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slow motion game

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Hello before asking the question i have a tower configured like this

AMD Octal core FX8350 4100MHz CPU

DDR3 1866MHz 16G RAM

CM 970 ASROCK Extreme 3

CG GTX 1060 6G


WIN 7 PRO 64-bit

Well above what is recommended for arma 3

I have a fiber optic internet connection

400Mb / s going up

400Mb / s going down

and a ping on the ORANGE test servers of 7ms

My problem, when I connect to your ALTIS server,

I sometimes have an FPS lower than 10, often 7! however in solo player I have 60 FPS,

I do not understand.

I modified the video config,

tried a bunch of stuff I found on the WEB, but nothing to do.

an idea ?

thank you

good day to all the NGBC community

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Hello Chris,
It's very strange the problem you have.
Does it appear as soon as you log in or after some time in the game?
Does the problem happen randomly or when you do certain actions?
Did you run a check of the game files with steam?
Did you try playing on other servers to see if it was different?

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1 - the problem appears as soon as I connect

2 - the slowness is whatever my actions in the game, driver, pilot, sniper, etc.

3 - check the game files with steam? I don't understand, what actions should I take?

4 - on other servers that have the same network ping, the game runs very well, 25 FPS or more

I even tried with another tower, less powerful but sufficient for ARMA 3, I have the same problem.

Also changed the network swiths, connected directly to the box, nothing change.

For info my PC runs RED DEAD REDEMPTION without problems, so except a connection problem, I see nothing else ?

I also checked the firewall, I have the permissions for ARMA3 and STEAM (check in pannel config -> firewall -> connection rules in & out)

Mystery !!!

thank you for your help



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I think the problem is not with your tower, nor with your connection. Potentially a problem with the game configuration or an error in the files.

Il y a 2 heures, chrisplayone74 a dit :

3 - check the game files with steam? I don't understand, what actions should I take?

To check a game with steam, you must follow these instructions.

Maybe there was a problem during the installation of one of the last updates, this system allows to identify and repair the problems encountered in a game.
For security reasons, I invite you to make a copy of your arma game profile, you can find it here :
C:\Users\YourProfil\AppData\Local\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YourGameProfil

profil-arma-3.JPG← (these are my arma 3 profile files, these are the backups of all my progress in arma 3.)

Il y a 2 heures, chrisplayone74 a dit :

even tried with another tower, less powerful but sufficient for ARMA 3, I have the same problem.

Your test seems to rule out a problem with the tower, and if it was a problem with your connection, the FPS drop would also happen on other servers you try to join.

If it was a problem connecting to our servers, other players would have the same problem, but so far you're the only one who has reported this problem, so I'm guessing an error in the Arma 3 game files.

When you tested on the second tower, did you have the same arma 3 profile? Or was it a totally different arma 3 account ?


Another assumption, is your game in 64 bits?
You can find out by opening the game's window and going to the settings, you have to look at the platform.
I put you the image to help you to find.


If you have it in 32 bits, switch it to 64 bits, and try to see if there is a change in the gameplay.


I hope to solve your problem soon.


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file checks : OK

ARMA3: 64 bits

benchmark downloaded -> OK fps between 20 and 40

This afternoon fps between 7 and 13

no big deal,

I should be able to try with another graphics card like RTX 3060, RTX 2060.

but they are not in stock at the dealers,

anyway the prices !!! 😵 not for me


a +


for information

on the other computer i keep the same profile

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ok, everything seems ok on this side.
So I don't see where the problem comes from. I'll do some research and see if there are other possibilities to explore.

lol, I don't think it's from the graphics card, otherwise it would do it on all games. Yes, the price of the RTX's is mind blowing.


test that can be done :

If you play with mods, disable them and see if anything changes. If so, maybe the problem comes from a mod, reactivate them one by one to identify the one that would be the cause. If not, you can reactivate all of them and try something else.


Try to launch the game with a blank profile, that is to say that you save your arma game profile somewhere and you delete the save from the folder C:\Users\YourProfil\AppData\LocalArma 3 - Other Profiles\YourGameProfil ; so that when you launch arma afterwards, this one thinks that it is the first time. Try to join the server and see if there is any change.
If so, the problem would be due to the corruption of your arma profile when it connects to our server. I don't know any solution except playing with a new blank profile. If no, phew, the profile is not the cause of the problem.

After thinking about it, it is unlikely that this check is necessary, I don't see how the arma profile could influence the FPS unless there is a bad setting in the configuration, but you have already looked at that.


have a nice weekend

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  • 1 month later...

Good evening,

I solved the problem :

In fact you have to act in 3 steps

1 configure your game in single users

2 reconfigure your game in multiplayer depending on the servers and options these modifications cause conflicts,

so to resolve them all you have to do is reinstall ARMA 3,

this one will only adjust the various parameters, but not reinstall the game.

3 launch the game on the server you are interested in,

modify certain parameters, and we manage to have both good video quality and decent FPS.

I recognize it is complex and would undoubtedly deserve more explanations, more it would be necessary to make a subject uniquemenet for that and in French, too complicated.



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