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After playing for a long time,

I'm waiting for the rank of colonel with 1700 or more.

for this I obviously get a lot of money for build bots, vehicles, choppers ...

To avoid waste I recycled a lot,

Beginner I also avoided building expensive hardware,

as advised, I use a respaw



2-3 medic bots,

and a $15 truck

not expansive, i reach 15000€ or more.

this afertoon in playing, my fund decrease very much ! i think 10 000 ?

is there a reason for this ?

it's not the firts time, perhaps somme actions explain ?

Thank, and have a nice evenning


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I don't know how you play, but if you change weapons often, it can lower your money. 
Remember that there is no ranking for the richest player on the server, you just have to have enough money to play.
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