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Secrets of Black Ops

Soldat Ryan

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Secrets of Black Ops


Need a break from multiplayer? Why not play some Zork, or Dead Ops Arcade? Still don't know how? By escaping the chair in the main menu, of course...
Many of you already know this, but there are too many gamers out there that don't even have a clue about it and that's just a shame... Treyarch worked hard to make this game as diverse as humanly possible, and they graduated with honors doing so. How so, you ask? Just look at the list of things you can do in Black Ops:
  • Singleplayer campaign
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Zombies
  • Hack the Terminal
  • Dead Ops Arcade
  • Zork

You never tried the last 3 items on that list? Chances are you are not aware you can actually escape the chair you're sitting in when in the main menu. Right after the "Press Start to Begin" screen when you start CoD: Black Ops you are in first person view. You can look down (analog stick on consoles), and break free from the chair by rapidly pulling the Fire and Alternate Fire triggers/buttons (consoles) or rapidly pressing the spacebar on PC. When you succeed, Mason stands up and you can walk around in the room. In the back of it, you can access a very small computer terminal!
This terminal (a simulated Unix server) will hold many secrets. Not just Dead Ops Arcade and Zork, but also artist impressions and campaign characters' emails explaining what really happened to Woods (read <em>noteX2.txt</em>, we'll explain how later) in the Singleplayer campaign.

Hack the Terminal
When you've accessed the terminal, you can type in commands on this old computer to browse through its files. Here is how:

Type in HELP to see all the commands that are available on the terminal.
Type in DIR to see a list of assets of the current directory (Mason's directory when you first sign in)
Each file a three-letter extension: .TXT, .SND, or .PIC (text, sounds, or picture)
To view a file, type in CAT FILENAME.TXT

To read what happened to Woods for example, type in CAT NOTEX2.TXT
Type in CD.. to go up one directory, and to start "hacking the terminal"

Reading email:
Start the email application by typing inMAIL. The Mail application is operated by one-letter commands:
? = Help
i = Inbox, displays a list of emails for the current logged in user (Mason on default)
[n] = Type in a number to read a message
q = Quit Mail

Hacking other users accounts
Log in as a different user using the LOGIN command

Dead Ops Arcade
Dead Ops Arcade is a hidden game-mode much like the Zombies mode from the main menu, with a twist... Dead Ops Arcade is a twin-stick top-down shooter, in which the player controls a soldier on an "island-like" level killing zombies. Upon first entering the game the "Insert Coin" achievement/trophy is unlocked.
Type in DOA end press [ENTER] to start Dead Ops Arcade.
Want to know how we figured out how to start this game? Using the "Hack the Terminal" commands explained above, we browsed to a directory containing more commands than the HELP command showed us.

When you first logged in, browse up two directories by entering:
Type in CD BIN (binary files)
Type in DIR to examine the contents of this folder
Type in any command from this list and press [ENTER] to start the application.
For example:
DOA (Dead Ops Arcade)
ZORK ('70s computer game)
MAIL (e-mail application from the campaign characters)
.... more

A quicker way of getting to this list of applications is by typing in CD ../../BIN [ENTER] followed by DIR [ENTER].


Zork is an interactive fiction or "text adventure" game designed in the early '80s. It's notable for being the first in a long line of infocom adventure games that brought interactive fiction to previously unseen heights. The (somewhat) older gamers probably know games like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, right?
o play Zork, you type in simple commands, like "Attack Troll" to navigate through a digital world. Sure, it's probably not as graphically advanced or exciting as Black Ops is (d'oh!) but give it a try! Party it like it's 1981!

Here is a list of basic commands:
N Walk north
S Walk south
E Walk East
W Walk West
U Go Up
D Go Down
Talk Talk to an object
Give x y Give someone (x) an object (y)
ATTACK Attack something
TAKE Take an object
USE Use object
OPEN Open an object (usually an object like a door or chest)
WAIT or Z Ticks off one turn (if you run in to a challenge that requires you to wait a few turns)
SAVE Save your current position
RESTORE Load your save
I Display your inventory
DIAGNOSE Display your character's medical condition
G Repeat last command (use this to continually perform the same action)
RESTART Start the game over
QUIT Stops the game and gives you your score
SCORE Displays your current score

It may be old, but it's far from easy. If you want to tackle Zork yourself, these tips by BradyGames might work really well:
Get a Keyboard! (USB keyboard on X360 or PS3)
Make maps as you explore
Look around each room to try to get clues of what you should pick up or interact with in each area
Use the SAVE command frequently
If you get stuck on a puzzle, bring in your friends and family to help you
If the game doesn't understand something you are trying to do, try a different phrase
Zork only cares about the first six letters of a word -- if you want to save some time, you can just type the first six letters of a long word like CANDLESTICK

Hack into other user's accounts

You'll be logged in as Mason (the leading character in the Singleplayer Campaign), but when you're done browsing through his files you may want to hack other user's accounts. You will need to find a list of available usernames to do so, not to forget the linked passwords... A list of all the users in the computer is something we can give you (type in WHO and press [ENTER]), but the corresponding passwords is something you'll have to figure out for yourself. We may give you a guide on how to get to the passwords, but for now all we can give you is a tip to closely reading Mason's email and files! Also, find as many of enemy intel in the singleplayer campaign (so not just for the achievement!) to have more files available in the terminal!


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