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Hell Let Loose : Developer Briefing #66 - The M8 Greyhound

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #66!

With expanded recon mechanics right around the corner, we’ve been hard at work creating all the necessary assets to bring them to life.

We’re excited to show you the way they work and integrate into the larger picture of the metagame in both Offensive and Warfare gamemodes. We’ve noticed many community members speculating at the way the Recon vehicles specifically will work within Hell Let Loose, and we’re keen to assure you that they’re going to be far more than a wheeled version of a light tank - but more on that in a later Dev Briefing...

The M8 Greyhound


The M8 Greyhound will be the key reconnaissance vehicle for the United States army in Hell Let Loose. The Greyhound is a relatively unimposing vehicle in appearance, but will function as an important strategic boon to the whole of the team.

Roughly 8,500 M8’s were produced and distributed amongst both the American and British armies - a key support element within the larger advancing armored columns.

The Greyhound’s excellent on-road mobility enabled it to detach from the bulk of the column and drive outward and ahead of the main force to quickly survey and report back enemy movement, build-up and density - allowing for greater tactical and strategic decisions to be made by the leadership.

Somewhat ironically for Hell Let Loose, the Greyhound was initially developed as a new light tank destroyer. The army requested a 6x4 wheeled vehicle armed with a 37mm gun - complete with a hull mounted MG and a coaxial on the turret - much the same as the Stuart or Sherman tank. Its armor was supposed to withstand fire from a .50 caliber machine gun and side armor from a .30 caliber (7.62 mm) machine gun.


Very quickly, the US military realised that the Greyhound’s 37mm armament and lack of substantial armor thickness made it ineffective against the new Germany armour.

Looking for a better way to use these vehicles, they were quickly adopted into a long-range reconnaissance role. The M8 performed this function with distinction - acting as the “eyes and ears” of advancing columns. Each M8 armored car was equipped with a long-range radio set to assist in the exercise of command, or for the purpose of relaying information received from subordinate elements to higher headquarters. Another short-range radio set served to communicate within a cavalry reconnaissance platoon, reconnaissance team, or with headquarters.

The M8 was not designed for offensive combat, and its firepower was adequate only against similar lightly armored enemy vehicles and infantry. The vehicle's armor provided a fair degree of protection against small-arms fire but nothing more. With a meager .25 in (6 mm) of floor armor, the M8 was particularly vulnerable to German mines. The M8 in Hell Let Loose will mirror this historical purpose and function - allowing crews invulnerability from small arms fire.

Beware though - the Greyhound is very lightly armored and is prey to nearly every anti-tank weapon in the game. Historically, the Greyhound was so lightly armored that crewmen would line the interior of the vehicle with sandbags - to function as additional armor against mines and explosive rounds.

We’re looking forward to explaining exactly how the M8 will function in the weeks to come, as well as introducing the new vehicle spawning mechanics and the crewing opportunities in the Greyhound and newer vehicle variants!

See you on the frontline!

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