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server S1 S2 liberation RX

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with this new version, (arma server 1&2)

when the map is finished :

   -  our level drops to 0 ?

 -   the fund won is lost ?


what are the saved parameters ???



have nice evenning

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wich may explain the lack of players inline ?

morever the game is not easy, a lot of hours to get  fund and level ...

i think is not very attractive ?


well well it's your choice, just observations


best regards

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Keeping score or rank is deeply unfair to new players.
That way all players are equal.

If you buy a dog, two bots, a tent, an arsenal and a truck, you will be equipped to play properly.
Load the equipment into the truck.
The bots will revive you if needed.

Don't get too close to the objectives.
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But good luck to the novice,

In my opinion they will be out very soon,

Personally if another player had not taught me all the tricks, I believe that I will never have reached the rank of MAJOR.

And yet I've been playing ARMA for a while.

It's just my opinion

Have a nive day


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