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Hell Let Loose : Developer Briefing #65 - Updated Roadmap!

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The New Roadmap

Welcome to Developer Briefing #65! This week we’re updating our Roadmap as we tread into 2020 to keep you informed about the trajectory of our content and where it will land! Last week we gave the state of development and we are super excited to be able to finally share the new content line-up!

Find our last roadmap here and the state of development from last week here!


The roadmap reflects our current development goals and schedule. While we always work as hard as possible to achieve these according to the order on the roadmap, occasionally features will change positions based on issues encountered.

As usual, each dev briefing we’ll start to unpack and dive into each of the aspects of the roadmap. Please know that this is not exhaustive. There are many more features large and small that are to come, but we want to commit to them and show them off closer to time of release. We also want to assure you that bug fixing and optimisation are a key priority.

That wraps up this week's Developer Briefing, thanks for checking it out! We hope you are as excited as us for all the content planned as we are to bring it to you all!

If you're enjoying your time with Hell Let Loose, feel free to drop us a review and let us know about your experiences with the game - it really helps!

See you on the frontline.

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