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V1.0.164 Hotfix 2
-Add: Ladder to constructions

-Fix: Missing collision on Bunker nets
-Fix: Last missing material on explosion (big gray square)
-Fix: Faction name in Arnhem AAS 02

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V1.0.169 - Hotfix 3 - ( - source - )
-Add: New UI for radio communication
-Add: New 20mm HE shell sound

-Fix: Wreck collision after despawn
-Fix: Ladder cost 200->20
-Fix: 82nd Airborne marking on uniform

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Update V1.0.182 ( - source - )

Hello everyone,

We have been very pleased with the encouraging words both internally and externally about our latest updates to Post Scriptum. This has been reflected through our current Steam ratings and reviews. A large proportion of the improvements have been as a result of the feedback from you - the player base - and faith from beloved communities that continue to support Post Scriptum. We are continually evolving the game using this feedback and we thank every one of you for helping us improve the experience.


-Add: Arnhem Range US
-Add: Driel AAS 02, 03, 04, 05
-Add: Oosterbeek AAS 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
-Add: Arnhem AAS 03

-Fix: Cap zone name in Velmolen 09
-Fix: Oosterbeek PaK on S02
-Fix: Collision on some Arnhem building
-Fix: Paradrop location in Driel
-Fix: Adding radio to all AAS main bases - Gameplay: Improved voip readability - Gameplay: Handheld MG get 5 bullets in between tracers


So, what’s new for PS? Below is a roadmap stretching from release, back in August, all the way into the near future, showing our plans for the end of 2018 and going into 2019, The Bloody Seventh is only the beginning!





Veghel (3x3km) is one of the 2 new maps coming for the US faction and can be expected soon featuring the Screaming Eagles of the 101st US Airborne Division!




Post Scriptum’s new ‘Armored’ game mode will give players the chance to battle it out in brutal armored vehicle warfare. From armored recon vehicles to several different types of tanks to choose from, your mission is to capture objectives and work with your team to exploit the weaknesses of your enemies. In order to achieve victory, teams will need to preserve tickets by controlling a majority of objective areas, and destroying the enemy. Heavier vehicles play a vital role, as they are able to capture objectives much faster than lighter vehicles. This requires players to organise the distribution of different vehicle classes strategically over the battlefield.

‘Armored’ is going through its final testing phase and the internal reception of the first iteration of the mode has been quite positive so far. ‘Armoured’ will release soon after we work a bit more on gameplay balance, such as ticket counts, capzone timer etc.. We are very close to it!




Also coming soon are two new iconic vehicles that should help reinforce all factions on the armour front! We will be revealing these additions soon.



Melee has been a long time request from players, and also a wish of ours. It is still a work in progress but we are close to a satisfactory result.



We believe that community/player driven content is the key to enabling communities to hold custom events, and for modders to finally have a chance to develop their own weapons, vehicles, maps and gameplay systems. We are looking forward to this new chapter. Post Scriptum’s SDK should be a coming within the next few weeks as we are working with Offworld Industries and Epic Games to get this out. More info about this later.



As previously mentioned, Post Scriptum started with ‘The Bloody Seventh’ as the original theatre and vision, with the hopes that the future would allow the possibility of new factions and areas of the war to be included. Stay tuned for future updates as we will slowly start to unveil the new additions coming to the Post Scriptum experience!

Join the community on Discord

From the team at Periscope Games, we thank you again for your continued support and feedback!


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Update V1.0.186 ( - source - )

Hello everyone,

Small but needed update before the weekend, we had an issue with the Toggle Firemode key not working as intended, our core changes to make the bayonet was interfering with that key. It should now be back to normal.
We also took sometime to add new head models, focusing on the 82nd for the time being.
More to come soon.

Our Sound Designer TheSCRUB is currently working on designing sound for the bayonet attach/detach animation made by Macolik. Getting closer to a playable prototype.

Work on Veghel continue, we will have a first version playable in the near future for the Supporter first, then as usual, we'll release it to everyone.

Hope you guys enjoy the update and have a good weekend.


-Add: New head model for US 82nd Airborne
-Add: Velmolen Offensive 02, 03, 04
-Fix: Toggle Firemode not working
- Gameplay: Tweak to M3 Halftrack damage model with 20mm AP



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Update v1.0.190 - ( - source - )

Hello everyone,

Today, we patch Post Scriptum to fix a couple of annoying bugs reported by the community.
Panzerfaust had a weird issue where you couldn't see your own projectile while others were able to see it, this was solved yesterday as the bug was reported both on Reddit and our community Discord. (
So we are glad that this bug got identified and killed, in the most brutal way!

We also add 3 new layers for Doorwerth in AAS.

Changelog :

-Add: Doorwerth AAS 03, 04, 05
-Fix: Panzerfaust issue in first person view
-Fix: US Smoke tweak for right click throw to not lag on hold
-Fix: Various level design issues


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Update v1.0.251 - ( - source - )

Hello everyone!

Today's patch is very exciting! A lot of new things have been added to the game, as well as a heavy focus on further optimization improvements.

Let's dive into it right away with the Changelog, we'll then detail things a bit more so you know exactly what is up:

-Add: New map Veghel (AAS 01 + Offensive 01)
-Add: Bayonet System
- Added to M1 Garand, K98K, G41, Sten, Lee Enfield
-Add: 101st Airborne faction
-Add: Sherman M4A3
-Add: Sdkfz 234 Puma
-Add: Realistic bullet impulse on ragdolls
-Gameplay: Damage Model 2.0 for all vehicles (see below)
-Gameplay: View cone added to tank's compass
-Gameplay: US Sapper main weapon changed to Grease Gun
-Gameplay: Jagdpanzer 4 added to Arnhem AAS 03
-Gameplay: Parachute drops added to Driel Offensive 06, 08, 09
-Gameplay: Parachute drops added to Heelsum Offensive 03, 06, 07, 08
-Fix: German Sapper kit adjusted to have 3 bandages instead of 1
-Optimization: Landscape geometry is now much lighter with no visual loss -Optimization: Foliage over distance is rendering faster
-Optimization: Water shader on old maps
-Optimization: New shader for old building

Let's breakdown all these changes in more detail!


This week, we had a couple of testing sessions with our Supporter Edition owners and the map was very well received! Thanks to all of them for showing up, we had a blast.

This is why we feel comfortable in going with a public test today for the next 24 hours.

Veghel is a new 3x3km map, located just North of the Bridge of Son and South of Nijmegen.
You are more likely to know it under the infamous nickname, 'Hell's Highway'.


This scenario will introduce for the first time the 101st Airborne in Post Scriptum.

It is available with 2 layers for starters. Offensive Single 01 and AAS 01.
More layers will come in the near future.





Here they are, after teasing you for a few weeks, here are the 2 new vehicles coming to Post Scriptum:

Sdkfz.234 Puma

M4A3 Sherman 75mm


K98k, G41, M1 Garand, Sten Mk V and Lee Enfield are now equipped with bayonets!



We have added a system that gets your character's ragdoll to behave based on where the bullet was coming from.



In this update, we are adding our Damage Model 2.0, here is a quick guideline of how it works:

Each weapon is given a value of armour that it can penetrate.
Each tank has it's own armour thickness value per polygon.

In the image below, the more white the texture, the thicker. Each polygon is assigned a thickness based on historical data.

When a projectile collides with these polygons, it will then calculate the relative armour thickness, if the penetration value of the shell is higher than the armour thickness, then the projectile passes through the metal, if not, it will bounce off.

If it does penetrate, it will then look for what component is behind.
Each vehicle in Post Scriptum is now fitted with internal components.

Blue = Crewman = % of chance to injure or kill him
Red = Ammo Rack or Fuel tank = % of chance to set the tank on fire and explode
Yellow = Turret ring = % of chance of disabling turret rotation
Pink = Engine = % of chance of disabling the engine/transmission
Green = Tracks = % of chance of disabling the vehicle mobility

Internal components can be repaired with your wrench or at any friendly repair station.


As a crew member of the vehicle, we have added UI icons so you are aware of the status of your tank.
Each icons will show white for fully working components, yellow for partially damaged and red for destroyed.


If you have a good eye, you will also have spotted a little marker on the view cone at the bottom left of the screen, allowing to give a better indication to your teammate while inside the vehicle (clock)


Optimization is still an ongoing battle, but we are very happy with the progress made by the team over the past 4 months.

After the holidays, we got back to work and found new ways to get even more frames. Here are a few "technical" images, but they are fairly easy to understand, green is good / red is bad :)



This will help the GPU quite a lot since we made similar changes on all our foliage.

We also made a tweak to landscapes, where they will draw a lot less triangles.
These changes were made as a test on Veghel this week.
Same location went from 63fps to 95fps. We don't expect it to be that spectacular on all maps, but recent tests are definitely showing a noticeable improvement!


This is one of our biggest patches to date, we are very proud of the hard work that was put into it over that past month and we are certain you will love it :)

As usual, if you want to get in touch with us and our community, feel free to join our Official Discord at this address


Very near future:
We are going to monitor Veghel tests closely, to make sure that it is going as smoothly as possible.
Parallel to this, we are finishing our game mode "Armored" and it should come to you shortly after Veghel.
As usual, we will host a closed test for all our Supporter Edition owners before releasing it to public for free.

Near future:
We are also working on an additional map that will release early this year.
A 600m x 2km long map, that will bring an interesting change of pace to the game, ideal to seed a server and change the type of engagement during a round.

The Sandbox game mode is also in the works, we'll try to show you our progress during our next Tea Time.

The SDK is still in limbo, we have no news about its status since last time, we only know that it is on the way... Sorry about that, we'll let you know as soon as we have more news from Epic.

We are actively working on our next theatre, we will announce it as soon as we are ready to show content for it. But it is going extremely well and we are super excited about it.

Distant future:
We are also in the early stages of an additional couple of theatres!


That concludes today's update, we hope you are as excited as we are.
Periscope Games wishes you the best for 2019!


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Update v1.0.268 - Veghel is back! ( - source - )

Before we get into this updates notes:


Now that this is out of the way, let's get right into the patch notes :)


Hello everyone!

3 weeks ago, we had our public testing for the 101st Airborne faction and the new Veghel map.
The map was very well received during the session, however we had a few server health issues with some servers where the hardware was barely above the recommended requirements.
Since it was only a 24 hour testing session, we decided that it was best to roll back to the latest stable version while we were investigating the issue.
We have made a few changes here and there that have eased the server load.

However, we have one issue that is potentially still out there, we could not replicate the issue in our last community test, so it may or may not be there.
It is a teleportation issue occurring when near a FOB, if you happen to be teleported in the air near a FOB and then fall to your death, that's the issue we are talking about.
We are trying to isolate it and see what is causing it, but at the moment, we haven’t yet gotten to the bottom of it. It does not happen too often from what we have seen during testing, so we have decided, internally, to push this to the public branch despite the problem. We will of course keep an eye on this issue and fix it as soon as it is able to be replicated.
We understand that pushing the build with the potential bug is nan ideal situation, however, postponing this update will hold us back on other things we are currently working on, we are sure you will understand our decision.

Changelog  :

-Add: Brand new K98k model, animation and sounds
-Add: New animation on K98k scoped
-Add: M5 Stuart is now using M1919 coax and hull MG
-Add: New sound for Grease Gun
-Add: US FOB are now using US voices
-Add: Wrench gets a sound on repair action
-Add: Heelsum map upgrade with more terrain detail
-Gameplay: TNT now deal more damage (150->250)
-Gameplay: Sdkfz 234 & 232 increase torque values.
-Gameplay: Thompson recoil improvement based on recent testing
-Gameplay: Jagdpanzer and Stug 3 distribution, will now be on more layers
-Gameplay: Weapon sway based on bayonet size and weight
-Gameplay: All AAS bleed values tweaked. Bleed on flags near central flag are divided by 4
-Fix: US 101st AB Sapper is now wearing the right shoulder patch
-Fix: Increase distance to stab
-Fix: River and canal should now deal damage to infantry when under water
-Fix: Removed post card from main menu (outdated)
-Fix: Building collision
-Fix: Possible fix or improvement on server load
-Fix: More optimization to foliage (GPU)


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Update V1.0.276 ( - source discord - )

-Fix: Potential cause for very low TPS on servers, causing various collision issues and teleportation.
-Fix: Several building, road and ditch collisions.
-Fix: Less blur in ADS view for M1 Carbine.
-Fix: Further optimization
-Fix: Missing bullet in feeder while bolting
-Fix: Missing count restriction on W sandbags near FOBS
-Fix: Tweak FOB collision mesh
-Fix: Wrong team jumping from planes on Driel

Update V1.0.277 ( - source discord - )

- Fixed: Collision on eroded ditch splines in Velmolen


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