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impossible to connect after clean and reinstall

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hello, I just reinstalled arma 3, I really cleaned:

classic uninstall + delete all directories.

download steam on clean machine

download arma 3 I launch,

and when I arrive on the list of servers, I have a red cross on your servers, and impossible to connect. an idea ?


have nice evening

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Hello/Good evening,
sorry for the delay, it's the vacation season right now.

Currently our Arma servers are down, the latest game update seems to have crashed our servers for no apparent reason.
We are currently working to resolve the issue with limited staff.

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Hello chris,

The problem is quite complicated, following the update of the servers there is a bug at startup.
I'm working on it, but there is no documentation on the net.
As I have already tested multiple configurations without results, I will have to work on the master server, for that I need some free time.
Unfortunately I have a life on the side and I don't have time, sorry for the wait.
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