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Unban appeal Maxd11

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Hello, I was banned earlier today for team killing. This occurred by mistake when I shot a truck that I thought was a enemy, the truck turned out to be friendly and caring lots of friendly's. I was wondering if I could get this appealed, and of not how long will this ban last? Thanks!

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Hi @Maxd11 and welcome to the website.

I can't find any ban or player called "Maxd11" in the ban or user list.
There is a chance that you 've been only tempban for few hours or 1 day.

Can you give me some information to be able to check it better :

What is your nickname ingame ?
It was on Altis or Tanoa ?
What time it was ? (approximately)

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@Soldat Ryan My name in game is Brennan, I was on Altis and it was around 2pm est (sorry i do not know the exact time). Thanks for the help

Never mind looks like the ban was only temporary! Thanks for your help!

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ok. :wink:

Indead it was a tempban (1 day).
For your information you are still under a warning for TK available until May 07th.

So if i have an advice for you is : pay attention where and who you are shooting.
If you are TKing someone, you may apologize. But do not abuse of it. :old:

Have fun.


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