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can you remove PERMA BAN


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in only say "dude u spam to much ur mic and he is admin and i dont now it and ban me........

he ban me in 2018 and perma ban wtf only for say that 


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Very well thank you.
We will study your case.

Just some information for a deban request:
you indicated your username: Yonatan
You have been banned on the Arma 3 server
Your date of ban: 25/11/2018

One last question to complete.

Do you have any motives that could bring us back to your ban ?

[Make your post readable / understandable. In all cases polite and courteous.]

You will receive an answer to your request depending on the availability of members, it may take a few days. Thank you for your understanding.

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yes sure, i think admin cant ban like that people because only say the true, he espawn to much i dnt say stupid,idiot or same i only say "PLEASE stop spam you spam a lot of much" and he ban me thats not a reason i think

and Thanks 

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Good evening @RVS0,
The NGBC members met to discuss your sanction.
Since you asked for a reduction in your sentence, we decided to grant it to you.
Your sanction will end Friday 08.02.2019 from 20:16

However, I must remind you to pay attention to the language and words you use.
That when you are on the NGBC server, you must obey the injunctions of NGBC and moderators.
Neither do you interfere when these are moderating the server.
As you have already been sanctioned, the next serious sanction will be a definitive permaban.
If you do not understand French, you have the opportunity to communicate in English, whether verbally or in writing, and always cordially.

I seem to have said everything, I wish you good return on our server and good game.
In case of problems, for example if you can not reach the server on the scheduled date, please let us know.

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