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  1. Pour info, les DEVs ont annoncé dans leur dernier status update que les week-end de test ouvert à tous ont été retardés car le jeu n'est pas au point surtout coté véhicules (voir les screenshots ! ) . Une sage décision, à mon avis. Cela leur évitera des déconvenues et des avis négatifs dès la sortie du jeu (si vous voyez ce que je veux dire)
  2. New Smoke, Wartide 2 and Map changes - Major Update 2.0 ( source ) Major Update 2: Further details Update 3 New Smoke Grenades We have added a new smoke grenade effect. Taking inspiration from CSGO, our smoke is designed to effectively be a wall. Whilst it’s not the prettiest smoke, that is very much for a reason. Smoke should block your vision, as soon as we start to add in pretty features and nice graphics, unwanted behaviors begin to occur. Our new smoke is bigger and covers all core chokes in Battalion 1944 maps. The smoke grenade can be seen in action here: Invasion Total Rework After we pushed Invasion to the public we were waiting for feedback. Players had some pretty strong opinions of the map and it was by far the least favourite competitive map. So as we did with Manorhouse V2 we’ve entirely reworked Invasion using our new level design ethos. More verticality, more options, less tight chokes. So without further adieu, here is the latest iteration of our competitive map: ‘Invasion’ Invasion is still a work in progress and is likely to change slightly prior to release of MU2 As you can see, Invasion has had a pretty interesting rework. Using feedback from reddit, twitter, and discord we were able to get a good idea of what was wrong with it and how we can improve it. From our experience of playing the new Invasion, there is a place for every weapon which fits great into our new game mode. Check out a ‘run around’ of new Invasion. Coastal Changes Whilst Coastal was one of the more popular maps at launch - we’ve seen a decline in popular opinion on the map’s flow and how the map itself - whilst solid competitively - was kind of ‘boring’ and had a few core issues. We’ve made the following changes to give Allied and Axis players more options when rotating and holding certain parts of the map. Improved spawn area layouts for both axis and allies. Added a new sniper building by the allies spawn for the Allies to peek into mid from a higher elevation or defend against aggressive flankers from B. Added a new enterable house on A long by the A bombsite to allow axis players to peek A long and allied players to flank around the A bombsite building. Made the ‘Byfam Antiques’ building enterable to add a quicker rotation point between B stairs & middle’s broken walls. Added a ladder to the back of the A bombsite building to allow players to enter from the top of the wooden stairs (sorry stair campers!) Manorhouse v2 Changes We have made minor changes to the popular map Manorhouse V2 based on community member ‘Dust Moret’s’ suggestions after approving of his previous changes he suggested for Derailed. We feel Manorhouse V2 is now in a good state as a popular competitive map. Added a haystack as cover to the corner of A bombsite Flattened the terrain in that same corner of A bombsite Removed the ‘boost boxes’ by mid/A barn exit Blocked certain overpowered boost spots based on players feedback Fixed some map specific bugs with Manorhouse v2 More Coming Next Week Did you think this was the last development preview for Major Update 2? Nope! We have more development updates coming next week with even more great features and changes that you’ve been requesting these past few months. We’re hyped to share all this information with you guys ahead of the update release as every day we’re starting to see the game shape into what it was intended to be. We still have just over 6 months of development in Early Access before we head to full release on PC. A Lot has changed these past few months and whilst after Major Update 2 there will still be features and issues still to fix, this update should hopefully show our dedication and commitment to Battalion and that the future of this game is a bright one. Thanks guys and see you in the next one soon! The Bulkhead Team
  3. Major Update 2.0 Changelog - Weapon Balancing, New Sounds & Movement Tweaks ( source ) Major Update 2 Changelog - Part 1 Update 2 of 3 Major Update 2 is on the horizon and with not “too” long left to wait we’d like to start sharing our fixes, improvements, and changes. MU2 will contain a tonne of new additions as well as loads of great tweaks, balances & fixes! We think this update will really improve the experience of Battalion 1944 and dramatically improve upon certain features that were prevalent when we went to Early Access in February. This is just part 2 of the Changelog as there is so much to go through therefore we are trying to keep our updates as short and snappy as possible. Part 3 should be released tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! Movement & Weapon Balancing Reworks Our upcoming Major Update 2 combats what some players are calling “bunny hopping” in Battalion 1944. The controversial ‘corner jumping meta’ which we’ve received a lot of feedback on from both casual and competitive players is being addressed with in this update. We’re also planning on some tweaking weapon balancing based on your feedback as well as lots of nice extras, such as settings and performance increases and new weapon sounds that you guys have been asking us for! Movement Changes: Our intentions with the following movement and weapon balance changes are to reduce the strength of jumping around corners to the point of it being a calculated risk to do so, whilst in turn increasing the strength of other styles of engagements such as jiggle peaking or leaning to allow different playstyles to become viable within the game. Reduced the amount your third person player model moves out of cover whilst leaning by 75% which will encourage angle holding and jiggle peeking. Increased momentum very slightly to create smoother general movement. No longer receive movement penalty when falling from small heights whilst not ADS to increase general movement fluidity. Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps to give players who are holding an angle extra information on the enemies movement behavior. Added a ‘movement punish’ when landing whilst holding ADS. These combined changes will mean a strafing jump shot is much more of a commitment/risk when choosing to make that play. You will still be able to jump around a corner to get the surprise factor on an unsuspecting enemy but it should no longer be the best play in all situations if you need to guarantee a swift kill. We will be watching how these changes affect the meta of the game very closely. Prone Behavior Changes A small percentage of players were complaining about ‘dropshotting’ where players would go to prone as they came around a corner to decrease their chances of being hit. We’ve addressed this by re-looking at how other games implement ‘anti drop shot’ mechanics, hence the following changes: If a player goes to prone when moving whilst ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS. If a player goes to prone when stationary whilst ADS, they will stay in ADS. If a player tries to move whilst already in prone and ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS - unless you’re a using a scoped sniper rifle. Weapon Balance Changes Sniper Rifles The Springfield, the Kar98 Scoped and the Kar98 now take slightly longer to become fully scoped when transitioning to ADS. This has in turn increased the length of the inaccuracy period when transitioning between hip fire to aiming down the scope. The Springfield and the Kar98 Scoped hip fire accuracy has been decreased whilst moving. These changes are intended to evolve the playstyle of these weapons to focus more on holding angles and sight lines, instead of jumping around a corner at close range. Instead players should start using quick lean peeks to get opening picks to allow your team to take early map control. Using these extremely powerful weapons aggressively in close ranges is still a viable choice for skilled players - but these tweaks ensure other weapons may be a better choice depending on the map played & gameplan of your team. Playing a sniper aggressively carries a much higher risk than it did before. These changes can initially sound drastic and we fully expect players to be worried about their favourite weapon receiving slight nerfs within the upcoming major update, but after lots of internal testing we actually believe this is the right move for the weapons themselves and game as a whole. These changes bring the scope in/out times more in line with similar classic FPS titles. During our first play tests, we really felt the immediate effect of the changes, however when we adapted our playstyles to the ‘new’ Battalion 1944 we found that the overall game was considerably better as a result. Heavy Weapons The BAR is now a 3 shot weapon across all ranges instead of 3-5 shots at range. The BAR ADS animation was tweaked to feel more snappy and responsive. The STG44 is now a 3-4 shot weapon instead of 3-5 shots. Both STG44 & BAR stationary hip fire accuracy slightly increased. The BAR is finally receiving a well deserved buff to increase its pick rate and give the allies a much more reliable weapon choice when attacking. These changes should increase the weapon’s feeling of consistency and ‘snappiness’. We have also minorly buffed the STG44, but only to reduce the feeling of randomness of getting 5 hitmarkers at its longest engagement range. The STG44 is intentionally not as powerful as the allied BAR due to the nature of the Germans being on the defensive side. And remember, both automatic weapons can still deliver an almighty 1 shot headshot! A much more effective way of fighting with our new ‘fat head’ characters. SMGs MP40 Horizontal Recoil Slightly Reduced. The feedback we’ve received on Battalion’s SMGs has generally been positive. The one common complaint was with the MP40’s recoil pattern. We’ve decided to reduce the horizontal recoil of this weapon to be more in line with its allied counterpart, the Thompson, to allow more control over the weapon’s erratic firing nature. Shotguns Max range damage slightly reduced. Min range damage increased slightly. Crosshair spread decreased to more accurately portray pellet spread. Reduced shotgun fire rate. Can now hold 6 shots instead of 5. Shotguns in any FPS game have always been controversial. In an effort to make every weapon viable, we originally buffed the shotgun to allow it to compete with some of the other extremely powerful weapons within the game. With the changes to Wartide 2.0 meaning different weapons have different values, this no longer needs to be the case. We’ve also seen the feedback from players that in certain situations the shotgun’s communication wasn’t correctly shown to the player - creating situations where players would ‘tag’ when they felt they deserved a kill - or the exact opposite to this scenario could also happen. We’re hoping the above tweaks will help alleviate the feeling of the regularity of these situations! Weapon Penetration Values Our thinking with bullet penetration has always been trying to make it consistent in terms of communication over what you can and can’t shoot through. This meant thin metal sheets, small objects and thin wooden doors/shutters etc are supposed to be penetrable. The problem we’ve seen is that some assets slipped through and were accidently made penetrable, such as the kubelwagen. This was never meant to be the case. We’ve now adjusted these specific meshes that weren't meant to be penetrable and adjusted the damage values of penetration to feel more consistent. Also, a big change the community requested was to make the bomb box no longer penetrable which we are happy to say will be implemented into Major Update 2! You will now be ‘safe’ when planting/defusing - meaning your post plant positioning will now be very important. New Weapon Sounds! We’re adding new weapon sounds to make all weapons feel much more powerful across the board. This update will also include new hitmarker & headshot sounds to make the game feel even more responsive than before. Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps. New Gewehr Sound. New STG44 Sound. New Thompson Sound. New Luger Sound. New M1911 Sound. New Headshot Sound. New Hitmarker Sound. New Footsteps Sounds. New Token Pickup Sound. New Attenuation/Falloff. Performance Gains We’ve heard the complaints since Major Update 1 about performance dropping - We’ve been looking into multiple aspects of the game from both CPU and GPU perspective to help better optimise for high end and lower end hardware. These tweaks include us focusing onto: Blueprint Navisation (drastically decreasing load times and increasing performance). Level Specific Optimisations (reducing draw calls). General Optimisations (reducing unnecessary clutter within the project). Animation Optimisation (only visible information is sent to clients). Hopefully in Major Update 2 players should see FPS and performance gains across the board. These optimisations are ongoing and will continue all the way until release! Settings/Menu Configs Major Update 2 will be the very last time an update resets your config! Part of our new build system has allowed us to keep your configs intact for future updates - this means future smaller patches will no longer become a major annoyance every time we would like to update the game. We’re also introducing more in-game config settings as we look to enable those with lower end PCs the same ingame options as someone who would tweak their ini files externally. This change also means ini files will be locked - as all of the relevant options will be be available ingame (you’ll still be able to keep your settings config!). We’ll also be putting some restrictions on certain config settings which we felt were being abused to give an entirely unfair advantage to certain players. MU2 Release Date & Beta Test Players have been asking us to bring them in to help test the game before it’s pushed live to the world! There are 2 stages in MU2. MU2 Stage 1 - Beta: In June when we feel the build is stable ‘enough’ for testing, we will push a version of the game to our ‘Public Beta’ branch on Steam. We will not be using the Test Zone for a few good reasons, but this won’t change anything for you! To access the beta, we will distribute a code to players that can be used in Steam by doing the following: Open Steam > Right Click ‘BATTALION 1944’ > Properties > Betas > ‘enter code’ MU2 Stage 2 - Release: Throughout the Beta phase we will be watching the feedback. What we will not do is be “over-reactive” to initial feedback. The beta phase will last a few weeks. During this time we will make changes, fixes, and improvements. We absolutely expect there to be bugs. But this is your opportunity as a passionate gaming community to make an impact on a commercial video game and this is our opportunity to make our passion project commercial! By listening to your feedback we believe we can maximise the potential of Battalion 1944. We are not setting unrealistic expectations during this update, our goal is to show people what Battalion 1944 should have been at launch, but could only be possible with the extensive feedback given to us over the last 4 months. After we believe the game is balanced and just prior to the ‘Gallantry LAN event in Budapest’ we will push the release version of MU2 to the live Battalion 1944 branch. We hope you’re ready to see all these new additions in game becasue we can't wait for you all to test these changes and let us know what you think. We really hope they will really improve Battalion’s gameplay for the long term. Thanks guys and see you in the next one coming tomorrow! The Bulkhead Team
  4. New Character Models - Major Update 2 ( source ) Introducing: New Character Models! Update 1 of 3 Note: Colors/Camouflage are currently in development and may change/improve for better visibility prior to the release of MU2 It’s time for a change and we’re happy to announce we are replacing the current player models that are used in Battalion 1944. The current issue with the existing player models is that they were visually small and frail. Whilst they looked great in renders during early prototype development - the reality is their visuals didn’t transition over well once we were able to get the characters running around in-game within fully developed environments. The newly revised German and American character models are much ‘beefier’ with nice fat heads and generally a wider silhouette which will make them better suited for visibility and competitive play, as well of the added benefit of generally looking much better than the older player models. The first person arms and hands have also had a rework. The previous characters didn’t do the game justice, seeing as you constantly see the arms and hands of the character, we decided to completely rework the hands as well. Both characters now wear gloves to avoid plastic looking skin! These new Characters are also more effectively optimised. Therefore they should have a lot less of a negative effect on your FPS. This is especially relevant in Arcade as when we moved from 5v5 to 8v8 in all modes the increased character count meant less frames. You voiced these issues and we have addressed them as the effect it was having was obvious so we hope you also enjoy that aspect of these updated models too. The new character models are better all around. Visually and most importantly from a gameplay perspective. These new characters are a little ‘thicker’. They’re bulky and overweight they’ve also got pretty chunky heads! This means hit detection should feel much better. Whilst the characters backpack will not give you a hit/tag, it will give you a blood splatter. We have focused on reducing the situations where players are ‘hitting’ the player model’s clothes and not his hitbox (for example the player model’s helmet) and client side blood appears whilst not actually hitting the character. Both these new and improved character models were made completely in house by our artists. They are an updated look from the original ones whilst retaining a classic WW2 style. We think they look great and we believe they will help alleviate some of the issues that were caused by the previous player models and really contribute to improving Battalions gameplay. We hope you guys like them and enjoy both the look as well as the gameplay changes they bring. The addition of ladders We recently teased a video of ladders being added to Battalion 1944. You’ll be seeing more on this later this week! Remember: We have lots of updates coming this week as there are so many changes being introduced in Major Update 2 and we have so much information to get out to you guys so make sure you stay in the loop and keep an eye out for further updates as they will be coming pretty regularly! Thanks for reading guys and look out for the next one! The Bulkhead Team
  5. Il semble qu'ils aient enfin entendu les remarques concernant les graphismes. A voir le résultat lorsque la mise à jour aura lieu.
  6. Week-end de test annoncé pour les 3eme et 4eme week-end de mai. *************************************************************** Road to the weekend playtest - Status update #2 ( source ) Hello dear followers, The first half of May is almost complete as we are getting dangerously close to the time you will be able to playtest Post Scriptum. The team is still working very hard on our "Offworld Core A11" upgrade and things are a bit more complicated than we originally anticipated and new issues have arisen in some unexpected ways. The old build we used during the playtest in April with content creators remains to this day the most stable build that we have. Here is a little overview of the issues we are currently experiencing and that we want solved before you can enjoy Post Scriptum in the best conditions possible. From Offworld Core A10 to A11: Current Pros: -Players experienced better frames per second -Penetration system on tanks with ricochet and damage on internal components (aka: "VDM1" Vehicle Damage Model part 1) -Reworked UI, very close to final, still a few things to complete -Reworked lighting which make the maps look much better Current Cons: -Vehicle behaviour is heavily unpredictable (This is the unexpected part of the upgrade) - Paradoxically, some players also experienced worse frames than before, we need to spend more time to figure this one out to make sure all PCs have the same experience. As you already know, we are planning Post Scriptum weekend playtest to be going live possibly during the third and fourth weekend of May. The third weekend of May on A11 build is most likely to be compromised by those cons we liste above as they are very close to game breaking and we do not wish the public to have their first experience with PS under those conditions. Stay tuned, as soon as those two majors issues are fixed PS will become available to you!! Thanks for your support, we'll see you on the battlefield soon! Periscope Games team.
  7. Petite config pour pas chere :)

    Tu m'offre le second !!?? C'est trop cool ! C'est de l'argent foutu en l'air. Et puis c'est pas compliqué à monter un PC. On peut attendre un code promo pour une reduc de 5 ou 6% !
  8. Me suis amusé à faire une petite config PC .... pour pas chère en prenant les éléments parmi les plus chères : (validez "non" si vous avez un message pour écraser la config) Vous en pensez quoi ? J'ai pas regardé la compatibilité entre les éléments mais cela devrait tourner !!
  9. arma3 : update V1.82

    Hotfix 1.82 ( source ) CHANGELOG DATA : Tweaked: Hatchback vehicle dynamics Tweaked: APC wheels are now more durable Tweaked: Tank tracks are now more durable Tweaked: AI helicopter gunners are now more prone to use DAGRs and Scalpels ( Tweaked: Vehicle fuel loss across multiple scenarios is now better handled Fixed: Commander of the Rhino MGS could clip through the vehicle in some cases ( Fixed: AI will no longer execute incapacitated players in the Revive system Fixed: AA missiles were not effective enough against air targets Fixed: Some of the Tanks DLC assets were missing their Simple Object configuration Vanguard Tweaked: Public global voice chat was disabled Tweaked: Friendly fire is no longer allowed during the briefing period Fixed: Switching from a spectator view to a different slot was behaving incorrectly Altis Requiem (potential spoilers) Tweaked: FIA insurgents now use (single HEAT) RPG-7 instead of (tandem HEAT) MAAWS in the Lost Horizons scenario Tweaked: Offensive AI forces in the Terminal Defiance scenario could refuse to fire in some cases Tweaked: The voice line with HQ about the knocked-out Angara in the Terminal Defiance scenario is now divided into more parts Showcase Tank Destroyers (potential spoilers) Fixed: It was not possible to finish the "Retreat" task Fixed: The scenario would fail if AI caused civilian casualties without player input Fixed: Defending Sofia would be considered unsuccessful even with some armored forces still operational Tac-Ops Mission Pack (potential spoilers) Fixed: Player's Marshall in the Steel Pegasus operation had too much ammunition (related to Tanks DLC changes) Fixed: Missing conversation in the Fait Accompli scenario of the Stepping Stone operation Fixed: There was a missing voice line in the No Reprieve scenario of the Beyond Hope operation Fixed: Artillery map markers were not being deleted properly in some cases in the Avenging Furies scenario of the Beyond Hope operation ENGINE : Tweaked: The minimal FCS zeroing distance is now 50 meters (can be adjusted in config) Fixed: CTD connected to loading custom terrains Fixed: CTD when deleting an incoming missile SERVER : Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.82) Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.82) Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410 Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game) Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;tank;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2 to your arma3server.exe shortcut
  10. New Map & Dual Currency - ( source ) Introducing ‘Savoia’ We are excited to announce that Battalion is now expanding its theatres to the mediterranean with the introduction of the new Italian competitive map ‘Savoia’. Savoia has an interesting development story that has grown from the passion of the competitive COD community. Mark ‘Phantasy’ Pinney started work for us as a QA Tester in our studio in May 2017. It didn’t take us very long to realize he had a little experience in Unreal Engine and a real talent for level design. Step by step we started giving Phan bigger and bigger tasks as he evolved from a professional gamer into a professional game developer. We first asked Phan to make a “Shipment style TDM level”. He gave us Coastal…. If you look at the center of Coastal you can actually see how it was supposed to play like a small 1v1 level. One day Phan showed us a ‘blocked out’ (basic design) level he made for his University Project, he originally showed us as a joke… But when we imported it into Battalion and ran around in it, Phan’s experience in COD had let him to accurately design the feel and scope of a Call of Duty style map. We decided to investigate further as our level design team started working with Phan to flesh out the map further. Then, in February 2018 we started adding art to a thoroughly designed level. You can see that transition from the passionately designed map into full blown video game environment in the gif below. Savoia has wide streets and architectured crossing points for some great sniper battles. In an effort to reduce the ‘corner jumper’ meta, we’ve added more windows, more open points and less tight chokes. We’ve also opted to push for more verticality this time. Previously some of our maps are guilty of being too one dimensional. We’re pulling away from many CSGO design principles that work for CS and making our own design rules based off of feedback from the community across all of our maps. Very soon we’ll be releasing a detailed update on the changes coming in Major Update #2 (MU2) based on the feedback we’ve been receiving over the last 3 months. This will also be our last new competitive map for some time as our art team turns their focus onto Major Update #3 (MU3) and Arcade 2.0 as well as content for full release such as the Russians! Wartide 2: Dual Currency Throughout the development of Battalion our goal has been to bring back the feeling of old school style games through the movement and feel of weapons in Battalion 1944. To progress these older titles we needed a new game mode fit for a 2019 gaming audience that was accessible whilst inclusive of spectators as well as casters. We wanted to try and encourage team work by forcing teams to ‘share currency’ in Wartide 1 and 2. Unfortunately, I think we all agree that there are too many players that are simply not interested in playing as a team. Furthermore it is totally acceptable for people to want to play a game on their own with their own strategies. However, we still want an aspect of sharing and teamwork in Battalion, therefore we are introducing our ‘Dual Currency’ system. You will now be able to have your own personal in game wallet along with a separate team pool. Individual token pickups are rewarded straight to your personal wallet whilst team efforts such as planting or defusing the bomb and loss bonuses are awarded to the team pool. You can donate an unlimited amount of your tokens to other individual players or to the teams pool, however the maximum you can withdraw from the team pool is ‘3 tokens’ per round. We hope you agree that this is a step in the right direction for Wartide 2, we will be testing this revamped competitive mode with Early Access players prior to MU2’s update. Wartide 2: Saving Weapons In the live version of Wartide, players currently are able to pick up and use enemy weapons within the round they acquired them but their weapons get wiped as the round resets. This means allied players don’t get the benefit/reward of keeping the weapons that they have picked up into further rounds, for example, allied players have no permanent way of taking a 1 shot Kar98 rifle from the other team and keeping it until the next round should they survive. With Wartide 2.0 - this is all about to change! Players will now be able to ‘save weapons’ between rounds. This means a surviving player can pickup and take secondary weapons into the next round, therefore lost rounds still have value as you can scavenge an enemy weapon and keep it for the next round to get a crucial opening pick. This will drastically change the dynamic of buying and saving weapons in the new version of Wartide and has been something players have been asking to have in competitive play for a long time now. We can’t wait to see how this singular change effects all levels of play. Arcade 2.0 For players less interested in the competitive side of the game there is good news on the horizon. We’ve started to focus our efforts more and more on what we’re calling “Arcade 2.0” a total rework and rebuild of the Arcade experience that will be going live with Major Update 3 (MU3). From incentivising play time and objectives, to building maps that are designed solely for the Arcade experience. Arcade 2.0 will be another great turning point for Battalion 1944 and really provide it’s players with a well rounded choice of ways to play. Thanks for tuning in and make sure you stay tuned we have lots of big announcements coming soon as there is loads going on over here at Bulkhead HQ. Look out for our series of Major Update 2 announcements coming including the full change log for you guys. Lots of good changes scheduled for June! Thanks again guys, The Bulkhead Team
  11. Attention : Il semble que Activision ai délivré son propre patch 1.8 cela peut prêter à confusion avec le mod COD4X qui affiche lui aussi la version 1.8 Donc si vous êtes sur Steam et seulement si vous utilisez COD4 via steam, appliquez le correctif indiqué dans le premier post (ci-dessus). Ensuite pour éviter de revenir à la version Steam plus tard, copier et coller votre dossier COD4 en dehors du dossier Steam et lancer COD4 depuis l’exécutable iw3mp.exe par doule clic, soit en créant un raccourci sur votre bureau qui mène au nouvel emplacement. Pour information : Concernant la faille qu'Activision tente de corriger, il semble qu'elle soit connue depuis très longtemps et quasiment impossible à utiliser, ce qui pose question quand au pourquoi après si longtemps ils se décident à corriger cette erreur. ( source )
  12. Squad V11

    ( source ) Alpha 11 has arrived! We can think of no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. With Alpha 11, we are continuing to increase the depth of vehicle gameplay, as well as expanding content for infantry. No doubt some expert squads will take advantage of combined arms tactics. Do read up on the changelog while you download! Alpha Version 11 is now available via Steam. Please always clear your game cache in the game settings on every new build! Full Changelog Gameplay British Armed Forces have been added. They are a high-tech Blue Force faction with a unique bullpup-style primary weapon, and heavily reliant on armored transport to move around the battlefield. Expect to see them make an appearance on a few of the classic maps and also the newly released Kamdesh. Dramatically reduced the ticket bleed on the middle flags and increased the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags. Tweaked stamina costs for jumping, vaulting, and climbing. Settle sway time has been reduced by half on all weapons. Recoil animation for semi-auto fire has been slightly reduced for greater target tracking. LMG and MMG camera shake has been slightly reduced. Horizontal recoil patterns on several weapons have been reduced (tightened). Additional weapon recoil and sway values have been tweaked. Time to ADS on all weapons have been adjusted. Generally, iron sights are faster than all other forms of sighting systems. Non-ADS fire animation timing while the weapon is lowered or in a low ready position (such as MGs) has been increased in 3p to provide better visual feedback. Prone to crouch and standing animation speed has been increased by approximately 30%. Freelook recentering speed has been increased to be more fluid. Systems Unregistered soldier and weapon based components when unused reducing the physics and rendering costs for these components. Reduced the amount of network ticking needed on weapons, soldiers, and vehicles. Reduced a number of unneeded processes when updating animation on the soldiers. Improved accuracy on detecting when to update the soldier movement component. Soldier bodies now despawn from the game world when the owning player respawns, greatly cleaning up the number of expensive dead bodies on the field. (Main bases now require a 30 second spawn time to ensure that the killer has a chance to verify the kill) Rewrote the burning system for performance and simplicity. Vehicle burning now starts burning at a preset threshold instead of relying on temperature calculations. This means that a vehicle will catch fire if the vehicle is really close to destruction; and will shortly burn out and explode. Rewrote how vehicle flipping is calculated. Ragdoll overlap calculations are now cheaper. Updated the map widget for cheaper visibility calculations. Optimized spiky and expensive UI widgets, and reduced the amount of processing needed for a number of UI widgets. Distance Field Shadows - Shadows and Lighting will look much much better now with distance field shadows enabled, as a graphics option in the settings menu. Added Filtered Sharpening to the post-processing graphics pass. This should help with the issues relating to blurry visuals at range. Vehicle Armor Locational Damage All vehicles now have more defined armor values IE: an APC will have more armor on its front, less on its sides, and very vulnerable in the back. This first take will loosely reflect more closely real-world characteristics, as well as create more depth to the AT role. All bullets will now have a chance to visually and audibly ricochet depending on angle fired, and weapons with tracer rounds will visibly show the ricochets trajectory path. Projectiles that do ricochet don't actually deal damage but instead are a visual indicator that the projectile did not penetrate the surface or armor. Vehicle ground effects (eg. dust being blown around as you drive) have been re-enabled and visually upgraded since its previous implementation. Roles and Weapons Insurgent Soldier models have been completely redone. A large variety of civilian and paramilitary styles have been added to make the faction look a little more versatile visually. New Role: Crewman. This role is necessary for crewing APCs and IFVs in the driver and gunner seats. This role is equipped lightly for the express purpose of self-defense. A Squad Leader Crewman Kit has been added, also. New Weapon: L85A2 Rifle. This is the mainstay British Army service rifle, a 5.56mm bullpup configuration rifle capable of semi and automatic fire. Depending on the role, the rifle is equipped with either iron sights, 4x SUSAT sight (zeroing out to 600m) or 4x ACOG (built in BDC reticle). Some roles also have a folding foregrip/bipod combination attached as well. New Weapon: L86A2 LSW Rifle. This weapon is a unique cross between a designated marksman rifle and a light machine gun. While it doesn't have the same level of stopping power as a 7.62mm DMR, its ability to put down accurate automatic fire makes up for its shortcomings. This is run on the squad-level Marksman role. New Weapon: L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle. A 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle, equipped with a 6x ACOG with an excellent field of view. This is available as the team-wide Marksman role for the British. New Weapon: AG36 Grenade Launcher. A 40mm Grenade Launcher attached to the L85A2 rifle, available on the British Grenadier role. Its side-mounted ladder sight goes up to 350m, and its spring loaded barrel allows for faster loading. New Weapon: L110A1 Minimi. The British adaptation of the FN Minimi platform, much like the M249 SAW. It comes with a collapsible skeleton stock and can be equipped with a 4x SUSAT optic. New Weapon: L7A2 GPMG. The British adaptation of the FN MAG platform, very similar to the M240B weapon system used by the Americans. New Weapon: L131a1 Glock Service Pistol. This recently adopted pistol is a high capacity 9mm handgun that is a reliable sidearm for British officers and support roles. New Weapon: AT4. The AT4 is an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon. This weapon does a modest (33%) more damage than the M72A7 LAW, and is available on all US and British Heavy Anti-Tank roles, as an interim weapon while we work on much heavier anti-tank options. New Weapon: PKP. The Russian Forces PKP is the modernized cousin of the PKM. Complete with a mount for optics, this Russian weapon will make their machine gunners even more fearsome. Russian Machine Gunners have their PKPs equipped with a 1p78 optic. New Weapon Variant: AK74M 1p63 "Obzor" Collimator Sight. The Russian Forces have a collimator sight option now on their rifleman and supplementary combat roles, allowing for quicker target acquisition in CQB. New Weapon Variant: AK74 1p29 Optic Sight. The Militia and Insurgent Forces have a slightly older sight option replacing the modern 1p78 sight. It is the older style trilux sight with an upside down obelisk reticle, zeroing capability out to 400m and also a built-in stadiametric rangefinder. The US Army Machine Gunner's M240B is now equipped with an M145 optic. All factions have now been given knife training and knives, for those times when you may need a stealth kill option. IED and AT Mine changes, Insurgents and Militia are now able to place up to 3 IEDs in the world at a time, and 6 AT mines in the world at a time. They can still only carry 1 of each of these items at a time, so they will need to rearm to place more. Light AT roles now only have 1 shot available for their anti-tank weapons. A full 9-man squad will still have access to 2 of these roles. Heavy AT roles have been added to the British, US Army and Russian factions to aid in destroying vehicles. 2 Kits available per team. 1 per squad. 4 squad members needed to access the kit. US and GB have the new AT4 weapon system as a placeholder for HAT for the time being. RU has a placeholder RPG-7 Tandem warhead. Resupply costs have been updated to the following: 25 Ammo Points: Medic, Rifleman, Crewman, Medic, Officer; 50 Ammo Points: Grenadier, AR, MG, Marksman; 100 Ammo Points: LAT, Sapper, US/GB HAT; 150 Ammo Points: Rus/Mil/Ins HAT Tweaked first person weapon origin positions for all weapons. Tweaked weapon fire sounds for the AK74, AKM, M4, G3 series, and ZU-23 AA Gun Improved the look of the M68 Aimpoint's dot, raising its co-witness to 1/3rd. (Putting the dot above the front sight post.) Widened rear sight apertures on the AK74, AKM and RPK series, making it easier to acquire a target when sighting with these weapons. Tweaked the look of the lowered pose when crouched. Tweaked reticle on the M145 ACOG sight, making the chevron much smaller, and adding a small red dot under the chevron to indicate where a shot would land at 200m. Vehicles All APCs and IFVs now require you to procure a Crewman Role in order to operate the driver and gunner seats. These roles can be sourced from ammo crates, or are spawnable as such. Most vehicles now have the capability to carry spare ammunition to which ground infantry can resupply their ammunition from. These ammunition points can be sourced from Main Base and FOBs, much like ammo points on Logistics vehicles. To that end, these vehicles can now be used to ferry ammunition to and from FOBs if need be. Insurgents will now have access to some technicals with Improvised Armor. These vehicles generally sacrifice speed, driver visibility and handling for much greater resistance to shrapnel and small arms fire, up to 7.62mm NATO. A new British logistics and transport truck. This modern left-hand drive vehicle is similar in carrying capacity to its Russian and American counterparts. It is on a 3-minute respawn timer, and is worth 6 tickets. The passenger transport variant holds 18 soldiers, while the logistics variant holds 4 passengers and 2000 combined supplies. FV510, a new British Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The FV510 is a heavily armored IFV that can carry up to 9 passengers, as well as having a driver/gunner crew. It sports a 30mm autocannon, a slow firing clip-fed cannon that fires high-velocity 30mm rounds in armor-piercing sabot and high explosive. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers. It is on a 10-minute spawn timer and is worth 28 tickets. M2A3 IFV, a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the US Army. Bridging the gap between Armored Personnel Carrier and Main Battle Tank, IFVs can transport a small group of infantry while also providing considerable fire support against both infantry and enemy armor. It holds 7 passengers, along with a driver and gunner. The M2A3 is the most heavily armed vehicle in the game, with a 25mm chaingun, firing armor-piercing sabot and high explosive rounds, as well as a turret-mounted TOW launcher with 2 TOW wire-guided missiles ready to fire. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers for creating smokescreens. It is on a 15-minute spawn timer and is worth 37 tickets. Dramatically reduced the effectiveness of radial damage from rockets to medium to heavy armor vehicles. Completely overhauled the look of the CROWS weapon system on the MATV and M1126. To this, we added an ammunition tracker, rangefinder, turret orientation indicator and 3 levels of zoom. Deployables The TOW missile is a wire-guided missile that follows the target commands via a very long wire attached to the launcher. The player can effectively steer the missile while in flight onto target, and it is extremely effective against stationary or slow-moving targets. Optics have been added onto the emplaced Russian NSV, British and American M2 Brownings and both emplaced and mobile versions of the SPG-9 Kopye. Both the M2 Browning and SPG9 have completely functional reticles that allow for precise shooting at range. We recommend having some trigger time on the range with these to understand how the reticles are used. Emplacements are now damageable by calibers greater than and including 12.7mm/.50cal. The intent is that they will cease to function after sustaining a light to moderate amount of damage, requiring repairs to it in order to bring it back to a working state. Razor wire has been made more damaging by slowing down the player much more when caught in it, as well as making it completely impassable. Razor wire that is shorter and lower to the ground can still be jumped over though with a big enough run-up. Mapping New Map: Kamdesh Highlands: A new Afghan themed map has been added to the game. This map is set in the far east part of Afghanistan, sparsely populated and mountainous, the area has a number of roads crisscrossed, connecting small hamlets. Kohat Toi Expansion: Kohat has been expanded to increase gameplay variability and increase Gameplay layer options. In addition to opening up the playable zones, a lot of surrounding dressing has been added to the map edges to make you really impart the sense of a large world around you. Finally, the lighting has been completely redone from scratch to give a greater sense of distance when looking off into the edges of the map. Gorodok visual improvements: foliage should be thicker, draw farther and look better, all while being more optimized. Rock demons have been largely eliminated. Fixed a number of terrain and static glitching bugs relating to the Train Depot area on Narva We also have added a lot of new layers to existing maps with radically different flag layouts, the addition of the British and expanding the implementation of the Invasion-style game mode Al Basrah Invasion_v1 (Overhauled) Al Basrah Invasion_v2 S (New) Belaya: Relevant layers with Train Tunnel flags are now able to be capped from outdoor areas. Belaya AAS_v2 (New) Belaya AAS_v3 (New) Fools Road AAS_v1: Ammo Hill is a requirement in the lattice. Fools Road AAS_v4 (Overhauled) Gorodok AAS_v1 (Overhauled) Gorodok AAS_v2 (Overhauled) Gorodok AAS_v3 GB vs RU (New) Gorodok AAS_v4 US vs RU (New) Gorodok Invasion_v2 (New) Kohat AAS_v1 (Overhauled) Kohat AAS_v2 (Overhauled) Kohat Invasion_v1 (Overhauled) Yehorivka_AAS_v3 (New) User Interface Name Tag UI updated. Name Tags have been updated both on the 3D HUD and on the map, giving you more intel on friendly locations while also being more contextual. You can see what roles they have now via the name tags. The Squad Leader's position is always visible on the 3D HUD. Players who are incapacitated now appear in grey on the 3D HUD. When seeing a vehicle, only the driver is now shown, clearing a lot of the clutter. Added squad numbers to the vehicle icons on the map, showing which squads currently have a claim on that vehicle. Improved Speedometer. Added a new and improved Speedometer for all drivers. It now shows the amount of torque, what gear you are in, your land speed, your maximum possible top speed and also how much your vehicle is tilted in either direction. Added a search bar to the server browser. Added a 'Screenshot Mode' which hides the main in-game UI. This is accessible through the main menu in the bottom right. Added a back-button to the main menu, which backs you out to the main screen. Added separate mouse sensitivity sliders for soldiers and vehicles. (Further iteration will be done on this system.) Fixed map icon clipping when the icon is close to the map border. Audio Added inside/outside sound mixes for vehicles. For example, being inside an armored vehicle, you will no longer hear outside ambient sounds and the loud sounds are being muffled. Also, impact sounds to vehicles sounds different when sitting inside with a much more pronounced type of sound. Added new and adjusted volumes of weapon firing distant sounds. Added bolt and trigger sounds for handheld and HMG weapons. Added vehicle FX sounds for tyres and tank threads on various surfaces including rolling and sliding. Beefed up attenuation for engine sounds on various vehicles. You will be able to hear the engines further away. Added ADS sounds for handheld weapons. Bug Fixes Fixed a clipping bug on the spawn menu where it was cutting off the bottom of the role list. Adjusted the PKM's first-person view so the handle doesn't block your view. Optimised a large amount of bullet hit and vehicle-based effects. Third person jogging animations have been cleaned up and tweaked. Fixed sound cutting out on the M4 when firing in Three Round Burst. Fixed being able to change stances while deployed in bipod. Fixed sprinting while low stamina looking awkward in third-person. Optimised the blur effect on ADS. Fixed feet sliding while moving in crouch in third-person. Remove menu when pressing Tilde ~ for console or when pressing Shift-P for admin camera. This will stop you getting stuck in the main menu and unintentionally being able to move. Fixed third person sprinting animations for some weapons causing their left wrist to break. Fixed an unintentional value for settle sway on the M4 platform. Several bug fixes related gameplay layers. Miscellaneous Localisation for the following languages has been updated and added: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian. Added a server option for whether or not APCs and IFVs require a crewman.
  13. New weapons coming to Battalion 1944

    Another new weapon coming to Battalion! ( source ) Introducing a new weapon: The MP 28 If you follow our updates you might have seen that last week we announced that the M3 Grease Gun will be added to the Allied weapon line up. Well, now we are announcing the Axis equivalent that’s coming in our next Major Update #2 scheduled for June 2018! The MP 28 is a 9mm submachine gun that will fit nicely into the new “eco” class we are adding to Wartide 2.0 The Axis eco weapon will be the MP 28, this means it will be useful in situations where your team wants to ‘force buy’. It’s a cheap, low damage submachine gun that doesn’t cost many tokens to purchase but will hopefully give you a spray of 9mm bullets that you could need to get out of a sticky situation or ambush an opponent! When we looked for a weapon to fit the Axis “Eco” role this jumped out at us. It’s an older weapon that isn’t really seen as a classic “WW2 gun” but it is definitely something we can fit into the meta as an inexpensive eco weapon. We think it looks cool, our artists had a good time designing it and we hope you have fun using it for some face to face engagements in Battalion. The MP 28 will be a low damage Submachine gun and it’s class will come equipped with 1 smoke grenade to help you & your team advance on objectives. The additions of these two new weapons will add another layer to our Wartide 2.0 competitive game mode and build upon our first iteration of the game mode. You can read more about the Wartide 2.0 update here: Disclaimer: We are currently in the process of testing and balancing these Eco weapons so their role and price could change at some point so make sure you stay up to date with this by following our future patch notes and updates our social media accounts. Thanks a lot guys, we are eager to see your reactions to these weapons, how they play and how they fit into the meta so let us know what you think and stay tuned for our next update coming soon!
  14. Post Scriptum

    Le jeu est actuellement phase "Alpha closed" mais des week-ends de tests sont prévues au mois de mai pour ceux qui auront précommandés le jeu et ceux qui ont soutenu SQUAD et donc obtenu une clé gratuite. Source :
  15. Depuis quelques jours, il apparait que la version Steam de COD4 ai été rétrogradée à la version 1.6 (cela ne concerne pas la version CD), cela touche également MW2. Pourquoi, ce downgrade ? Il semble qu'après de nombreuses années d'inactivités Activision ai décidé de résoudre un exploit RCE qui permettrai à des personnes mal intentionnés de prendre le contrôle de votre PC. (Et pour ceux qui utilisent la version CD, ben l'histoire n'en parle pas ! ) Du coup cela empêche les joueurs de rejoindre les serveurs qui eux sont en 1.7 ou utilise CODX4 mod Pour remédier au "problème" vous devez remplacer le fichier iw3mp.exe qui se trouve à la racine de votre jeu COD4 et le remplacer par celui qui est dans notre de téléchargement : sources : Autre sujet en relation :

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