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Bad behaviour by "PLAYER 2" and "[Agente]Extremujs5"

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I will tell you what happened during this course of action.

I was gathering vehicle ammo crates in the Altis Liberation Arma 3 server with a Ch-49 Mohawk. However, I crashed-landed it by breaking the rotors on a tree, 3 feet above ground. I respawned at a HEMTT Medical that was not in practical use, however a player named PLAYER 2 was shooting the tires when I arrived. I told him to stop. He consequently shot me. I respawned, repaired the truck and drove off. He began shootign at the HEMTT with a Titan MPRL, but missed. I got back to my crashed CH-49, and repaired it. Another player, [Agente]Extremus5, got in the copilot's seat and started the engines. I got in the pilot seat, and locked the controls. As I was telling him to get out, as I wasnt taking him anywhere. He didnt and replied with a "fuck you". I got out of the heli to shoot the tail rotor (so he couldn't steal it). He then presumed to shoot me, and steal the heli, only to crash it in the nearest mountain.


PLAYER 2 was griefing and teamkilling.

[Agente]Extremus5 was also griefing, teamkilling and stealing stuff.

(For the record, they both had a score below zero before this all happened, meaning they teamkilling before meeting me).

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Hi @Niels Le Blansch and welcome to the website.

Both are banned from the servers.
They have been warned yet by other players for the same things.

Just one thing about you (after reading the logs), the main rule of our little community is : the Respect. So try to keep your calm and be polite in all circonstances. This is something important for us.

Thank for your help and have fun on our servers.

Best regards

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