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Hell Let Loose : Developer Briefing #62 - Giving your soldiers a fresh look!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #62!

This week we’re sharing with you a first look at the soldier face updates that’s coming after Update 5.

Fear not, your favourite faces that you know and love won’t be going anywhere, they’re just getting updated to better reflect the face of a soldier that’s been fighting tooth and nail on the frontline.

Get a look at what’s coming!

Note: All the images on the left are the existing models, the ones on the right are what the models will be updated to.

Surprised to serious.

Battle weary to battle scarred.

Recruit to veteran.

Cocky to combat ready

And finally, the one you've all been waiting for...

Mendez vs the Mendez she tells you not to worry about

The team will be adding even more faces to the line-up as we move through Early Access to further bolster the options available to players.

To give you a clearer look at how these will look on your soldier, here’s a render for your viewing pleasure.


Valentine’s Day Stream - Falling in Love with Hell Let Loose!

Join community stalwart and Team Dixx streamer ‘SakuraRagdoll’ on February 14th both here on the Hell Let Loose Steam Store Page and on her Twitch Channel as she takes to the frontline with a themed Hell Let Loose stream!


Watch Sakura’s stream, join her in battle and share your love for Hell Let Loose.

Stream start time: 6:45pm MT / 5:45pm PT / 8:45pm ET / 3:45am CEST
Stream end time: 1:00am MT / 12:00am PT / 3:00am ET / 10:00am CEST

Sakura's Twitch Channel: Watch here[www.twitch.tv]
Hell Let Loose Steam Channel: Watch here

Sakura will be streaming and shooting all through the evening so jump in, show your support and have some frontline fun.

Next Week!

The team has been working incredibly hard on Update 5 and are excited for you to experience it next Tuesday.

We’ll be sharing the changelist with you on patch-day, including new content additions, optimisations and bug fixes.

See you on the frontline.

Afficher l’article complet

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