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Tanoa Liberation Unban Appeal. SORTED (trié)


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Hello. My name is Alex and my in game name is Alic. I was just banned on your amazing Tanoa Liberation server. The reason was simply just "troll".

I felt extremely confused and offended when I saw this message and do not feel that I did absolutely anything wrong except say "I only speak English, sorry" in french. Which turned into "Je parle seulement anglais. Pardon". I did take French for 3 years however I only learnt basic phrases and do not recall all of what I have learnt. I did not see a ban appeal thread on this forum so I will just go ahead and make one for this post. I do not recall the Admin's name however I spawned a helicopter and nobody seemed to mind. I dropped a load of AI troops off and came back to base. I then landed and started getting yelled at by someone in Side channel. It was all in French so I did not understand any of it except a few words that made no sense. I then said the phrase "Je parle seulement anglais. Pardon" in side channel in a response. I then thought that he might be saying that I should move because I am in the way. I then got into my chopper and began turning on the engine. I then get Admin Banned for "troll". It makes me so angry because I did absolutely nothing wrong and feel offended to be banned for no reason! I was using google translator for the translation but I put the phrase through the translator twice just to make sure that it was right.


Name: Alex

In-game name: Alic

Country: United Kingdom

Game: Arma 3

Server:  [FR-NGBC]NotGoodButCrazy Tanoa|www.notgoodbutcrazy.eu                    Liberation 0.924[NGBC]


Ban Reason: "troll"

Why should you get unbanned?: I feel that this is an unjust ban and I should not have been banned in the first place. I have explained the exact story above with no alterations from what I saw with my perspective. I really enjoyed the server with my short stay and feel offended by how I was banned for doing nothing wrong. I have only just bought the Apex DLC and this has completely ruined it as this is the only good Tanoa Liberation server that I can find as of current.

References/Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795169443

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Hi Alic,

I m not the admin who banned you but for your information, what i can say now is : you are tempbanned for 4 weeks (it is not a permaban).

I will check with admin who give you the sanction to know what happened and to check if we can reduce, cancel or keep the sanction in its state.
Be sure we will give you an answer in all case.

PS :Your french words are corrects, polite and understandable. (may be more than my english :P)


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Raison du ban:

Ecrit et parle très bien le français.

Un ban injuste ?? (4 semaines pour troll au départ 2 semaines mais la dernière de ses réponses m'a fait changer d'avis).

Après connexion il construit un premier blackfish et de suite annonce dans un français impeccable qu'il est désolé  de ne pas pouvoir apporter d'aide (rd01 sur zone), il débarque des bots puis disparait sur la fob, fabrique des vehicules de soutient (munition, réparation) qu'il déplace vers un aérodrome à proximité, jusque là, c'est pas trop grave il ne fait rien de mal. Il s'arrange pour crasher un blackfish en plein sur la FOB (détruite), mon message (GG Alic), puis est visiblement AFK un petit moment.  (dans les condition de situation de la FOB il faut le faire pour la dézinguer) là encore pas trop grave ça pourrait arriver. Il rejoint ensuite la zone de combat sur la carte avec blackfisk, prowler, falcon avec des bots, comme bien sur, il se fait dézinguer l'ensemble de ses bots et il reste les véhicules vides sur place. De retour sur la FOB il recommence son manège et quand je lui demande de récupérer son blackfish (un simple saut en parachute sur une zone sans danger), il fait d'abord le mort puis se fout de ma poire (rd01 se marrait, moi pas). En début de mission les ressources (essence, munitions ...) sont comptés.

Ps les troupes ne sont pas revenues sur la FOB après un drop, il les a créé devant moi.

Je maintiens le temp ban. Il aura le temps pour étudier les règles de nos serveurs et méditer son son approche du jeu.

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Merci Skiz pour la réponse rapide.


Alic, your appeal is rejected.
You are tempbanned for 4 weeks. (End : 05/12/16 - 00:00 )

Why ? : You spent ressources without proper judgment. (Ressource are for the server, not the client) - You crashed one blackfish on FOB. And It also seems you kidding Skiz Ophrene when he asked you to take back a second blackfish given up on battlefield after death.

Here you can read our servers rules for Arma3 (they are in french but google translate should help you).

The tempban is not available on the other server, so if you join it or you came back on Tanoa server, next time take care of ressources, what you are doing and a little bit more what are saying admins.

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I terribly apologize for using the resources. I completely understand that I was abusing that and I am sorry. I was saying "Sorry, I can't help you" because I translated something from side channel into something along the lines of "I need a Medic!". I realized after I said the message that I can't help that it was the automated process and didn't really think to reply saying never mind. I also deeply apologize with crashing into the FOB. I just bought Apex yesterday and was trying to land the aircraft next to the base but it does not turn very well so I ended up touching the tower and instantly exploding.

I thank you for your feedback and support and hope to see you in 4 weeks. Je vous remercie!

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