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Mod Suggestions for ArmA 3 Liberation-Koop Server

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after I've asked an admin about a mod suggestion I have and he told me to share it here... well... here Iam.

I want to suggest to add the mod "Advanced Towing" to make it possible to tow vehicles.

-> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639837898

If Im not in the mood for killing and liberating Im collecting the left behind vehicles on the map but often I have the problem that those vehicles are out of fuel and badly damaged. Also I have to take several AI units with me to be able to take those vehicles with me (I mean... I've tried but Im unable to drive two or several vehicles at the same time). If I than not only need a fuel truck and sometimes also a mechanic-offroad for repair I have at least two and sometimes allready three vehicles what needs three drivers so at least one or two AI not able to be driver of the left behind vehicles. But also the AI at least on this server is even more retarded than in general. They sometimes not follow the orders, they sometimes just stop or crash the vehicles, if they are engineer they not repair (like the medics don't revive and the pilots not land etc.) and also you need to allways command them around what can be very... annoying! I mean Im cool with the AI more than with acctual players what annoy me most of the time even more but well... sometimes they can really be exhausting. So I thought about just towing vehicles as I allready know from many servers I've visited in my long (2000h+) ArmA3 time.

Im not sure if there is not an other way to tow vehicles because once I was also on a Liberation Server what allready had this feature but without the mod probably self-scripted. That was kinda cool but I guess the easiest way would be to add this mod.



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Another mod suggestion I have is the "A3 Wounding System"

-> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=954149033

This mod allows players to drag and carry wounded soldiers.

This can be very helpful if the area isn't safe for revive or if no medic is around to bring the wounded soldier to the medic or similiar scenarios.

Unfortunately I have heard this mod could be outdated and wont work anymore but Im not sure if this is true also I do not know exactly if there are any mod-dependencies but I think actually not that's also why I have choosen this mod than others what need bigger mods to run.

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Good evening PARAS,

We start from the principle of not imposing any mods to be able to play on our servers.

We can indeed, add mods, but this must not be to the detriment of the gameplay of those who do not have the mod.

It is possible to add "Advanced Towing mod" to tow vehicles, but those who don't have the mod will see weird things like two vehicles following each other with a ghost vehicle. There is also a risk of troll with this system

I'll check with my NGBC colleagues to see if there's any interest in adding the Advanced Towing mod.

As for the care mod, we won't add it because it impacts the gameplay too much, moreover the old mission versions had an identical script but we removed it because some players had fun immobilizing others with this script, for this reason we preferred to remove it permanently.



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I see... once again people what destroy all the good things what comes with such features... quite frustrating and sad to read...

I think I even remember this to exist on the server even that I've played at many servers with Liberation. Im a huge friend of mods because there are so many and also alot good and brilliant ones. They add alot of great aspects to this Simulation and some even increase it's realism but allways increase the opportunities.

But of course they need people keeping them alive and up to date but especially people who make them.

Actually I can beside of this and some things I will take up later not really comprehend this argument to reject mods. Other than DLCs mods are free and only need to be downloaded and loaded in and thanks to the workshop but also other options they're also quite easy to obtain. Of course you need to know how to use them but if you were able to figure out ArmA controls etc. this should be possible. Another good thing is that it sometimes even keeps away the people who troll because it's to much for them and overstrains them so to say but it is true... it can also open new opportunities for such scum. But you will think twice if you had lot of effort to make it work to play and join and not get banned because of such stupid things but of course even than some people will try.

In the end it allways is as it is and you can't stop them doing just punish them if they do and everybody has to take the consequences if they harm others.

People playing because they want to have fun and so are the trolls... they troll because they have fun doing so and if they take things to far they have to take the consequences and if this means to get banned. Not knowing is no excuse and so I think this shouldn't keep you away of using mods if that is the reason you don't want to.

I think not using such opportunities will make mods become useless and that't probably the worst. This would probably lead to people stop making them because they feel like it wouldn't be used anyways. And I can tell I would have probably not even more than 500hours playtime in ArmA 3 if there would be no mods. If you take the implemented mods not even more than 100h I guess.

It brings so many new aspects to the game that it wont get boring and I think that's another reason for at least some trolls to exist. Just being bored. But of course there are also people trolling just because they like if others suffer... but you wont come along without punishing in any way. You can whitelist to only allow specific people but even than sometimes shit will happen.

But of course it is your server and your decision if you'd like to struggle around with mods because I think for people who make the servers it is alot harder to make it work than for people just playing.

I can't tell you to do and I don't want to as well even that I would like to see mods to used more in general.

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Il y a 13 heures, Guillaume Martel a dit :

It is possible to add "Advanced Towing mod" to tow vehicles, but those who don't have the mod will see weird things like two vehicles following each other with a ghost vehicle. There is also a risk of troll with this system

Guillaume : "Advanced Towing mod" is a server-side only mod, clients haven't to install it and it is possible to add it directly to the mission.

@Guillaume Martel (pour info) : "Advanced Towing" c'est un mod "Server-side only", les joueurs n'ont pas à le DL. Il peut même etre ajouté directement à la mission.(A voir avec max).
(si les gens sont intéressés bien sur)

Screenshot_2020-06-04 Steam Workshop Advanced Towing.png

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