'ai réussie à faire un certain nombre de missions et de changer de vaisseau.
  8. X4: Foundations

    je suis pour, et en plus je souhaite appuyer sur le bouton et voila une nouvelle vidéo X4:Fondations suite
  9. Voici un jeu dans l'espace qui est prévue pour aujourd'hui. X4_Foundations quand pensez vous?
  10. Une petite présentation The division 2 The division 2
  11. Et voila un jeu de survie qui est sortie cette été
  12. nouvelle mise à jour Insurgency Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2 Hotfix - November 9th, 2018 pour les fans de lance grenade. le mecs c'est éclater insurgency:sandstorm lance grenade
  13. Bonjour à tous, voici la nouvelle mise à jour du jeu INSURGENCY:SANDSTORM INSURGENCY:SANDSTORM
  14. et voila une nouvelle mise à jour SQUAD V12 Hey Squaddies,Welcome to another Recap! Before we jump into the meat, a quick update on version 12: we're continuing through the internal playtesting phase and putting our new gameplay systems, UI, and engine-level changes through their paces.While we're still encountering a number of game-breaking bugs at the moment, our priority is to work through them, do further optimizations, and open up playtesting to our community playtesting group as soon as that becomes possible. Be sure to check out a list of some of the changes coming to Alpha 12 toward the bottom of the recap.With that out of the way, let's roll! Optimization CoreStateAlpha 12 will see the introduction of a work-in-progress system of changes to network relevancy for various aspects of the game, ranging from players to inventory, in an effort to decrease server load and allow for us to reach our goal of having 100 player server limits, as well as increasing performance on the server end. This system allows for the passing of information about faraway soldiers and vehicles needed by user interface without fully replicating them. Expect work to continue on CoreState for awhile!World Origin RebasingJitter-haters, look no further. We are excited to reveal we have been working on a solution to the "Map Origin" problem.This problem was something that was preventing us from achieving larger map sizes. As a player moves further from the map's "origin point," there is a subtle but exponential increase in tiny deviations or "scope jitter," especially when looking through powerful optics. This gets much more dramatic as map sizes scale up and makes for frustrating gameplay when trying to fire weapons more precisely. We're implementing a solution called "World Origin Rebasing". It essentially repositions the origin of the world for each player dynamically, to reduce the distance between the origin and the player, fixing the jitter that you experience in things like magnified optics, player animations, and nametags. Gameplay Command Menu ScreenWe mentioned this Menu Screen in the August Recap, and our gameplay and UI designers have spent September to really polish this screen to make it as useful and ergonomic as possible for Squad leaders. All players will have access to the new Command Menu screen, and Squad leaders will benefit from some extra features. Command Menu's default key is Capslock for quick access (keybind is fully configurable in Control options) Command Menu will have a listing of all squads, which can be clicked on to highlight player positions on the map. We want to continue building these tools to encourage Squad leaders working together Squad leaders can now place a "Request FOB" marker which will display via 2 yellow dotted circles, the build diameter and exclusion zone diameter of that potential FOB location. "Map Filter" buttons that can be turned on and off to best suit the current need "Show Spawn points" map filter will turn the selectable spawn points on and off "Show FOB Radius" map filter will show all FOBs build radius and exclusion zone radius "Show FOB Supply Points" map filter will show the construction and ammo supply status of all FOBs on the map. "Show All SL Markers" map filter is only available to SLs, and will show all the order markers placed by their SLs "Show player role icon" map filter will toggle all players on your team shown as their kit role icon or as a simple marker "Map Icon Scaling" will allow you granular control over how big or small the map widgets are displayed - useful for players to customize with 4k monitors or those that have unique display setups "Ticket Value Reference" is a legend for the values of all ticket loss and gain "Map Legend" is now showing a list of what each icon on the map represents, from infantry to vehicles to deployables. Fireteam FunctionalityFireteams will be fully functional in A12, our UI designers have been adding some really nice features that will be of major use for veteran players: Fireteams can be created dynamically by the Squad leader with a menu option as well as a drag and drop feature. SL can use the new Command UI Map screen to click and drag a squad member and place them into Alpha Bravo Charlie or Delta Fireteams are hidden by default and are a totally optional feature for those wishing more control over their squad This same drag and drop feature can be used for internal Squad or Fireteam promotions. Fireteam leaders do not have a special kit, they are just a designation that the Squad Leader can give to any member of their squad Fireteam leaders will be able to place (and delete) their own fireteams Move, Attack, Defend, Observe, Build commands, both via the Command UI map screen and the 3D HUD T-menu. Squad leader can see and place all Fireteam markers, Fireteams see their own FT marker and the SL marker. Each of the four FTs is color and letter-coded, with the VOIP and nametags reflecting the appropriate FT assignment. Physmat Dependent Vehicle Rolling Resistance]We have recently incorporated physmat[] dependent rolling resistance for vehicles. Vehicles will roll much better on asphalt than on mud or snow. Wheeled vehicles are more affected by this than tracked vehicles.The lowest resistance is on asphalt, concrete, and solid wood. Gravel comes next, then dirt and grass. Sand and snow are where you're really starting to suffer. And last, but not least, mud has the highest resistance and is terrible to drive on. It's used, for example, in the riverbed in Gorodok, so this will help prevent unintentional river features from being used as a highway.For non-off-road vehicles, this change will have a significant impact on their ability to zip across maps at insane speeds and help to promote the use of roads.Vehicle Manual Override for GearboxWe wanted to have a more granular way for players to control how fast their vehicle is moving, and we achieved this by being able to manually hold the current gear a vehicle is in. For example, if an APC wanted to travel slowly at the pace of their infantry to provide a screen, they could do this by staying in the 1st gear. All vehicles will now have this ability to keep their engine in the current gear by pressing and holding the SHIFT key (the key is rebindable). So by pressing SHIFT while in 1st gear, the vehicle will always stay in that low gear and drive slowly. It can also help vehicles climb slopes better as you'll be able to manually stay in 1st gear. Art and Environment FV432 APCWe teased this vehicle in an earlier recap, but the British FV432 APC is in-game and undergoing testing to be released in tandem with all the other goodies coming in version 12. A large, armoured transport vehicle, it carries up to 9 passengers, not including the driver (crewman), and a M2a1 .50cal turret gunner (regular infantry).While an older vehicle dating back to the 1960s, its recent up-armoured modifications have upgraded its armour to almost the level of the FV510, making it a true "battle taxi." (Not to be confused with IronTaxi, of course.)FALOne weapon we're also adding to the Militia faction is the ubiquitous FAL. While it is characteristically similar to the German G3A3, aesthetically it is a different beast altogether and we have plans to further expand this family of weapons for unconventional factions. Tallil OutskirtsWhile we're racing to the release, the team is applying lots of polish on the new large-scale desert map, Tallil Outskirts. The map will feature two different weather schemes, one normal daytime, and the other in the midst of a thick sandstorm. The battle-beaten landscape has remnants of occupying forces from a previous era, as well as more recent installations. The addition of the standstorm changes the feel of the level significantly and should provide some unique challenges for players on top increasing the immersion of the environment.As battered as Tallil has been, it's ready to take on a brand new deployment of armored warfare. We can't wait to see you folks like it up! Squad Alpha 12 Brief Summary Going back through previous monthly recaps and from the way development has unfolded, we present to you a bullet-point summary of what to expect when Alpha 12 comes around. This is by no means a full changelog, so expect much fuller release notes when the time comes, but it should whet your appetite. Gameplay Added new Suppression system Added Rifleman Ammo bags Added Persistent Ammo system Added Granular Rearming system for Infantry Added Fireteams which are dynamically created by Squad Leaders Added localized vehicle damage with 2 components (for now): Engine & Ammo storage Added Turret Stabilisation to appropriate vehicles Added Driver deployed Smoke generator for most vehicles Added Crewman Repair tool Added physmat dependent vehicle rolling resistance Added Vehicle Manual Override for Gearbox Overhauled Spawn system including Rallypoint Wave Spawn & HAB Spawn Over-run Overhauled Revive system - bandage revive for all soldiers User Interface Added Command map for improved squad leader functions Added many QoL improvements on the map and UI Added Infantry/Vehicle ammo point rearm cost indicator Updated Deployment screen, role selection and weapon selection UI Replaced right-click hex Command Grid with a more user-friendly horizontal based Command Grid Vehicles Added Russian T72B3 MBT Added British FV432 APC Updated FV510 APC to have an Up-Armored variant Updated M2A2 sights/reticle Updated M2A2 to include a Commander position with independant optic Weapons Added RPG-29 for Insurgent Faction Added FAL for Militia/Insurgent Faction Added SKS variant that includes a PU-1 3.5x Optic Updated Russian RPG-7 to include PGO-7 2.8x Optic Mapping Overhauled Jensen's Training Range and added the ability to load instances of the map with different factions Overhauled Yehorivka - added more points of interest, revamped storage area flag, increased map size to 5 by 5km Overhauled Belaya - reworked terrain, now less snow and more ground cover Updated Kohat - added new main bases, new & improved foliage Updated Gorodok - updated some points of interest, improved foliage Updated Fools Road - ground textures have less tiling Updated lighting on various map layers Updated all maps with a greatly improved water shader Updated all maps with a greatly optimized grass shader
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