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Hell Let Loose : Patch 10 - Live Now!

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Hi everyone,

Patch 10 is here and it’s a smaller one to tide you over until our next big Update.

We assessed much of the initial feedback after the Update and have made as many changes as possible to quickly improve on your experience in-game. Fixes, additions and polish is always an ongoing process and we largely batch this together in Updates, however we felt that these fixes would be relatively low-risk and greatly increase the quality of life within the game.

Gameplay Changes
  • All spawn icons are now much more legible on the map.
  • Disabled "weapon sway" from Binos for Axis and Allies as players are having trouble marking accurately.
  • Increase the drowning timer from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Make all deadly rivers have a longer bank that will let you back out before falling in and drowning.
  • Tanks crew now drown if they fully submerge their tank for too long.
  • Jumbo tanks are now present on most other maps and game modes while we test their effectiveness and balance.
  • Fixed: On the Enlist screen, changing the filter order multiple times will present the user with a server that they cannot join
  • Added audio menu volume slider for Ping Marker
  • Maximum marker count for Officers is now 5, and then resets the first marker thereafter.
  • Maximum marker count for Commanders is now 5, and then resets the first marker thereafter.
  • Maximum of one of each marker type.
  • Quicker PING Fade
  • Changed resource node marker to tent icon node marker
  • Removed extra smoke marker but have left the “Request Smoke” marker.
  • Markers now have a different volume at different ranges. i.e 500m+ plays no sound. It then gets progressively louder the closer they are. This is designed to cut down on audio clutter and give urgency to nearby marks.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: No Node markers for Manpower, Fuel, Munitions
  • Fixed: The POI Marker animation on the player's name does not play to players that had their HUD toggled off when the Marker was placed
  • Fixed: The in-game map pauses the POI Marker's player name animation
  • Fixed: [PHL-O] Strafing Runs from 3 specific directions don't kill players
  • Fixed: [PHL] Spawning on the German mid HQ spawn can result in the player spawning above the ground
  • Fixed: [PHL][G4] House and plane location do not match in-game map.
  • Fixed: Reset Key bindings so When we update new designated keys, players who have rebound don't have that key bind empty - make it so this is reset every time a new designated key is introduced.
  • Fixed: [Omaha] The game has crashed on the loading screen after initiating a map vote from Hurtgen Forest
  • Fixed: [US Heavy tank] The 76mm and 75mm Jumbo tank will stop reversing after a short distance
  • Fixed: In Offensive mode the 'Strong point' UI will still display on the HUD when the player enters, after the sector has been captured
  • Fixed: The user can navigate the menus after they have connected to a server

  • Drastically reduced memory usage of Purple Heart Lane - resulting in much faster loading times, higher frames and less disconnection while joining server.

Purple Heart Lane
  • Fixed: Player can fall into a hole which will make their camera judder.
  • Fixed: No collision on roof - Purple Heart Lane
  • Fixed: Invisible collision above a short bush in H2
  • Fixed: Boat covers produce metal PFX when shot
  • Fixed: "Fantastique" poster in E3 has graphical issues
  • Fixed: No collision on ammunition heaps - Purple Heart Lane
  • Fixed: Invisible collision wall Purple Heart Lane E4 Numpad 9
  • Fixed: Collision on a bush on the ground Purple Heart Lane E4
  • Fixed: Missing collision for multiple assets present in sector H5
  • Fixed: Invisible collision present on top of a stone wall in sector F8
  • Fixed: A wooden fence post asset produces concrete PFX when shot
  • Fixed: Missing texture next to the bridge in sector E4 causes the players to see under the map, and makes it possible to shoot other players
  • Fixed: Inconsistency with barbed wire bullet collision
  • Fixed: [E3] Invisible collision present on sidewalks of main road bridge
  • Fixed: A low resolution grass texture is clipping through the wall in sector E3
  • Fixed: Metal mooring bollards produce concrete PFX when shot
  • Fixed: Metal stairs produce concrete PFX when shot
  • Fixed: Invisible collision present in E3
  • Fixed: Wooden bridges produce concrete PFX when shot
  • Fixed: Metal supports are missing collision in E4
  • Fixed: Missing texture on barn floor in sector C9


Offensive mode starting defender garrisons have been moved further back to mirror the changes made to Purple Heart Lane. This is to create a much less grindy experience for attackers on the first flag. More Offensive mode changes will be coming in U6 to overall improve the experience across all maps.

Fixed: Players can completely clip through a particular building wall on SME

  • Fixed: Graphic snow overlap mound
  • Offensive mode starting defender garrisons have been moved further back to mirror the changes made to Purple Heart Lane.

See you on the frontline!

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