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Hi, first I wanted to apologize for what I did. I was banned on Thursday, February 7 on the NotGoodButCrazy Altis server, we were 4 people in the enemy zone. 2 soldiers and I were firing, many enemies were approaching and about 1 enemy vehicle. We were running out of ammunition and the player Gwadam got on the helicopter, then I said "dont take off" and he took off, leaving us alone to the 3 soldiers surrounded by enemies and almost without ammunition. The reason for the ban is that I said "fucking gwadam". Then I was kicked and banned.

My name in the server is Metl10halo

Modifié par felipezapata200424
i didn't add my name

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Hi Felizapata,

Again ?!! A new sanction after a lot of warning and tempban. :heink:
The 1st rules on our server is : Respect players everytime, for everything.

Gwadam made may be a mistake by taking off and leaving you but that doesn't earn "insult" or "bad language".

He has tempbanned you for 1 week (until : 15/02/19 14:21).
The sanction won't be reduced.


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