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player problem

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could you tell the CEDRIC player that insulted me (motherfucker !!!) is not very friendly.
the reason, I did not take it in my armored (full of IA) ...
I do not understand French well, but I understood, I just disconnected parcque I would like to tell him some truths and it is not correct, I know. cordially

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hey @chrisplayone74,

you should tell me what day it happened and give me more information to support your version.

I sanctioned a cédric but he tells me it wasn't him and maintains his version.

His nickname was just "Cedric" or "Cedric Rivière".

the insult that was addressed to you was on 27/06/2019? or another day?

it may be necessary to compare your two versions if it is him.

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Good evening,

thank you for dealing quicly with this problem, date is  June 26.

it's not cedric riviere,

i listen carrefully french pronunciation to understand for playing well.

and i garantee, the player whose nickname is cedric and player this afternoon, june 27, is the guy , i recognize well this voice.

Sorry for the hassle, but I find this rule is important,  when no administrator is present, it can escalate.

Otherwise it concerns a very small number of players, and I am very well received, especially by some players,

although I have great difficulty understanding some dialogue.

Have a good evening, and thanks again.

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